33 Years Old, Mom to Four, Ready to Get my Body Back - Maryland, MD

I think I have made the decision to get a mommy...

I think I have made the decision to get a mommy makeover-- after four kid (including 2 CS) and a hysterectomy, I am ready to be happy about what I see in the mirror. Last summer, I went for a consultation with a PS regarding lipo, a tummy tuck with muscle repair and a fat transfer to the breasts, got an estimate, but was told that I should wait until my youngest child no longer required being carried everywhere. My youngest is now 2.5 and I am ready to start the process of researching options.

I have always been pretty thin, most of my life (until after I had my 4th baby) my weight fluctuated between 98-102. Then, after having my fourth child, my mom was diagnosed with uterine cancer... and after some genetic testing, it was determined it was a result of a genetic mutation, which I also have. I ended up having a hysterectomy, which put me into surgical menopause at 32. I gained an almost immediate 15 pounds, and between that extra weight and the extra skin after four pregnancies, I looked like I was perpetually six months pregnant with an apron of skin that hangs off when I bend over. Last week, at the dentist, someone (again) asked me when I was due... so that was it. It's time to get my body back.

Surgery scheduled!

I went yesterday for a consultation with a 2nd PS and scheduled a TT/lipo for January 11. I decided to hold off on a BA for now, since I'm just not sure. So, the countdown is on...49 days! Now I just need to make sure I'm in the best shape/health possible so I can get great results.

More before photos

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