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I have been lurking on this site since my first...

I have been lurking on this site since my first consult (ok I am borderline obsessed with it). The biggest thing for me was dates, I wante dto know how long bewteen each step should I expect to wait. So I will start off my my review with dates. I went to see my primary care physician in January and she was awesome in getting the ball rolling. She recommended I go to physical therapy, since that would give the insurance company more eveidence that this definitely a problem. So I went to PT at the end of March (I procrastinated with this appt. because all of this wasnt real to me yet). Well my PCP sent it off to the insurance compant and they approved me immediately (I guess the PT notes helped) to see the Plastic Surgeon. So my first consult was April 18th and it wa sthe best day of my life. Wonderful doctor and he took one look at me and sid its a done deal, I WOULD be getting my surgery. FINALLY, or so I thought, my world crashed around me a couple of days later when I called about scheduling, the not so nice schduler basically told me I would be getting the surgery around Christams since the doctor had a really long waiting list. At this point I was crushed but I only stayed down for a minute, I reaserached my health plan and figured out that I could see a doctor outside of Kaiser. So my wonderful PCP gave me a referral and it was approved I saw him last Thursady 6/13 and he basically said the same thing, that the surgery was a done deal. SOOOO in the last couple of days I decided to call my first doctor back (6/19/2013) and miraculously they had open dates (what if I hadnt called???) and I am now scheduled for July 24, 2013 YAYYYYY. Finally!

Now I must warn you, I will be putting up my picture but I think I hould warn you ladies that they some of the biggest I have seen on this site. I have dealt with extremly large breats for a long time. I am 31 and I want to enjoy things regualr size women enjoy. I want o go swimmimg, I dont want to wear granny tops for the rest of my life. Most importantly I want this weight gone. The doctor said he could remove 15 pounds easily if not more. I want to be a full c cup. Ok ladies, I will be updating thsi site all the time now. I look forward to sharing with all of you especially when I am on the other side!


pre op done today

I had my pre op appt. today and all it did is make me 1000 times more anxious! I can not wait until July 24th, I did get some hope today, i talked to my doctor's scheduler and it looks like she may be able to get me in before the 24th. Keep your fingers crossed for me ladies! I want to wear a cute sundress before it gets cold out lol ?


I'm taking a bunch of before pics in clothes. I think once these things are gone i can actually stop referring to myself as a big girl, I might even appear a little small/medium, especially once i get rid of this gut! !! Come on July 24th!!!

Oh I forgot to mention...

The girls are still super huge, i just tie these babies up real good, so tired of it!!!!

1 more full day with my big girls!

OMG, i can't believe it's almost here!!!!!! I have 1 more full day of double bras, of shoulder indentations, back pain and all of the other good ol gifts my girls give me. I will savor this last night of sleeping all over my bed like a crazy person for a while. Tomorrow night i don't expect to get much sleep since i have to get up at 4 in the morning to make it to the hospital on time. I am sooooo ready, i have no anxiety or fear just excitement!!!! I'm always on the go and I've been getting that out of my system, I've been running around and keeping busy so i haven't had time to really dwell on the surgery. I have been on this site all nite though lol. I am a super procrastinator so i have lots of housework to keep me busy tomorrow. I look forward to updating you all very soon!!!!


So far so good, I haven't seen them yet but when i look down i look almost flat chested lol, which is a good thing. I woke up starving, and just ate so i feel better. I did throw up and dry heave after i woke up but now i feel better. I am staying overnight in the hospital, the doctor told my mom that i am 16 pounds lighter! I was in surgery for about 5 hours.


Finally my post op update!

First i want to say that i agree with everyone on here about this being soooo worth it!!!!! I have had zero pain since waking up from surgery! I finally got to see them on Monday and again today, i showered today YAY. I just can't get over the transformation, they are so small and perfect, check out my pics, im sure you will agree the transformation is out of this world. Everything is going so smooth. I haven't been extra tired, i have a normal appetite, i have had a bowel movement. Im just relaxing and waiting until i can drive again which is next Monday. The only part that has been the devil is sleeping on my back!! But even that is getting better by the day!!! I wish everyone on here either happy healing or happy waiting, the whole journey is life changing!
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