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Hey Ladies I am a mom and wife and am so...

Hey Ladies

I am a mom and wife and am so ready for this tummy tuck. I am 34 years old 5'6 and 149lbs. I love my body however hate my tummy. I am so tired of when are you due question and some women just say it out of sarcasm when u looking good from head to toe in your outfit but have the 5 month old belly. Lol.

My husband feel I don't need or think a few crunches will fix it. Uuuuh NO!!! So my biggest issue with trying to decide with do I want a tummy tuck or live with the GUT was the scar. I have googled and you tube tummy tuck scars to no end. I just don't want to look like a horror flick. Lol

So I had two consults, made a third and canceled when the assistant called to change me on the schedule. Plus, I has to take distance in consideration along with cost and before and after pics and the third well he was a little to far and the second PS I felt in the gut he was the one. First one was more like a salesman. No thx. I'm not buying a car I am making a life altering decision regarding my body sir!

So I will continue to read u guys post and rake in much knowledge that is needed to have the best outcome going into surgery, coming out and of course the major. RECOVERY!!

Sent off deposit last week and did the required...

Sent off deposit last week and did the required bloodwork. So will post before pics hopefully within next couple of days. I love looking at the great results of the other Tt'ers it helps put me at ease and reading the do's and donts of healing and what's needed. :)

So this week will be my last week of wine and...

So this week will be my last week of wine and other alcohol beverages. I normally drink red wine a few times a week. My PS is asking to stop all alcohol and vitamin d since it tends to thin out blood. I am hoping my period come week after surgery because I dont want to be super swollen from my cycle coming week of surgery. I don't want it to interfere with results. Will pray on that. I think two weeks prior to surgery will go out and get all the necessities and visit moms(organic store) for all fresh fruit veggies and protein bars. So just looking forward to my nip tuck! Now I will say I have a few times worn a bikini in the islands and didn't feel toooo uncomfortable but I want my belly to match my face. Youthful and 30's. Not big bloated and stretched!

Well that new bikini for that new tummy came in...

Well that new bikini for that new tummy came in mail today!! My PS asked me to bring in my favorite bikini so he can outline my incision well below the bikini bottom. It's something how the mind works when it gets ready for "newness". Im just so eager--I went and got some highlights today and plan to bleach my teeth next week. Im not really nervous right now but Im pretty sure my emotions will flip flop all over the place from now til surgery day.

17 more days!! As they say speak what you want...

17 more days!! As they say speak what you want into existence---welllllll ladies I'm about to claim my new flat belly it's mines!!!! So I emailed the assitant yesterday to ask if they recieved results from bloodwork back. Thumbs up and positive results on that end. Sent off the " big" and "final" payment yesterday so all is set and ready to go. So I don't believe I will be taking the infamous arnica after surgery, I plan to pump my body with healthy fruits and veggies that help with swelling and drink plenty of water and of course get some rest and try not to overdue it.

Well time is getting closer, interesting enough I...

Well time is getting closer, interesting enough I had a dream the other night about my upcoming TT. In the dream I felt the discomfort, pain and remember looking down at drain. I will say dream and not nightmare because it was just my inner spirit preparing me for what to be expected with the TT. I was happy and content and not crying when looking at my belly in mirror. I'm not nervous at this point but I was nervous when searching for a PS & making sure I found the PERFECT surgeon for me. I Know everybody WORTH IT will be different as far as what makes it worth it for them. I was nervous when trying to find a surgeon who didn't give you the Saw 3 scar from hell. I was nervous when I left a few PS offices who may have talked good talk and I knew I had to keep looking cause it just didn't feel right. So my nerves have turned to excitement because I have faith in my PS and I feel and felt comfortable with him. I liked the fact we discussed risks first rather than " I can do this and I can also do this" as some just boast about themselves. So as far as RealSelf, it's like a voice to the Before and after pics. I mean we all can look at before and after pics all day long but it's the Real talk from the ladies who have experienced the progress and or set backs with their surgeries. So now just playing the waiting game, taking notes from some of you all as far as what's needed and not so needed supplies for my upcoming surgery. Thank you all in advance!

7 whole days to go. Still just playing the waiting...

7 whole days to go. Still just playing the waiting game. I want to try that cereal Kashi that has protien in it. So what I've been doing now basically is drinking LOTS of water and I add vinegar to my first glass in morning. Vinegar helps with so much and one is removing toxins from body and Extra bonus give skin a glow. :-) I'm Taking vitamin C and unfortunately I haven't been exercising, so I need to get on that Wii Fit and get to hoola hooping and some other cardio. Don't want to be too stiff after surgery, want to be mobile like some of you ladies! So need to go get some items this weekend and other than that just be in chill mode til the phone rings with time to arrive next Friday. I am looking forward to hitting the treadmill to tone up for bikini season and able to wear form fitting attire that I had to retire since the bulge decided to set up residence on my body. I told my husband when the PS tie up those stomach muscles like a corset my Butt going to be really on and popping! He is a butt man so of course anything that accentuates the tail he gonna like! LOL.

So made it to Moms organic store to pick up some...

So made it to Moms organic store to pick up some things. Picked up
*organic pineapple juice
* Kashi cereal
*spearmint water( get tired of drink plain ole water all the time)
*crackers (eat with my tuna)
*protein bars

So as you see I prefer to go natural ( straight from the source vs. Extracted)way with healing and aiding my body. Anybody have anything else to share (natural and no pill) let me know thanks and will appreciate it!
Oh and I will send my hub out weekend after surgery to get me some fresh pineapple and some greens.
I believe Kimmers25 mentioned the wet towel placed in freezer and placed on belly throughout the day helps with swelling. Definitely will try that! So open for suggestions gals as far as any other veggies and or fruits I can pick up to nourish the body and help with the healing of the body after my TT.

Hellooooo Ladies!!!! Tomorrow is my day! I'm...

Hellooooo Ladies!!!! Tomorrow is my day! I'm so excited. Thanks for the realness ladies. Some TT'sfor some has been easier on some than others but the details about pain,drains and swell hell has prepared me for " what to expect" So now I have been feeling crampy all week off & on. No period yet but it's on it's way. I know it I need to do a quick shave on the legs. Was thinking of washing my hair but honestly dont feel like it at all. Will see. I don't know when the surgery center do there round of calls for "surgeries scheduled tomorrow" but I called only to get an answering machine. So hopefully they will be calling soon. My mom is driving here to be by my side. Love my mommy!!!!! In my 30's and still need my momma even in my sixties i will too! Lol
So I'm sitting here thinking about the " surgery outfit" I am going to wear one of my maxi dresses and my ugg boots. My boots are the most comfortable shoes in my closet and just in case have the chills-those boots keep the toesies warm. Well will try to update one more time once find out surgery time. Oh and got my prescriptions filled too last night! So all in all ready except the pop up surprise period. I might as well get ready for a crime scene if that decide to come. Any hoo. Gotta run y'all but promise to keep u guys posted!

Gotta be At surgery center at 9:30. So decided to...

Gotta be At surgery center at 9:30. So decided to wash my hair, sitting under dryer now as I write this review. Will run a few errands tonight and that's it! Peace and blessings!

Ok so yesterday was surgery day and I felt awful...

Ok so yesterday was surgery day and I felt awful when I returned home. I had the burning sensation,I kept dozing off& on and also I came home with catheter because after the nurse took out,they allow me to go pee but nothing came out, so they sent me home with it. I made the mistake of obviously eating Too light because I vomited after taking two pain pills. Talk about HURT!!!!! I felt better around 9pm,went to recliner sofa and slept like a baby. Oh and my voice was raspy yesterday like I've been at a concert screaming all night.

SO today felt much better. I had breakfast,(1 French toast,1 egg and croissant) walked up and down steps here and there and removed catheter and peeing all well and fine now. I haven't looked at belly yet so no comment to offer on that yet.

So just chilling on sofa right now. Pain is...

So just chilling on sofa right now. Pain is tolerable. I take the Tylenol during day and oxycodone at night. I get up move around, bent over of course(no back pain) I have one drain and it's getting lighter in fluids today. My doctor called me yesterday to check up on me and actually tried to call me night of surgery on my cell but of course I was out of it and my cell was upstairs and I was downstairs. I appreciated his multiple attempts and couple of mags he left until he verbally spoke to me! He definitely deserve an A+ in that. No BM yet but passing butt burps and I also started my period yesterday. So glad my body listened to me and my period started after surgery was over. Yayyyy!!!! So when doc called he refreshed my memory on what we spoke about before and after surgery and I dont remember our conversation after surgery but I remember what we discussed when he was making his markings. We talked about lipo and incision. We touched on having to do a vertical in consults and day of surgery but I told him I'm not really don't find the vertical to be all that pleasing on the eye to me and I think I will be disappointed. He said he didn't do vertical so yeah on that cause I don't think I would have been very pleased with a horizontal and a vertical. I've seen some ladies with verticals and they look pretty good and some where it look like they may need a revision to remove the vertical or soften the look of it. So I took a tiny peek of belly and belly button but still really haven't seen scar. Belly button look cute and centered. When I get the nerve will try to take off binder and snap a quick pic. :) overall feel good, each day I can do a little better with getting off sofa and so forth. You know my best place to sit right now is on the toilet when I have to pee---- (1) seat is cold and soothing & (2) I get to rub my sides where I had lipo and is a little sore. U talking about feel so gooood! It does- ;)

Ok so today has been a bum bored day. Moms went...

Ok so today has been a bum bored day. Moms went back to her life and hub at work and kids in school. All alone to do for my lonesome however Peaches worked it out! So today was BM day- whats interesting is no one mentioned how difficult it was to wipe yourself or I never read that part--- I just wish I could take a bath but only a bird bath will do and I can only do. LOL! Still walking hunched, hard to get off sofa and take a lot of time and alot of your energy. By time I go and get some water, pee and walk downstairs I am tired and want to dose off. My first Post op appt is Thursday morn and I guess that is when the bandages come off and we discuss whats been going on since day of surgery. Surgery nurse called today to see how I was doing and today I said ok Peaches "take off this darn binder and see how you look" So I did it. I walked in bathroom and said ok I look weird because when you never really seen a flat belly like a ironing board its kinda weird. felt some pulling. Havent seen actual scar but tell its low by the underwear I put on to take pics. Those are very low bikinis that shows my hip bone. So very happy with that!!! Not really in pain, I feel more of a tickling sensation on/in my abdomen and feels like someone shot up my belly with novacaine.So the same feeling your lips feel after dentist is how the belly feel to the touch. I get hungry like I am 3 months pregnant, I guess with so my trauma to the body, it tells you when its hungry and let you know when it needs fuel! FEED ME SEYMOUR!!!(LITTLE SHOP OF HORROS MOVIE) for those of you that went over your head! LOL!!! So I listen and feed my body what it needs to repair me all up!! Im drinking a glass of V8 juice as I write this. :) So I added pics-- take a look ladies, still a little squarish in middle but to be expected at 4 days post op. So far so good and no complaints. I dont plan to give procedure a thumbs up or down until I am 4 weeks post op--just something that works for me!

Went to PS yesterday-- removed tape off incision,...

Went to PS yesterday-- removed tape off incision, most was already hanging off. It was this one spot that the physician's asst pulled off that bled a little and stung too. The physician's asst is so sweet and bubbly and her personality is so genuine! I look forward to seeing her when I go. Now the front staff is ok but can stand to smile more when greeting patients. I am just so big on customer service regardless if I'm walking in a store, salon or doc office. So enough of that but just thought I mention since it's all a BIG DEAL to me regarding EVERYTHING involved with my surgery So my PS came in asked how I'm doing, looked at my belly, said looking good and everything. Now mind you I barely take off my binder or touch my belly so when the med asst told met take all off and put on gown I was like " eeeek". For some reason I have this weird mental thing going on. Can't explain. Drain was not removed because was till draining pretty high so scheduled to go back next week. Drove to my kids school to pick them up from after school activities and I could feel I was using my lower core muscles to drive. Felt funny. My scar looks pleated in certain sections but Ps assured me all that flattens out. In my head I was like great because I looked down and saw SAW 3. I say that with humor because I believed him when he said that it will flatten out. I also came home and did my own research on the "pleat" technique. So cooked dinner two nights in row, not as sleepy but try to take a daily nap if possible. I still walked with a half hunch and per my Ps he said to continue to walk like that and not to force myself up. Doing so put tension on scar. I don't know if because my scar is very low but it makes sense and I'm not messing nothing up. He said my body will straighten on it's own as the incision heals more and more. So yeah it's obvious all Ps's say different things. I only suggest follow YOUR physicians's orders. Well enough for now! Chow :)

I need to venture out and get some spanx so when...

I need to venture out and get some spanx so when this drain is removed. I have been scared to sneeze all saying how bad it hurts. I have been doing the hold in sneeze. Worked so far. Now laughing is a whole other story. My momma said something that was soooo funny on post op day 3 and my husband asked was I crying or laughing I said both because that uncontrollable laugh HURTS!!!!!! I was crying at same time cause of the pain. I had to quickly get my mind off what she said or my MR would be a gut again. I'm eating take out tonight for first time so will see how that goes and one thing I notice I can't eat as much as before. I'm full sooner. I currently weigh 147.5 lbs(had lipo on love handles) and that is with binder on so hoping I will be at my goal weight of 145. Which is just right for me, anything smaller is too skinny for me. I wanna keep my curves

Ok so I'm at post op day 9 and feeling pretty...

Ok so I'm at post op day 9 and feeling pretty darn good :-)
My drain is barely filling up so I know that will be gone soon. It isn't really much of a nuisance it's like now that it's barely anything in it, I'm just feel like a lab speciman. Swelling if course, but to be expected. Been off pain meds since post op day 6. I guess from feeding Seymour(my tummy) healthy it did what is was suppose to do. I mean it's just something how the body goes into healing mode. So I wanted to share what I ate mostly my first post opweek
* yogurt
*Kashi. Cereal
* water, water water
*sliced pineapples and pineapple juice
* great northern beans(dinner)- high in protein and fiber was yummy too.
*muscle milk(protein drink)
* cherrios cereal
* canned tuna
* v8 tomato juice
I had a some other things but for most part the above items helped so much with aiding in my progress and easy healing with tummy tuck.
I am walking pretty much straight, I hunch a little when just getting out of recliner but after 5 minutes about 85%upright!
My husband made mention on how good of a job my Ps did on scar. He said it's already starting to flatten spots in certain spots. I said yeah I noticed that too! I can only imagine when I start really start treating it with all my little goodies! Snapped a few pics here and there from cell so will try to update pics later today if not for sure tomorrow. It's the weekend So plan to inhale my kids smells and kisses-- and hub too. I don't get to see my family as much last week during recovery, life doesn't stop because mommy and wifey had a TT, bills to pay and sports and malls to go to and school to attend so two days of my family and me feeling better than a week ago is GREAT!!!

Went to post op vist#2 today and to get Mr. Drain...

Went to post op vist#2 today and to get Mr. Drain removed. I was tired of wear sweats and big T shirts to cover the drain. So since I didn't a chance to go get some undergarments this weekend, I went after my appointment to Target and purchased Assests which is by the same person who makes Spanx. I have them on now and feel good. I can feel that good compression. I am thinking about getting a quality corset as well to really shape in to more of an hour glass figure while I'm squeezing out SWELL HELL. I have no separation between the butt and my back right now, just look like a long back. I know it's the swelling but still, I need to squeeze this waistline in a little more. So thinking about what scar treatments I am going to go with but I think I am going to start with some home remedies first before I spend loads of money on products and if it works will share with you ladies. So nothing much else going on here soooooo will check in later!

Hope everyone had a great THANKSGIVING! I did! So...

Hope everyone had a great THANKSGIVING! I did! So two week post today and feeling great. No pain, no discomfort, no meds, finished antibiotics and I'm energized. I don't feel as hungry like I did my first week, my appetite is back to normal however I'm still eating fruits and veggies and protein. I take one a day vits and vitamin c and e supplements as well. Love taking a shower, I was not allowed to take a shower with my drain so when I did it felt good especially on the knots from liposuction. At times I may walk funny wouldn't say hunched and it's mostly if i sit down longer than 30 minutes. My grandma noticed my funny walk and I just told her my back was bothering me lately. Since I've been wearing Assets I am starting to see my midsection form into new shape--- So on my way out and check back in later.

Yesterday I attended a brunch and was on my feet...

Yesterday I attended a brunch and was on my feet for a few hours, I felt the rise in swell once getting home and putting my feet up. It felt similar to a baby laying on your bladder when pregnant. A whole lot of pressure. A few friends had noticed I lost weight and I was like really because havent been doing anything & they have no clue about surgery. So added some pics at 2 week mark. Ive been drinking alot of water to combat the swelling alittle. I know swelling comes with the the territory of the TT but just want to reduce it some. I went to Ross yesterday to pick up some compression garments, I forgot the brand but I prefer the Assets garments as far as offering more lycra and compression. I need to get a pedicure long overdue. I find it hard to shave my legs but do in increments as far as some shaving on Monday and the rest on Tuesday. I try not to bend over and lifting my leg in shower isnt easy either. I just dont want to put to much tension on belly muscles or my scar. Still sleeping on back and propped up. My butt hurts alot from sleeping in that "v" position. I am going to ask my PS when I can sleep on my side. I miss sleeping with my husband in close quarters ;) and sleeping on sides. Well holla later ladies!

Ok ladies wanted to share what I have been using...

Ok ladies wanted to share what I have been using on my scar so far. I am not quite 3 weeks but Ps gave me the ok once drain hole closed. He recommended cocoa butter and vitamin e. So I have been using unrefined Shea butter mixed with sunflower oil and massaging it in. I melt the Shea butter down to liquid form to make it easier to massage in since Shea butter can be thick and I don't want to rub it in too hard when it's in that consistency. So will keep a picture diary over next couple weeks to watch the scar and how it's improving. I have dissolvable sutures in bb and incision so when rubbing in can feel the sutures since body is healing up. I also have a few residual stretch marks on hips and right above incision line so Shea butter really helps with them too. The knots from lipo has disappeared and starting to see my figure come into shape! The booty is starting to plump back out again! I was starting to think I got rid of the belly and the booty and I really would have went into depression over that.LOL. I have been looking at some online stores at some really cute dresses and will be making a few purchases soon. Just too cute to pass by even if I can't wear until next Spring. These are the same dresses I would say " oh that's cute but can't wear" but now I cannnnn!

Hello Ladies, Havent been on here in a while....

Hello Ladies,

Havent been on here in a while. I will say my obsession with my tummy tuck and getting all this knowledge is over. I am at the point of enjoying my new belly. Kinda like shopping around for new car and you buy it and after a while it isnt such a "big deal" anymore just enjoying the ridddeeeee!! Well thats Peaches right now--enjoying the ride. I cant believe the transformation of my body. My scar is looking amazing for only 5 weeks so can only imagine how will look in six months. I have been alternating between cocoa butter and shea butter. I noticed my jeans getting loose and in Old Navy skinny jeans I wear an eight so will be getting an 6 in those. I am up and down from 145-146.5 depending on day but happy with my weight or more like ecstatic!! So I missed my deadline of saying if it is worth it or not and Guess what it is!!!!! I dont feel like a sack of laundry in the middle anymore. Thank Gawd! --Just isnt a cute look, really isnt. lol. Me and the Mr. is going out for nye and I am looking forward to buying a dress for our outing! Pow Pow Watch out Now!! So as typical-swelling here and there. I can sneeze without any pain, free from just sleeping on my back. So in love with my new bod. My tummy makes everything look so extra good now, My breast, my booty, my legs, everything is just on point. Holla lata ladies. :O)

Hello Hello Hello I hope everyone is enjoying...

Hello Hello Hello

I hope everyone is enjoying and honoring Dr. Martin Luther King Jr Day! If you haven't visited the Dr. King's Memorial in Wash, D.C. you should come on out!

So on to my tummy tuck. Everything is going well , I haven't had any major issues just the occasional swelling. One day I had lunch with a girlfriend and after two cocktails and a seafood meal, I was so bloated and uncomfortable. I overdid it. It took a few hours after that outing for the bloating and swelling to go down. I went out for nye and had a blast. I wore a form fitted black dress and I felt so good and not uncomfortable as if and like in the past my belly was poking out! I will be nine weeks this Friday and all is going well. I have started back doing Pilates and cardio. I am really focusing on getting the small of my back to narrow out so being doing alot of lunges and squats.

Ok I decided to post my face pic but only for...

ok I decided to post my face pic but only for 10min ladies. Lol. Its only fair to see me since some of u guys participated. :) I'm a team player!

2 yr anniv

I posted my update in the comment section that goes to show how long its been since I updated. So scroll down and check out the latest! To all the newbies or those thinking about it-- Good Luck! I would do again in a heartbeat!
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