32 Yr Old, Liposuction and Perhaps BBL

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Im finally taking the step toward getting my...

Im finally taking the step toward getting my liposuction journet underway. Im a 32yr old, no kids, 5'6", 135-140lbs. I consider myself to be fit and healthy. Although Ive been lacking lately on exercise due to being discouraged with my results despite years and years of running, lifting and trying all kinds of new exercise fad. Crossfit, yoga, all of it. Despite loosing weight I still have stubborn belly fat. My thighs have taken on a nice shape but my belly still remains.
Well no longer. Planning on lipo for early next year. Ive already gone under the knife once for a BA in 2014. I traveled to miami and saw dr Hochstein. Generally pleased with those results tho I'm also planning to go bigger next year. I figure since I've traveled once for surgery I could do it again so have looked into surgeons around the US. The local doctors in Maryland/DC/VA have left me unimpressed. I need an aggressive doctor that will actually give me a flat stomach and small waist.

Ive been on 3 consults so far, the best was with Dr Richards in Bethesda, but he is far too expensive for me. Its just not realistic for me to pay 13k for this procedure. Otherwise I would love to use him. He has so much skill with "skinny fat" types like myself.
I saw Dr Kalefih as well but he and his assistant didnt sell me on his ability becsuse they said he couldnt get me a perfectly flat stomach. Look I'm not that big, trust me. His before/afters were not very dramatic changes..
Right now I have an upcoming consult with Dr Widder in VA at the end of Oct. We shall see how his prices compare.
Ive also started communication with Vanity Cosmetics in Miami. The reviews on here regarding their customer service- or lack there of, makes me nervous. But their doctors Fisher and Hasan have skills at aggressive lipo that I want.

Id love to hear feedback from any of the ladies here. Glad there is this community with so much to share and help eachother. Its a wealth of information.

Attached are a couple my befores, and wish pics.

Vanity - Hasan or Fisher?... Cant Decide!

I feel like the more I research the more confused I get. I'm such an indecisive person already, so this is especially tough on me. :( I need help from Vanity vets on their decision and what made them decide on one doctor over the other.
I've been able to find some information thanks to hours of looking over reviews on the forums, but honestly many women switched doctors because of scheduling conflicts. No choice of their own.

Regarding cost; Dr Hasan is cheaper by almost a grand. He also is running a deal at the moment that includes 5 post operative massages. Thats a real good deal.

I've read that Dr Fisher does larger bottoms, and a more shelf style booty. And that he somewhat does what he wants. I also hear he does more surgeries in a day, and that makes me wonder about the level of attention he pays to each client. Not to discredit his work, his transformations are extraordinary, but I wonder if his vision would match what I want. I hear Hasan listens more to what you'd want, rather than going with what he thinks is a good look for you. Is that an accurate thought? Am I mistaken or misinformed?

My coordinator already asked for me to gain some weight before surgery, but since I don't want a large butt I have no interest in getting any heavier. :( If anything I'm trying to loose weight, that's the whole reason for my lipo! Hahah.

Are there any ladies out there with a similar build as me that could provide input? 5'6", 140LBS, Sz 4 dress size. I found a handful of reviews so far with similar bodied girls, however I think their wishes were different, so the outcome wasnt what *I* would personally be looking for. One girl did have the almost perfect result for what I'm looking for, and she had Fisher. The only thing he did that I don't want is added fat grafting to her hips.

My coordinator emailed some photos of other recent patients of Fishers and Hasans so I could compare. Its so tough! There were 2 results, 1 from each doctor, that I liked. So then I like BOTH docs. So tough to choose.. should I maybe then look at the money instead and go with the deal? Oh decisions.. decisions..

Maybe Fisher? -more wish pics

So I think I'm leaning more toward Dr Fisher. But i told myself i would make a pros/cons list and continue my research and think on it for a week or so.
So my only concerns with Dr Hasan is that he does not use drain tubes, and Ive read numerous reviews on here of his clients experiencing seroma following surgery. I dont want the added healing time and extra expense and trouble with draining out seroma. As well as the emotional impact i know it would have on me go see my body in such condition.
I have not found any cases of fluid build up from Fishers clients that had drains in. I know it CAN happen, but I'm a believer that its not as likely to happen.
Fisher however I have read a few reviews in which he did not even lipo additional areas that were requested. And since I want my inner thigh and knee lipoed I could fall victim to him skipping those areas. I believe the cause is related to him having so many clients per day, anlther concern of mine, so perhaps he forgets. I figure to counteract this I want to have an in person consult with him before surgery. Fly down a month in advance and meet with him to go over all my questions and requests. And repeat again and again the added areas I need. Also hopefully if I were his first patient Id get him when he's more engaged.

At the moment my biggest concern is not having complications. In a side by side comparrison of worst case scenario, i can handle two missed lipo areas over having extended healing time and dreaded seromas. Cause atleast Id get my refund for the missed lipo and could go elsewhere for that later. Tho fingers crossed that wouldn't happen.

More wish pics

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