Saggy, Unattractive, Busted Can of Biscuits, (Tummy) Has Got to Go!!! - Maryland, MD

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My expectations aren't unrealistic. I have talk to...

My expectations aren't unrealistic. I have talk to the PS and there is no other way to get rid of the sagging, stretched out skin. I am totally scared, as I have heard that it hurts like hell, but in the end, it is totally worth it. We shall see. I have been wanting to do this for 8 years.... I'm ready. I have to buy clothes 2 sizes larger than what I actually need, because of this muffin top! Which means, my boobs are half exposed because of the bagginess of the shirt when I bend over. And then, when I sit down, the shirt is too tight across my stomach! Ugh!!! I absolutely hate it! I just want to be able to where pretty, flattering clothes, that aren't going to put someone's eye out if the buttons fly off! I have to wear a belt to keep my lose rise jeans up, because I have no butt to hold them up, but the stomach is too big for my pants to come up any further! YUCK YUCK YUCK!!!! I wear my shirts un-tucked, because I look like an old man with a beer gut if I tuck it in. I don't even want to talk about shaving in the Netherlands...... You know how hard it is to lift your stomach while shaving???? Not easy!!! I am sooooo looking forward to this procedure, not so much for the pain of it all. But, the pain in myself, that I have dealt with for so long, will finally be gone. I will update as I go through the process. My pre-op isn't until July, but I am starting my diet/exercise plan this coming week, to get ready. Any ideas/tips to share would be most appreciated to help me along in this journey..... TTYS

Waiting for the TT...2 months out....PICS

Just adding my before pictures....T minus 2 months and counting......

Getting anxious

Ok, so I am less than a moth away from my TT/Lipo and am starting to get anxious and scared. I have a slew of things going through my head... Do I really need this, what if they make a mistake, what if I get a blood clot, what if it looks worse than it did, what if, what if, what if???? I know countless people have been through this, but now its my turn and quite frankly, I'm scared! I have been trying to exercise and diet, and well, since I made my appt, I have only lost 4 pounds! I cant get my head wrapped around it. I know the more I lose now, the more he can take then, so I am really trying to stay focused and drop at least 10 pounds before the date. I have done well so far this week. As a matter of fact, it is this week, that I have lost the 4 pounds, so I guess you could say Im on track, so yay for that! I have my pre op next Wed, and I guess he will address all of my concerns then, but can any of you offer any suggestions on what to do, what not to do, things that saved you, and things that didn't make a bit of difference? My mom is coming to stay the week with me, and my husband will be here as well, so I do have help for moving around, but what am I really going to be feeling and needing?????? HELP!!!!

The excited and butterflies are setting in, I need suggestions please :)

Hi all! 4 days from now, I will be under the knife, getting my body back! I am getting scared, anxious, excited, all the emotions that are possible!!! I'm trying to get together a list of things that you ladies have found beneficial to your recovery and your first few days home, especially Day 1 and 2. What worked for you? What didn't? What should I buy from the store to make it easier??? Any help you that you can lend would be most appreciated...... Pineapple? Coconut water? Ive read about both of those, but what is their purpose and does it work???

That busted can of biscuits is GONE!!!!!!!!

Hi all! So, I am one day shy of 2 weeks post op. I am elated at the difference(s) I see, day to day. The first 2 days post op, I don't really remember much of anything, due to the fact that I was pretty drugged up. One thing I do remember, is having to get up EVERY hour to pee! My God, where did all of that come from???? I had ZERO appetite, but forced myself to eat crackers, so that I had a little something in my belly to take the meds on. 4 days post op, I ended up in the ER, because I was having problems breathing. Doc thought I should be seen in case it was a blood clot. Thankfully, after 2 hours of checking everything, it was just shortness of breath, They dosed me up, again, with IV drugs and sent me home. The next day, I went for my first post op, actually, my first was done via phone, by my husband, per the PS. So, Monday, I went for my post op. The PS said that I was healing PERFECTLY!!! (yay). They removed one of the drains, and I swear I turned into Linda Blair from The Exorcist! OMG, it hurt like hell!!!!!! I apologized to the nurse for cussing, and she said she has heard worse when she has removed drains! LOL. Back home, and back in my recliner...I hate that chair now! Its fine to fall asleep in when you want to, but when you have to, it sucks!!!! Anyway, I pretty much lived in the recliner, which had been moved to my bedroom, so as not to be bothered with anything other than my recovery. My mom stayed the first week and between her and my husband, they took 100% care of me. Mom cleaned, cooked, laundry, took care of the kids, ran the errands, all of it!!! Oh, she even changed my drains for me. God Love Her!!!! I didn't take my first shower until the 5th day. GAG!!!! I felt so yucky. Can I just say, that the first shower is AUH-MAZING!!!!!!! It felt so nice. My husband stood in the bathroom with me, bc I still had little strength. He washed my back for me, which again, felt amazing!!! I used a lanyard, to safety pin my drain to it, so that it would be out of the way for the shower. I made it out to the living room for a few hours the next day, but realized it was still too soon to sit up. :( I went for my 2nd post op apt on the 7th. I was smart, I took a pain killer on the ride there, knowing what was in store with having the 2nd drain removed. Fortunately, it didn't hurt at all. Praise the Lord!!!! LOL. PS said everything still looked great. I pointed out to him that I hadn't wore my binder for over 24 hours, due to some weird effect it was having on me. I seemed to have blistered on my flanks, like water blisters and my entire back and abdomen itched like crazy. He said it was a reaction to something, but he didn't know what. He said to apply cortisone to it and see if that helped. Im using the cortisone every 4 hours or so, bc it is still itching. OMG, I look like a dog covered in fleas, digging itself mad!!!!!! I truly hope that this mess goes away soon, as it is driving me up the wall!!!! Even my head and ears itch. WEIRD, I know!!! I haven't taken any pain killers since the 7th, and feel fine without them. I have taken Tylenol once since then, but that's it. I think, for me, what hurts the most is going from a sitting position to a standing position, due to the ab muscles being sewn back together. I am getting better each day. I am able to walk around without wincing in pain with each step. Its still a little tender, but not anything that I cant handle. I actually swept the floor and did laundry this past Monday, so I am happy about that.
All in all, he removed 5 pounds of FAT from my abdomen. Now, to me, 5 pounds of fat doesn't sound like a lot, so I looked it up. EW!!!! Its nasty and it is bigger than what I had thought. Although he removed 5 pounds of fat, I still came out of surgery weighing more than when I went in. I was like how in the hell can I weigh more when he took 5 pounds out of me?????? I was so upset. Well, it seems I was full of fluid. It has finally started to drop some and so the scale is beginning to move DOWN!!!! I do have some of my appetite back, but nothing like it was. That's totally a good thing! I am able to go up and down the steps unassisted now, and take a shower without someone being in the room with me. I really thought I would be "laid up" a lot longer than I was, so I am so happy that I am healing faster than I thought I would. I go back to work, this Friday. It is very tiresome to stand for long periods, but it is also just as uncomfortable to sit for long periods too. I go for another post op apt next Tuesday. Im sure I am still progessing well, and hopefully this tape that they put on me is totally gone by then. It is irritating to say the least!!! But, it is totally worth it, to see a smaller me in the mirror. I haven't tried on any of my clothes yet. I am waiting til I go back to work, on Friday. I have been living in bike shorts (bc I cant wear the binder all the time, due to the blisters) and yoga pants. I have NEVER worn yoga pants, and let me tell you, I now see why people wear them. They are very comfortable! lol. I don't know how many stitches I have, but I know they go from hip to hip. PS said they are ALL internal, and will dissolve on their own in about 14-20 days.
I am extremely happy with the results, thus far, and cant wait to see the changes over the next few months. I will keep you posted on my progress.
This was totally worth all the pain, and crying that I have endured over the last 2 weeks. When I went on my first coughing spell, I thought I would die!!! It hurt so bad. I learned to keep a pillow with my at all times! I kept one in the bathroom, bc it seemed more comfortable when sitting on the toilet. Why, I don't know, but it did. I had my first post op sneeze, yesterday. While it hurt, it wasn't near as bad as the coughs!!!! I have anew belly button too! And so far, it "looks" cute. LOL I haven't been able to get all of the junk out of it, but from what I can see, it looks great too! I'll let you know how my next visit goes!
Annapolis Plastic Surgeon

So far, my interactions with this doctor, have been wonderful. The staff is great, his bedside manner is awesome. He is down to earth, and tells it like it is. He told me what to do to *get ready*, so that I can be in the best shape possible for the surgery. They have followed up with me, since my consultation, and I look forward to the final outcome.

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