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Bad idea. Instead of a lil buldge now I have extra...

Bad idea. Instead of a lil buldge now I have extra skin that I really don't think will retract. I have a kind of bat wing now under my arm toward my back. He ran the lipo into the back area somewhat. More on one side than the other. Now I have two very different sides back there squishing out at my bra line on top. One is full and looks pretty normal, the other is a skin flap. I have already been looking into skin removal for under there. Now instead of a buldge I have gross extra skin. I wish I had been told that. He told me the back lower shouldn't be done because if this, so why did he do this area and cause what he said to avoid in the lower back. I'd rather have my lil buldge than skin flaps. Now I'll prob have a scar and more of something to fix the difference between the two sides. I DO NOT recommend this area be lipoed..unless u want a skin removal scar as well. Smart lipo would have been better with a small cannual to sculpt. Course what dud he care...he was getting paid and it's my body not his.


Oh and when I asked the surgeon about this he showed me a pic of a lady with her arms down and bran off. Lol Umm my point was about with bra on the skin lil buldge women it was In me asking about the area in the first place. I could not even see her under arms in the pic. Mine are fine with nothing on too, the
.skin falls down But with a bra I have the extra skin now instead of a buldge.

I hate my Samsung phone.

I have to check every single letter I type. Excuse the typos. Never had that with HTC. Anyway, in my questions not being answered really and avoided basically or them being made feel stupid questions I gave up and won't go through that humiliation again. I feel he did enough I don't need made feel worse now. I'm seeing how bad it is when surgeons can't do things left and right equally. My left eye is a mess, but my right thigh and glut are a mess and my under arm on right side wasn't dome as much, but left was done more... so flip over to get back what do u have? He could do equal sides because he couldn't ....i have three diff areas that were to be matched up left and right and all three are not at all.

Wrinkle Dog under my arm

This sure ruins my night. Putting on my workout clothes n seeing this just makes me want to go to bed. So depressed. Looks like something happened to unnatural

Axillary Disaster

Had Axillary done to help that lil buldge we women hate. The pics will speak for themself. Lipo on lower half as well, just a lil on outter thighs. Now have a crater in my upper hamstring area and a ledge pocket worse than before. The under arms. I can't even begin to go into that mess. They were NOT like this before. I was never ashamed of them, just thought they could be leased with a lil

Wanted a Lil Lipo to Balance out my Sides of Outter Thighs and Banana Roll Area

I now have dug in areas under my buttocks. Not sure what female wants that or has that .. but ok... So now to fix it I have to have fat taken from other places, which that Drs are not even sure I have enough to get off other places to fix it. I have to have off 3 weeks after at least. You cant sit for 3 weeks at all after fat transfer or you will kill the cells that I dont have enough of now anyway. I run risk of other lipo messes up touching these areas to fix the area that was dug in and way too much taken out of. So instead of balancing out and doing that tiny area that needed done. I now have a major problem. Blows my mind. Dr visits... flew across country even to get professional opinions. I wanted it fixed in the first place because I didnt like it and my job is one that that is noticeable... now he created lines under my butt and if you hinge at the hips at all... you now see this dug in area the size of an apple. Feels like to me muscle was damaged as well its clear now to muscle and if I follow the muscle down my medial glut to the hamstring... I can only follow it on the the one side... the other has been messed up and the size of it destroyed. Im a personal trainer.. I know muscles and I know what working out and leg work does.. I know the muscle is way different now and def. diff from one side to the other. The good side it feels like a thumb side.. the other... I cant even follow it. He did under my arms too.. one is still way diff than the other. I visited a surgeons office yesterday and he said well he didnt run the cannula up and down like the contour, he ran it from breast area to the back. Thats why my skin now lays like a layer cake and not running down like that skin usually is. All the hype of smart and heat assisted lipo is very iffy, it destroys all the tissue around and these ppl have no idea what they are taking out or not. BEWARE!!!! This too could change your life forever...
and yes.. I put 1,000,000 because to me ... it wouldnt be worth a million to have it done again if I knew what I know now..
Dr. Larry Lickstein

Need revision (skin removal, eye lid revision, lipo and more Cellulaze on bottom half...already paid twice for more filler around eyes) from head to toe. So much for a great summer. I don't want anybody else going through this. This axillary area wasnt finished corretly. Cannula should be ran up and down Im told the way the body is shaped in this area, not front to back of body. Thats why I have track marks. I have a lot left on one side vs the other. That will need finished and because of the track marks a skin removal surgery may be a last alternative. This summer I have to watch every tank top I put on after this. Last summer I never ever was that worried about it and needed to care. I have lots of tank tops for the gym and never even thought twice. This job being done the way it was left me with a much worse mess than before. I asked about this in my 2 week follow up. I was shown a pic of a lady with arms down and no bra on. I seriously almost laughed. What the heck was that to show me or have anything to do with what im asking about in my pics and was that day. So insulting, but at the same time I had to laugh inside...thinking do they really think their patience are this dumb??!! I was asking about the skin over bra hanging. Idk what i was to see with arms down. Redic. I see lots of typos in my early posts. Ill add..... you dont see well for quite awhile after this surgery. I wake up now still and takes me awhile to see. Assuming because my eyes are getting too dry.

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