TT w/ Lipo - Muscle Repair AND Breast Lift

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I'm planning to have a standard or extended tummy...

I'm planning to have a standard or extended tummy with lipo and fat transfer to my butt. I've been researching these procedures for sooooooo long, I feel like a quasi-expert. So currently, I'm researching doctors, developing a pre procedure time table and building my credit to pay. And i want to loose about 20-50 pounds and maintain it prior to my procedures. I'm planning to go under the knife fall of 2014. I have an 8 year old and my tummy has never been the same. I've always been thick but I was blessed with more a coke bottle shape. I work out atleast 5 times a week, sometimes 2 a days even. I LOVE LOVE LOVE weight training and fit cardio in 3 days a week even though I HATE it. Im looking at 4 doctors: Dr. Ricardo Rodreguiez, Dr. Konrad Dawson, Dr. Benjamin, and Dr. Daniel Markmann. I'll add pictures soon..... And so my journey begins!!!!!

check out this belly from hell

So just an update.... I'm signing up for boot camp for January and February... Have to lose this weight before surgery! Secondly, I went ahead and requested my first consult with Dr. Markmann. And lastly, I do plan on getting part of the surgery financed so I've begun repairing my credit. I'm hoping to time my surgery for next Fall and I'm hoping I should be in time if I start now. Any input would be great!!!

You know your on Real Self when....

.... ladies are blogging about choosing their plastic surgeon but it sounds like they are describing meeting their soul mate! Ha!

I ? it... because to me it is really that personal.

Officially Obsessed

I'm obsessed with this site! It's the Facebook of plastic surgery. I haven't gone for my consult yet, but I think I should wait until after the holidays. I'm more focused on my Lil ones Xmas and Birthday (January 5th) then my surgery plans. When I go I want to be completely focused and not thinking did I forget something for my Lil one!!!!! On another I'm not about b.s. either! One of friends just lost who he just recently found out to be his cousin and wished he didn't put meeting her on the back burner. Now she is gone and there is NO tomorrow! This is a dream.... This is close to my heart and brings tears to my eyes. I am anticipating next fall (planned procedure date)and I feel a new depth to my desire. I hope someone here can relate... If not what are we putting our bodies through this for??????

2014 Leggo!

Consult Scheduled: 3rd - Dr. Daniel Markmann. Appointment with PCP prior to consult. I'm still keeping the other 3 docs in the back of my mind but Dr. Markmann has all of attention right now. We'll see how the initial meeting goes...

Diet / Exercise: Nutra bullet Weight training 5 days a week, Boot camp 3 days a week. Goal 30-50 pounds before surgery.

Payment: down payment amount achieved. Still working on credit.

Happy New Year

Just some thoughts... I've reached out to Dr. Nia Banks and Dr. Sarah Mess. I still have my appointment with Dr. Daniel Markmann in Feb. I have a physical coming up and I want to make sure everything is cool before I make appointments with Banks or Mess because I have to pay and if something pops up in the physical.... ohhhh how upset would I be!!!!!!

Now it's time to dig deeper into my work... boot camp added to my weight training and adding Nutribullet blended mixtures into my diet while I'm dropping the sugars, oils, sauces and heavy carbs I've been indulging in more then not since Thanksgiving. I've taking starting point body measurements. Now the first 3 months of 2014 will be my montage. Lol.

Enjoy your New Year!

Long road coming to an end

I'm 6 days Pre-Op. Next Thursday I will be on the flat side. I lost 30 pounds, saved all the money, found the perfect doctor, and got my credit score up 100 points even though I'm not using credit for this (can't tell you how happy I am about that). Today was my last of work and it was kind of sad knowing I wouldn't see co-workers for 5 weeks or so. My job atmosphere is great and I was treated to lunch and given recovery comfort needs. Don't get me wrong, I'm going to enjoy my time off and can't wait until the day they take a knife to this body! I'm not scared of recovery or the surgery.. let's go!
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