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Am 28yrs old with 3 beautiful children. Ages 7rs,...

am 28yrs old with 3 beautiful children. Ages 7rs, 5yrs, and 2yrs. I am completely done with having children. I love my kids but I don't want another ceasection. All three were cea-sections. It is in my dna to be petite and small, I have been my whole life. The biggest I've ever reached was my 2nd pregnancy at 137pds due to pregnancy ofcourse. I now weigh 117pds at 5"1. I love my legs, booty, and breast (even though they're a little droopy from milk explosion after birth) lol. But hubby loves them!!! Had my first baby in 2006 and last 2011. I am a health nut. Beachbody shakes, colon cleansers, no beef, pork, or chicken. I drink ONLY water (I have great skin). No candy or processed snacks, NO fast food at all. And I'vedone Iinsanity and hip hop abs regularly. Im pretty healthy right? So why is it that the rest of my body is great but my stomach never dissappear s. It does however shrink from good eating habits. But I can never feel any burn results from ab workouts. I've always known something wasn't right but couldn't pin point it. Im too healthy and petite to not have a flat stomach. I have to wear long tanks at the pool and plastic wrap under my dresses. And suck in my stomach during pics. Its embarrassing and it hurts. I have never worn a bikini EVER and have never shown my bare stomach to anyone except the docs performing the ceasection and my husband/kids. I have the best husband who will lick every scar and wrinkle on my stomach and truly loves them. And for past 8yrs I've tried to pretend that was enough for my confidence. But I'm almost 30 and one day I would love to wear a crop shirt before I die lol. I need to feel sexy and confident again. When I lay on my back I can see a buldge like thing sticking up like a hernia. I'm not sure if its extra skin or hernia or little bit of fat. I do have stretch marks. I just want it gone. I'm soooooo afraid of anymore surgery after 3 ceasections and risk of bleeding to death or even not waking up from anethesia. Please help. Any advice would help.....

My baby pouch

See as I mentioned previously, I'm an extremely fit and small girl. I do however have this baby pouch. But it acts like a weird balloon. One week its big and bloated and the next its down 3 inches. The first to pics in my previous post were taken right after eating dinner about 2 weeks ago. Here are two pics taken today to show how it just changes when it wants. And I'm on my period but my stomach is smaller than before. Hmmmmmm. But its never completely flat. Lol Anyway I have consultation scheduled next Tuesday with ps. Sooooo excited!!!

Consultation went GREAT!!!

So today I finally had my first consultation. Actually I had two back to back an hour apart. Lucky me huh!!! Actually it turned out the doctor that I'm choosing, I was actually scheduled for March 24th. So I asked them to put me on the wait list in case someone cqncelled sooner. Got a call 8am this morning for a cancelation today. I was ecstatic. So anyway both doctors were like 10 minutes away from each other. I saw them both and they both were great. Both board certified and AAA accredited. But one of them had this "awwwwww" factor. That as soon as he opened the door to call you back, I instantly felt comforted. I knew instantly he was the ONE!!! His dimenor and chemistry and attitude towards everything was amazing. Even his staff and nurses were amazing and it was just the consultation. So reassuring and soooo knows his stuff!!! Now to come up with the $9000 in under a month because thats my goal. Well I have most of it already. And I'm so sure the rest will be well worth it!!! I will post again as soon as I schedule my surgery.

Found my doctor!

So I had my 1st consult summer of last year. I saw several doctors in the baltimore area. They all had their pros and cons. But one just felt right the moment I walked in and was greeted by receptionists! I decided to have my 1st consult early even though I did not have any of the money saved. Because I wanted to shop around and it was exciting speaking with these doctors and knowing that I could be worked on! But after about a year of moving money around, buying a car, purchasing a condo etc. My wonderful hubby has dedicated this year's taxes to my full TO w/muscle repair. I called the doctor's office last week and they still had my information on file. I also forgot I get a second free consultation so I scheduled it for Feb 3rd. I will schedule my surgery then!!! Update later!!!

Finally have the money for tummy tuck but nervous as heck!!!

So a little over 2 years ago, I joined this site looking for answers and support as to why such a small girl like me always looked like I just finished eating a bowl of spaghetti. And for years no amount of crunches or extreme workout routines helped. I didn't even know what a Tummy tuck was before finding real self. I always just figured those women worked really hard with expensive trainers to get their flat stomachs lol. A little nieve I know. But not really, because I always believed in working really hard for something. Upon doing my research on this site and watching youtube videos and googling I especially started to become more comfortable with the idea of surgery because I knew there was no other option when it came to fixing the internal and external issues of my stomach. 2 years ago my excitement became more than I could handle. I started to accept the idea of it all. But even through the excitement, I still somehow felt like I would be cheating myself or I wouldn't be a real women in my own mind if I got the surgery. So dozens of consultations and doctors visits I was convinced that taking the route of Tummy tuck was not only the best option cosmetically but also medically for me. Come to find out I needed to have this procedure done because on the inside the diastis recti that was discovered by my GYN (internal/external sonogram for pain and ovaries) was causing serious bacteria to slowly leak through my intestines. At that point I no longer felt like I would be cheating myself. I ended up finding the perfect top doctor with 5 stars locally and got the pricing and I walked away feeling more confident than ever. Well, now two years later, my husband has put aside the money specifically for my Tummy tuck/Diastis Recti Repair. We decided that when it is done we would pay in cash because its free and clear and also our credit wasn't the best. Yes, he supports me fully!!!! Now that I have the money to pay, I am NERVOUS AS F*********. I have a new consultation with the same doctor on the 23rd of this month. I have 3 kids that need me, will I wake up after surgery? Will my heart stop during surgery? Will I develop a blood clot during recovery? Yes, my faith is strong and I know worrying won't change anything. But I know that this is not a root canal, it's a major surgery with serious risks. I know I can't be the only one out there with anxiety like this right???????

Consultation yesterday, Surgery scheduled finally!!!!!!

So had my consultation with my surgeon yesterday. I asked all my questions no matter how funny and ridiculous they may seem to others. He's such a great surgeon that he answered every single question with pleasure and made sure I was reassured. I will be getting a TT/Diastic Recti Repair/Hernia Repair all together. It's scheduled for November 14 and I am so excited!!!

Surgery is back on!!!

So last time I posted I had mentioned that my surgery was scheduled to be November 14. I had to cancel due to some personal issues that are taken care of now. It was such a stressful time the few weeks leading up to the previous scheduled surgery. And I couldn't be put to sleep with that stress on top of the anxiety I already had from the surgery itself. Things in my life are back in order now so I will be going to my surgeons office to pay in full in the next two weeks. And to also schedule the surgery while there. I just want this done and over with, so I will probably schedule the surgery for sometime in the beginning of January. If it were up to me I'd schedule it before Christmas. But my husband wants me to go to the gym for a week or two before surgery to keep the body and muscles healthy and strong for a better recovery after surgery. And he's more than right. So I will periodically be back posting pre surgery pics leading up to my surgery. I don't even know if anyone reads my posts. But if my post help at least one person or give one woman hope please do let me know. Thanks


So since my last review last year I was ready to get the surgery done. But had some unexpected issues come up which stopped me in my tracks. I got some advice from the doctors on this site and put the surgery on hold and fixed my other health issues first. So glad i did. I had the worst tooth infection known to man. I got a root canal and its amazing now. Peace of mind is key knowing that i have no underlying infection that could get in the way of my recovery. I SCHEDULED my surgery for MARCH 8TH!!!!!!!!!! Yaaaaaayyyyyy

Pre surgery pics!!!

So yesterday my husband started crying because he's going to miss my belly. He loves me even if my stomach looked like a pair of size 9 loafers! He's sad because the place that brought his 3 children into this world will soon be different and the scar that he loves to look at and be reminded of his kids and the pregnancies will be gone. He's sad but he is even more happy that i will be happy and a new even more confident me! My surgery is around the corner March 8th and we are ECSTATIC!!!!! So I will be taking pictures leading up to my surgery not only as a catalog for myself but to help others who might need some encouragement to move forward with their journey. That's even if anyone ever reads my post. Which I don't think anyone does because no one ever comments or likes my post. So it kinda fells like I'm posting for nothing. If you could please post a comment to let me know you're here or enjoy my post that would be encouraging!!! Thanks
Dr. Schreiber

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