I Tested Myself and I Really Do Think It is Working - Maryland Line, MD

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I am generally a skeptic of reviews of any sort,...

I am generally a skeptic of reviews of any sort, although I seem to invest my time reading them when I am shopping around for whatever, and I am equally an offender of not writing any myself. Simply put, I guess it's a selfish position I didn't quite recognize as such, so maybe I will change that now. Anyway, believe me when I say that I am coming on here if only to give some encouragement to not lose optimism that this will work for you and to please try it. Ladies, we can always work hard to make the money back, even if work is hard to find (I was out of work a year and had my first treatment(. But if we don't feel like a woman anymore, what do we have? For me, to feel like a woman is to feel confident and smart and pretty and in control of my own self. But sadly, I lost that. On the outside, my friends thought I was all that still, but inside, I was so deeply sad, confused, androgynous...It is my understanding that it will not work for some, as physical bodies and body chemistry are simply different for humans. If it does not work for you, I truly empathize, as what you are experiencing I have for a decade too. But I am hopeful this is working for me... sparing the long story, the highpoints (lowpoints) were cancer, lubrication glands removed, scar tissue, atrophy, the end of an engagement.. I was so dry I dabbed gently after urinating. I could sit in the middle of a party and literally feel the inside of my vaginal canal. Sex was zeroed out - the burning and tearing didn't even allow penetration no matter what product we tried...and there went the engagement... (yes I am probably better off). It is a blessing that a friend told me about this when I confided in her that a very sexy man was coming on to me, and I was actively avoiding him. The lightbulb went off as I realized -- is this the way it was going to be forever now ? Really, is that what I am willing to accept? The answer was no, I was desperate and tried this. It hurt - it did - I could barely breathe. But I knew I would survive. Treatment two was better, and treatment three was even less painful. Sometime after treatment two I noticed I was moist again. I still dab, but I was bone dry and now I am not. And what happens in Vegas stays in vegas -- it was a one time thing, but I purposefully had (safe) sex to try myself out. With lubrication, penetration hurt, but after getting over that initial point it was tolerable. I accomplished my goal. My body responded some too -- I actually felt pretty and desirable, and that was a memory of long ago. I do realize like any muscle, it needs to be regularly exercised, so I realize I will still have discomfort at the start of a new relationship, which I hope comes sometime soon enough. But I can vow to you that this treatment has made significant positive physical changes in my vagina, and lifted my heavy heart, given me interest and hope in finding a healthy relationship again.
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