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Tomorrow it will have been a a full week. Long...

Tomorrow it will have been a a full week. Long story short, a body lift is kind of like a mommy makeovere without the boob job. Anyway, I'm so happy. Of course, I'm still sore and everything, but the pain isn't anywhere near as awful as I thought it might be.

Day 1: AKA Maybe this was a mistake. Everything went well in the surgery. Got in first thing in the morning. Got all marked up and washed with iodine. Yada yada. Hopped on the table, next thing I knew I was waking up in the recovery room. I've had my share of surgeries, and anesthesia has never been an issue for me, but for some reason I woke up completely freaked. Not sure why. Got home. Wasn't really feeling any pain. My adhesive bandages on my hips didn't feel like sticking (no one's fault, these things happen), so I there was a scary bloody mess to be dealt with. Scary because it was blood, but it actually wasn't a big deal. Nor was it actually that much blood. It was just some of the fluid from the surgery. Later on that evening, unfortunately, I had my anesthesia surprise. Again, never had a bad reaction in my life, but that changed I guess. I puked and puked and puked and puked some more. FYI, puking after abdominal surgery is a rather unpleasant experience. I thought I was going to split in two. I couldn't keep the phenegren down long enough to work I guess, so it was a very upsetting night. I was able to walk, but barely. And not without holding on to someone.

Day 2: AKA Take 2 Day 2 was MUCH better than day 1. Night and day it seemed like. I was in pain, but nothing that wasn't easily managed by the painkillers. The puking stopped, and I was able to get around a little easier, but it was still pretty rough. The hip bleed slowed down, too. The swelling was much more noticeable to me in terms of feeling it. The drains were annoying. Not painful but annoying. Incision, all suction points and all muscles were sources of pain.

Day 3: AKA I am not a hippie, I would like a shower. So, because I had my surgery on a Thursday, my follow up wasnt until Monday. You can't shower until after your first follow up. So by Saturday, I was feeling pretty gross, and getting sponged off wasn't cutting it. The swelling was pretty ferocious. Ice packs helped. The swelling also lead to some really intense itching for me. And the compression garment - I thought it was trying to kill me. Obviously some pain, but still easily managed.

Day 4: AKA More of the same Um - more of the same? I was able to get around much more easily. I didn't need to hold on to anyone, and I actually moved fast enough to not have to worry about getting up for the bathroom 30 minutes in advance (haha).

Day 5:AKA SHOWER!!!! I felt decent enough to forego the narcotics long enough to drive. I was getting around okay (shuffling like an old lady, but still not too shabby). Had my follow up, and everything was healing as it should. I was finally allowed to take a shower - and it.was.amazing. This is also the first time that I got to stand and look at myself in the mirror. Now here is where expectations come in. I have terrible stretch marks. I have large thighs. My reasons for having this done were multifold, but perfection is not one of those folds. I was still puffy as expected, the pubic area was (and is still is) hilarious to see. I had some pretty bad bruising around my bra line and flanks. I blistered a little at one of the suction points on my lower back - probably the result of a rogue stretch mark, the compression garment rubbing and some subconscious scratching because of the swell itch. The incision was already mostly healed, and actually not sore. So looking in the mirror, it wasn't pretty. It was pretty freakish frankenstein looking - BUT to me, to see how FLAT I was, to see that flap missing and to see an actual shape, that was gorgeous to me. That was my breakdown and cry because I was happy moment - swelling and all. Day 6: AKA I'd rather starve than puke again So out of nowhere, I was nauseated. And had a headache. I ate breakfast, which helped very little. So I spent most of the day in bed asleep. When awake, I felt so damn bad. So bad. Terrible. I was so scared of throwing up (because that pain, nothing like it, ever), that I didn't want to eat. I ate a handful of goldfish with my medicine, but that was it. Well, this probably was a bad idea and did not help. Eventually, around dinner time, I finally ate. I felt a lot better. Drank water. Walked around some. Felt back to normal mostly. I was also feeling super tight in the trunk. I was swelling again, but ice packs.

Today, Day 7: AKA D-Day (drain day) Got the drains out. It did not hurt at all. It was slithery and weird feeling, but no pain. All went well. The swelling was less. Did a lot of walking and moving around. Most of the pain that I feel at this point is sore muscles and bruising at suction points. The incision is a non-issue, which is surprising. I wore "normal" pants today. In spite of the swelling, they were loose and comfortable. I have to wear the compression garment a little tighter, which is annoying. But not having the drains makes everything 10 times easier and more comfortable. Everytime I'd shower or use the bathroom, it was a juggle. Not anymore! The itching is crazy making. Swelling comes and goes, but am still generally swollen. Still using ice packs. I think it helps the swelling, but if nothing else, it numbs the itching. Also, if youve got someone to rub your back, that is nice. Using a nice, vitamin rich, fragrance free lotion feels delightful too. I did a short massage on my tummy with some cetaphil cream, and that felt amazing. Anyway, I kinda sped through the end there, but long story short, I feel much better than I expected to. I went out to eat at a restaurant and that was pleasant. Did a little walking. I was also cleared to walk on a treadmill for some light exercise.

I'll update more later. But I recommend this. If you're tired of looking at that delightful post weightloss flap. If you're having some of those post c-section medical issues, if you've got a hernia. Do this. And Dr. C is the best. I'm so happy. And I'm sure as the results really start to show, I'll be happier. I'm not comfortable yet sharing pictures, but when I am, I will post them.

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It took me a year to research and decide on Dr. Chiramonte. I couldn't be happier. The entire staff is so friendly and helpful. The office is well kept, discrete, and welcoming. The staff answered a lot of my questions and so did he. He didn't make me feel stupid for asking questions - even when I asked them twice. Very gentle, very patient from start to finish. I've gone back twice since the surgery (routine follow up and then to get drains removed) - and I didn't ever feel rushed. That said, everything moved so quickly. They were ready for everything and it's because it's such a well oiled machine. They know what they're doing. The payment process is fast and easy and not constantly in your face - which is nice. It's a simple routine box checking type of process rather than a series of upselling and nickel and dimimg - the money isn't harped on at all, which isn't always the case when you're dealing with elective medical.

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