46 No Kids Want to Do Lower Ab Etching, Love Handles,flank Outer Thigh, Inner Thigh -Virginia

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I have been thinking about doing my lower ab pooch...

I have been thinking about doing my lower ab pooch forever, becaise I have had it that long. Even at my thinnest 107 lbs I still had a pooch. Even aty fittest I have a 4 pack but never a 6. So abdominal etching would really make me happy as I work out like a beast. On the other token after turning 44 gravity is not my friend..I noticed a shift in my fat distribution that is unpleasant to me. I don't want to be thin I just want to remove fatty areas like thw newly acquired lower bqck love handles of my 40s. My pooch and my outer thighs. Have not been to the beach in years or the pool..I am just too self conscious. I don't even wear yoga pants or nothing tight..I am very involved in the fitness world and I am quite self conscious of my lady lumps :(...soo my biggest concern is post op pain..how bad is it really? What about the garment? Eek im scared....


Okay sorry ab my typos was half asleep...u get the picture though...selfies to follow.

46 going for consultation

Soooo poo next week I'm going from my consultation I can't wait. I AM SCARED ABOUT THE PAIN but I very much look forward to getting rid of my pooch which in spite of CrossFit and working out and dieting is still there. I am gathering with my age it ain't getting any better so I plan on getting lipo of hips abs and flanks...will see ....here are my before pics guys...wishes me luck.

Still me more pics lipo sculpt consult

More pre surgery pics

Abdominal Etching and Lipo

Hi, I am 46 years old, no children and have been athletic most of my life. However, since turning 45, everything has changed. I always had a little pooch, sometimes bigger sometimes smaller but never flat. One can only imagine how worst it gets as you age. so even though I have been active I can not fight father time. Now I find myself fighting gravity. I have love handles!!! I hate them, I feel so self aware, I don't even wear a tshirt without spanx. I feel disgusting. I don't even dare wear yoga pants because my saddle bags have started to develop. uggh I hate this age. So After really 2 years of deliberation I have decided to get a consult.
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