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Best thing about Invisalign? I can't think of...

Best thing about Invisalign? I can't think of anything good to say. I was miserable since I got them. Oh, I did lose 18 pounds in 5 months because I was too sick & in too much pain to eat, if that's considered a "Best Thing".

Worst thing about Invisalign? Constant Problems - broken finger nails, bleeding fingers, infection in finger that lead to surgery - almost lost part of my left index finger, 7 trips to the hand surgeon, 3 trips to my Internist, 2 teeth failing under the pressure of Invisalign- causing 2 root canals, 1 trip to the ER, 1 tooth extraction, still need 1 dental implant & 2 crowns when treatment is over. Finally I pulled them out after nearly 6 months when I got severe earaches in both ears- a sign to me that another tooth on each side is failing. Is that enough for 6 months???????? I couldn't take any more..

I was exhausted. I stopped cleaning my house, running errands, gardening, EVERYTHING. All I wanted to do was lay down. After reading another persons similar account who did not have all the other problems I did, but had the fatigue, I believe something in the actual plastic was toxic to me. I have severe reactions to many chemicals, medicines & foods.
I kept going back to my Internist for tests. I couldn't feel so bad & not have something very bad wrong with me................... Within a week of pulling these out, the fatigue was gone.

I paid $5000 for the Invisalign, have paid another approximately $6000 in medical & dental costs. (The surgery/x-rays/medicines on my finger was all "out of pocket"- I have a $4000 medical deductible. Also, the Emergency Room visit & medicines, 2 root canals, tooth extraction, temporary filling on broken existing crown, 7 more office calls to my hand surgeon, 3 trips to my Internist & additional lab work.................)
I still need to get an implant for about $4,000 (with all the add ons) & possible a 2nd on the root canal tooth that we "saved" (my ear still hurts......). I definitely need 3 crowns, 2 from the 2 failed teeth & another that kind of broke off while prying off the Invisalign. That's at least another $3000.............

Also, has anyone else NEVER been able to get these things out of their mouth without prying them out with something??????? I was told you popped them in your mouth, & with your nails you flipped them out. EASY!!! I was never able to do that after 6 months. THey were WAY TOO TIGHT. I think there was something wrong with them, but my Dentist did not, & said no one else was having this problem....so I guess he was saying it just my problem. After all my fingernails were broke to the quick & bleeding all the time, I found a plastic baby spoon to use. By then, my index finger had a really bad infection in it. The surgeon said I was lucky I did not lose part of my finger.

It wears me out to talk about all of this again.....................

I would love to get in on a class action suit.

Maryland Dentist

I think he is a good Dentist, but not familiar enough with this product. Apparently all his other patients did well, & he & his staff NEVER saw anyone with any problems, let alone someone like me with ALL THE PROBLEMS. I don't think they believed I had problems. I do not want to give his name or rate him below.

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