43 Yrs Old Mom of Two, 450cc Mentor HP, Periareolar, Smooth, Silicone. Maryland, MD

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Finally getting sound to doing a post! My husband...

Finally getting sound to doing a post! My husband said as much as this site as helped me, I should return the favor :-) Original stats 43 yrs old, breastfeed two kids (now 9 &11), very active, 126lbs, about 5'6, originally 32A. In my pics you may or may not notice a line from under my belly button (it goes down into my underwear about 4 inches, 4 years ago, I had to have a massive hysterectomy due to an 8lb mass that destroyed my pelvic region). But w/lots of good scar cream and moisturizers it is not terribly noticeable, keeping in mind I had 21 staples, kind of gutted like a fish ;-)

I originally thought I would be getting mod + but my PS said my bwd was narrow and I have a small thin bone structure, she said I would have boobs coming out of my armpits with mod +. Also 450cc was as high as I could go, apparently my chest depth and other anatomical factors would prevent going any bigger at this time. But I am thrilled with the results so far!!!!

I only have two pre-op photos, they are on my husband's phone, so I will download those this week.
I will have to say I wasn't in a lot of pain the first week, but I cried bc they look awful initially, I am a very modest person, so to go from 32A to 32D/DD was a HUGE (.)(.) ( . )( . ) change!!! I don't like taking meds and fortunately I have a high pain tolerance, I only took 1/2 a percocet for 3 days at night, IBP for a few days, a couple Tylenol here and there. Stopped all OTC pain meds by 5th day.

All the photos I am posting today are 13 days post-op. Right breast is slightly more swollen than left. PS said that gave her a little trouble getting the implant in so it doesn't surprise her. If it wash't for this wonderful site, I would have been completely freaking out this entire time. This site is so wonderful, also helping in guiding me in what I want my breast to look like!!! You all are wonderful!!! I will continue to post as recovery moves along!

Happy Two weeks!

Pain free, sleeping great. Finally getting some energy back! The right still looks a little bigger, but it also looks like it is beginning it's decent, hope the other one follows soon! You will see by my pics (still can't believe I am posting them) I am very conservative. I know a lot of you ladies love Victoria's Secret (and u all look great in it), I am just not a push-up bra gal, hopefully with the new girls on board I won't want a push-up for a while ;-)

Happy two weeks!

Pain free, sleeping great! I will be glad when they drop and fluff. I was afraid I would want bigger, but I wanted them to fit my body proportionately, I think so far that has been accomplished :-)

Where I started.....

These are the only two pics from pre-op, literally the night b4. I was a 32A, now 32D/DD. Of course nothing has dropped yet. You can see how small I was to start!

sorry pics didn't come up correctly from pre-BA

Not dropping as much as I would like!

I am 1 month post tomorrow. Although it doesn't look like it they r 32DD. I am very concerned bc the left still is higher and rounder looking while the right is dropping and fluffing, I know they still have a long way to go. But any helpful opinions or support would be great! Thank you!

6 weeks, wish they were dropping more and even????

It's been six weeks today. It's hard to believe when I look at pictures that I wear a 32 DD, maybe when they drop I will feel better about them. I thought 450cc HP smooth mentor round would be the answer. Other docs have said they look great and I need to give it time. I wasn't going for the Pam Anderson look, and in clothes I think they look great but in the buff not so much! I had no idea this would be such an emtional roller coast ride, and I hate roller coasters ????! But anyway...here they are 6 weeks....

5 weeks not 6 weeks

My last update was 5 weeks, sorry all, I won't be 6 weeks post op until this friday :-)

6 weeks tomorrow...

Finally beginning to drop a little, not the best pics. Been super busy, will try and do better pics at the two month mark. ????

Still 6 weeks.....

Not the best pics.... But hopefully helpful ????

One day can make a difference :-)

I was I structed by my PS yesterday to do more more vigorous massage only on the left. This morning I can already see a bit more of a drop. Keep in mind this only 6 weeks, they will continue to drop.

Orginal wish pic

I will do a picture update of myself next week at the two mark but I wanted to add the one wish pic I showed my PS. This is closet to my body type, small frame, small hips, thin waist. I can't keep pics on my phone or anywhere else bc I have a 9 & 11 year old and they see everything! So RS is my safe place for pictures ????

2 Months, still dropping and fluffing, 32A to 32DDD

I think they are getting close to my favorite wish pic above. I love the soft natural "W" look. I think they fit my body well. Just for some of the women out there, when you are choosing your wish pics, I highly recommend choosing someone who has PRE-OP pictures. I don't think it is very helpful to look at a great set of breast, not knowing did they start with an A cup or a C cup, or the shape, etc. It is very helpful to kind of, I hate to say this but match up your body in some way. I read one person's review who had a wish pic and she said I think this most closely resembles me. I know the wish pic she was looking at and this woman was 5 inches shorter than her, that kind of information I found very helpful when choosing my size and shape. Just my thoughts :-) Wishing all well with surgery and recovery!!!!

2 months, a couple more pics

FYI, sleeping in cami's, no pain, back to hiking, full sensation, feeling great!

QUESTION: Massage techniques please

My PS only had me pushing down and in, but said I could be as vigorous as I wanted. Any other massage techniques anyone care to share :-)

2.5 months

Not the best photos but you can see my R is dropping a little more than the L still. I was worried in the beginning but they both continue to drop so I am imagining they will catch up at some point. It's hard to believe they are 32 DDD, but they are! I guess it looks different on everyone. I will post swimsuits as soon as they drop more. My PS I still have some D & F to do ????
Pre 32 A
Post 32 DDD
Wt 122-125
Ht 5'6

2.5 months

I added this one bc it was after a massage from the shower. They are fairly equal in this pic.

Finally trying on a swimsuit

I was going to wait until the three month mark but bc I was putting things away, I decided to try a swim top on. I was pleasantly surprised.

3 Months

I will be 3 months post op tomorrow. I still can't believe they are 32 DDD, I actually had to buy a 32F this week, I think it wS just the brand. They don't seem that big to me but my husband said the pictures don't really show their true size?! If it's any kind o measurement he can't get his hand around one, lol! Blessings to all on surgery and recovery! Happy Thanksgiving!

3 months Scars healing nicely

I was sitting on my sofa and took these using iPhoto booth. I was trying to show how well the scars look at 3 months, I am shocked, but they are barely visible. Also wanted to show sitting straight vs sitting back. They still need to drop and fluff more, but they are finally getting a little bit of a fold. Still a little symmetry on my right, my husband says it's not noticeable but I am my own worst critic :-)!

Testing, having trouble posting!!!

just testing having trouble posting, if this goes through I will redo, I just don't like putting pics on my laptop even if for a few minutes!!

4 Months

The new additions gradually continue to change. My PS was correct when she said it would take longer than four months for my girls to completely settle and get into place. While they are almost done dropping they still have some fluffing to do ( my kids are home for winter break, so I can't set up the tripod to take better pics and show you if I press on them especially the left side they have some more expanding to do), a little bit more to go there but not quite there yet. Still in a 32DDD. I am finally finding swimsuits I like. I am not one to have the girls hanging out everywhere but I do want them seen, after all that was kinda the point w/ clothing and swimsuits not to look like a flat board ;-)! When my kids go back to school I will take more pics w/ better angles and swimsuits.

I still on occasion get a zinger here and there. I have gone back to sleeping in a one of those soft coozie bras just bc I like the feel of the support at night and I think as they have expanded more it just feels more comfortable having the support. Scars r really not visible and I really didn't use to much on them.

My husband still has not found my eyes yet, the novelty still hasn't worn off for him ;-D!

I want to wish everyone a Happy & Healthy New Year!!!!

had to change my username

Hi all, do to an outside issue with an unstable individual who looked up my profile bc I trusted them I had to change my username.

4 months +

I am about 4 months and a week, swim tops as promised :-) Some leaning over positions. Still have one breast that is higher and not as fluffed out, but they continue to both change, I will ask my PS about next week! Realizing not the 25 year old body I used to have at 43+! But I'll take it :-) If I could have my 25 year old body back w/these boobs, I would be my own wish pic ;-), lol. Still need to even out, but moving along. Hope everyone is doing well!!! xoxo

5 Months, Wow did that go fast!

Well it's been a little crazy, I was rushed to ER last week bc of chest pains, found out my asthma went from mild to severe, and the base of my left lung is collapased, I will spare everyone the medical jargon for it all. So off to see the pulmonlogist and on "old people" meds I call them. If any thing I am angry, I anomaly 43 (going on 44), healthy, in shape, EKG was normal, have passed stress tests w/ flying colors, my doc thinks the collapse is from my hysterectomy almost 5 years ago, and the BA may have given it the extra push it needed. It is caused by the anesthesia, mainly when you under for a very long period of time and heavily sedated as I was for my HYS. It was a very serious HYS, had to have my entire pelvic cavity cleaned out. Any hoo, I am sure I will be fine, being in the medical field in the past my husband says I don't things seriously enough, but I try not to take anything to seriously!! On to what's really important, my boobs ;-)!!! Just a 5 month update, you can see they have evened out tremendously. My PS warned they would still fluff until about 9 months. Well they have fluffed a bit more, but I refuse on principle to go beyond DDD!!! I told my husband I will lose ten lbs, and he laughed bc he said , well honey those aren't the kind of boobs that will loose any weight ;-) HAHA! Anyway, hope everyone is doing well! xoxo

5.5 months

I forgot to add these pics last time. I realized the pic w/ the shirt has a lot going on, but wanted to show that you can still see side boob and full chest, and that's just with a full coverage bra no pushup or demi. :-)

6 Months

Not a huge change in anyway, the right actually dropped a bit more, the PS said they may drop a little more for a few more months. Funny to think at 6 months they could still be changing like this, but oh well! I still like them, they do the job ;-)! Sorry the light was not the best, in a hurry, and had strange shadows on the pics, I will do better ones for 7 months once I get back from vacation. 10 days with my hubby and kids on a remote tropical island, SOOO looking foward to the peace and quiet and SUN AND WARMTH, I love winter but I am so OVER it, need sun and warmth and ready to wear bikinis ;-)! Hope everyone is having a happy recovery and doing well! xoxo

Almost 7 months

I thought I would take a few while still on the island. I loved how I could play them up in swimsuit or let them kind of hang a bit. But even hanging a bit they were still obvious. I loved walking into the beach for the first time and not caring about what everyone else was wearing. This was the first time my children had seen them in a swimsuit, they didn't ask questions but they definitely had that "huh" look on their face. When they r older, no need to skew my daughters or son's view of what a woman's body should or shouldn't look like, since it all is personal preference. Hope everyone is doing well. Xoxo

8 Months (almost)

Hope all u ladies are doing well! Just wanted to do a quick update. I went to put on one of my favorite shirts that I would wear to our club for lunch and ...BOOM! No way the girls were letting this close, such a bummer, but I will take it, over the past alternative ;-)! Back to working out w/ my personal trainer, she has been great keeping me on track and careful w/ the girls. Happy recovery to all! xoxo

9.5 months still 32 DDD from 32A

I haven't had a chance to update in awhile! My kids are home for the summer since last week so it's a little hard to get time to take pics! I would like to do some w/ clothing because let's be honest we don't walk around nude and I think seeing breasts in clothing can be very helpful. But for now these will have to do.
At nine plus months they are soft and natural looking. I think what amazes me the most is how the same "size" bra can look so differently on everyone.
Just for reference I started at 32A I am settled in at 32 DDD, 125lbs, 5'6, 37-25-35, I have small hips, and I am very narrow bwd, it's all boob ;-) that makes it 37 on top.
I basically got rid of all those original swimsuits, I needed much more conservative suits at almost 44 and a mom of a 10 and 12 year old.
450HP Silicone round smooth mentor

I hope everyone is doing well!

9.5 months pictures

9.5 not all pics came up

9.5 Months

I forgot to add this one in with the others. The shadowing is a little odd bc of the light but thought it was a neat looking pic :-) Hope everyone is feeling well!!! xoxo

10.5 months

Not a huge difference but I do notice they are settling in and not so "in your face". This is 10.5 months post op. 450cc HP mentor round smooth. 32A to 32DDD. 5'6/125lbs. I promise I will do some regular clothing soon :-)

Clothes please :-)!

Next week will be 1 year! I have so much I would like to share but unfortunately my kids don't go back to school for a couple more weeks!!! I promise I will do clothing pics bc I think they are very important. As I have said before we don't walk around in the buff so clothing pics are very helpful.
If there is one thing I can definitely say bigger isn't always better. I love my breast but I do on occasion wish I wouldn't have quite so large. My current stats:
24 waist
35 hips
Implant 450cc HP Mentor round smooth
I think it is important for women to really look at a lot of pictures and be realistic. My PS and another PS that I am friends w/ said the more petite (height) u r the larger u go other than in a swimsuit it will make you look too heavy. It's so very difficult in my opinion to get a true read even on RS of a persons figure.
For example we just got back from vacation and my cousin who is 12 years younger than I am has two kids and breast fed and her breast are what I have seen a lot of empty sac look. She was planning on going w/ no larger than 300 but was thinking more around 275, she has a slender athletic build, and is about 5'1, she saw mine and her eyes got big and said she wanted 350 now. I told her it will be to big and referred her to this site bc at her height and build it will be to big. Don't get me wrong I am not unhappy w/ my breast but I think women see "big boobs" and say oh yeah that's it. Ands it's not it! She also should get a lift bc she is a good b cup so add 350cc on top!!! Yikes!!! It's all personal preference is what it boils down to.
I personally think I should have gotten 300-350. I have a slender athletic build. I went to another PS (dr Cohen love him!) and he immediately said he never would have put an implant in this size in my body. Live and learn.
For me it's not truly an issue bc I don't wear plunging necklines or skin tight kitten sweaters. It's not the look I want nor the look I was going for. I can easily wear all my favorite brands, lilly pulitzer, Trina Turk, Chanel, j crew, etc, and look conservative w/o looking frumpy. It does take extra effort and time shopping. I am not obsessed w/ breast as see a lot of women are, might be a maturity factor not sure. That's not a criticism,I just notice the older women are more confident bc that has s tendency to come w/ age. You really just don't care what people think as much, then again I never really did ;-)!
As soon as my kids go back to school I will do an entire "photo shoot" of clothed body and breast.
I think RS is wonderful place for women to get an "idea" of what they want, like, and dislike w/ regards to size and shape. I think wish pics are a great idea but as that only an idea of what you are looking for. No two bodies are identical and I think many women become disappointed when the result isn't like their wish pic. If I had gone smaller I would be very similar to my wish pic. But I to was mezerized and lured by the women w/ very large breast ;-). It happens, again you live and learn.
Many xoxo's to those in post op and much luck to those in the "pre" phase.


Dressed Breasts

As promised I finally have gathered some photos of dressed breasts, bc as I have said we don't walk around in the buff or even in bras.
I have a couple funny/interesting stories to tell with these pics. The first story, my husband and I had a benefit dinner to attend and I needed a formal a new dress. So I headed to NYC. There are a few "celebrity" boutiques with celebrity price tags but so worth it bc the dresses are stunning! So I walk in, once you have history with them you will always have a personal consultant help u w/ your dress. She urshed me into the dressing room and noticed something new (my boobs), she said oh well we will be looking for a new type of dress this time. Hmmm, wasn't sure what that meant, just changed into the lovely silk robe and waited for her to bring in dresses. She brought them in and lined them up on a long wall. Lots of straps, not a lot of fabric, hmmm again. But I went with it, after the third dress and my boobs hanging out of each dress I told this not the look I am going for , would she mind if I went out onto the floor and look for a dress myself. In these stores u r not allowed to photograph anything bc these are runway or special designer originals so they do not allow you to photograph even yourself in them. I went out onto the floor found the dress I am wearing in the picture right away. She said wow I just thought you want to show those girls off. I wasn't surprised bc it NYC and the celebrity clientel is what she is used not the ultra conservative :-). The tailor came in (they have multiple shoes for u try on w/ your dress for height) and said oh just a little off the length and I said yes AND it needs to be pulled up... My side boob that I do love was showing way to much. The tailor said but that looks sexy, I said fix it!
So the second part to this story is the night of the event I put the dress on, it is open in the back w/ long silk straps, slim in the waist and then ballroom like. My husband said wow what kind of bra are u wearing w/ that? I said the kind you bought me for $7000+. He said what? I said no bra, no liner, no padding all me, he couldn't believe how big and perfect they looked in the dress. I kinda thought they looked too big but he said they looked awesome, he is man! I received so many compliments on the dress and how amazing I looked in it. No snide catty comments or states from other women, would have been a different story had a chosen a different dress. My whole point is just bc you have them doesn't mean you have to flaunt them and look trashy. Class and elegance go a lot further in life, at any age.
The other story, we r do some remodeling and the designer asked why I needed so many of these skinny pull out drawers in my closet, I said bc I have a lot of bras, my husbZnd chimed in and said yeah but you really only wear like 4 of them. So I did a little cleaning out! I had 93 bras!!!! 84 swimsuits!!!! I have lost my mind!!! Needless to say I got rid of more than half of both. The novelty has worn off and while I do love having larger breasts after a year I am definitely not obsessed with them the way I see some women are. The first year I get it bc they r new, but I feel as though to many women continue to be obsessed over their breasts. At this point they should just be part of you and not define you!
Towards the end of the summer I began wearing tankinis, I an so active that I felt more protected and supported.
As you can see in the pics I am not showing cleavage (except in the swimsuit, and even then it's not that much) but everything looks classy and elegant. I am by know means condoning the ladies that wear the light lie plunging tops and sweated just not my style. But I think the "dressed breasts" give a good representation of "normal" life w/ big boobs (32G).
Good luck to all in the pre-phase, recovery, and the post roller coaster ride. Xoxo

Relaxed boobs after 18 months

I just wanted to give a quick update. Surgery was 8/29/2014
32A-32G. I am finally getting used to having these watermelons. They have been a bit of nuciance with playing golf. I have had to change my swing a bit. Lessons have been learned bigger is not always better, it's just bigger! Even my cousin who went ahead w/ 350cc even though she already had some amt. of boobage is sorry she went as big as she did when she was already a nice cup size. I have quite a few friends (we r in our 40's) who had them done in their 20's and now have very saggy boobs, they keep telling me I smart to wait, bc they r all having theirs redone and need lifts now. So I am glad I waited until I was older, in case that was a question for anyone. But I completely understand wanting them while u r still young and fresh. Unfortunately being a college athlete and then off to med school just did not permit the time and by the point it really was a mute point for me bc med school was more important :-).

For any newbies, looking at this recent pic, I am 5'6, 130lbs (yes I have gained/lost weight, was 118 at one point). They've mentor round smooth silicone 450cc, under the muscle. Incision was around the areola.

This is not a top I would wear alone, I have a zip rash guard that matches, with a 12yr old son and 10 yr old daughter I am not comfortable wearing something like this in front of them or their friends. But all in all I am happy with them, my only complaint is I wish I would have gone a bit smaller. Other than that they have been great. I do love filling out tops that I could never wear before (w/o looking slutey of course ;-).

Sending lots of thoughts and prayers to all in recovery and luck to all in the pre phase.

A Lot of Boobage for me!

I just wanted to post a quick pic. This is why I am wearing more conservative swimsuits than before and rash guards over top. Now officially 18+ months after surgery and the muscles have really relaxed it is a lot for me in bathing suit. I am not unhappy, still think I should have gone a little smaller. But just for the ladies out their to see 18 months down the road. 5'6 130lbs anywhere from 32G to 34DDD depending on the brand. (450cc ho mentor round smooth silicon)

Almost 2 years! Still happy!

Just wanted to post a few quick pics at about 21 months post op now. I have lost some of the weight I gained so down to about 125lbs. Back to more of a 32 DDD--G depending on the brand. Mentor silicone round smooth 450cc, under the muscle, areola incision. Waist 25 hips about 36. If I have to say my favorite is not the cleavage at all but the side boob. I LOVE The way the side boob gives my body proportion and such a feminine look. I still need to sleep in a coobie, that may be forever! I just don't like the feeling of the weight of the breast moving around when I sleep. I do see the difference since I have lost some weight that my breasts look bigger on my body, but oh well (I think I was around 119 at surgery?) I can hide them if need be :-)! I have found some dresses look like maternity dresses on me bc the girls push the dress out. But on the flip side I don't need to wear a padded bra anymore or a bra at all w/ some adorable summer dresses and do it w/o looking cheap! If I have one piece of advice it's keep class in mind. Large breast do not have to look slutey if "dressed" appropriately! Also I was a 32A to start and I am now almost 45 yrs old. Please feel free to ask any questions :-). Xo to those in all phases of this process!

2 Years and very happy

I posted back in May but my actual two year mark was the very end of August. So I wanted to give another quick update. I know I have said I wish I would have gone smaller but I am finally at a point where I think because I have learned to dress the girls in a classy way I am finally content with their size. I never wished for larger, if you look back at my last post it will give you all my stats. But I do want to reiterate again bigger is not always better and it is always personal preference. I see so many beautiful woman on the site that say they wished they had gone bigger and I think they look perfect. Give yourself time to get used to them and settle into your body. My size when I first had the BA (not my original size) was a D cup and I have comfortably settled into a DDD cup which I never expected. With that size comes issues like sleeping without support will never be in my reportoriar again. Had I gone smaller I most likely would be fine w/o support at night. I have found a bra that I love to sleep in and better than the coobie is the Nightlift bra. It retails for about $98, it was created by a plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills, very similar to the Tab bra in Canda but much easier to purchase. I do recommend sizing down one size for true night time support. It is super soft and comfy to sleep in, I wish I had this when I first had my surgery. It really helps shape the breast. XO to all you beautiful ladies on your pre phase, surgery and recovery! XO

Almost 2.5 years

I only have one quick pic. Sorry it is not the best quality lightning was not great and in a hurry. I feel like things are settled, but still perky. 45, almost 5'6 (loosing height according to my gyn
;-), 130lbs, 32-34 DDD, just depends on the bra brand. I am content with outcome. However, in hindsight I would have done a bit more research. Clothes always seem to be a bit of an issue, a little smaller may have been better but I still have finally grown to love them!

Ladies, remember everyone's body is different and while it is helpful to the surgeon to have an idea, taking a pic in and saying I want to look like this is not realistic. I was a 32A. My doc had to really stuff these 450cc's HP Mentor Silcone Round into my chest. Probably to big in hindsight.
I do believe, and again just my opinion that taller women can carry larger sizes, petite women that I have seen in person, not on RS, look ridiculous, again in my opinion w/ giant breast, it's just not natural looking. At 5'6 I can carry this off bc I dress them down. On a woman 5'8 450cc's may not be large enough. It is all so individualized to the patient so do your homework!
Good luck to all who are starting the process and happy healing to those in the post phase! XO
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

My PS is spectacular!!! She is a Mom herself and "gets it". She is warm and friendly and makes you feel like she is close personal friend. Very honest and upfront w/ expectations and recovery. Love her!!! Her staff is just as warm and friendly, they make you feel right at home. Such a great group!

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