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At 55 I have taken really good care of my skin and...

At 55 I have taken really good care of my skin and don't look my age. But still the signs of ageing were starting to show and I could see what my skin would be like in a few years and wanted to keep that from happening. I really did my due dilligence and read up on all the proceedures and saw several doctors. (reading some peoples posts on here it is obvious they did not do this). I knew exactly what was going to happen. I chose CO-2 Fractional which is more aggressive and you only need one or 2 treatments. Co-2 Fractional is NOT 'Fraxel' which is less aggressive and requires 4 or more sessions.

I went to a few offices where the person who talked to me was a office manager. BIG RED FLAG! The doctor preforming the proceedure should be the one talking to you at a first meeting. No exceptions. Also letting anyone but a doctor do this proceedure to you is very foolish. ( would you let your hygentist do a root canal?). I opted for a Doc 45 miles away in DC when there were plenty close to me becouse he had done over 1500 proceedures and he's the only one I got a really good vibe from. Fealing great about you doctor is really important! His price was also very competitive which was quite nice but not a decision maker.

I had my face and neck done with the Mixto laser. The result are VERY good. Very noticable skin tightening, improved skin texture, dead even skin tone, diminishing of fine lines. A general younger fresh look whitout the obvious effect of a face lift. I was saving money for an s-lift that I thought I'd have in about 3 years. But thats definately on hold. I will have additional Co-2 fractional treatments and feel like I can push the s-lift off till my 61st or beyond.

I can say you need to realize that the first week all the things the doc says will happen indeed will! You will swell, peel, perhaps get a few scabs, look pretty bad for a few days to a week. Just be patient this passes fairly quickly. Personaly I took 2000mg of vitiman e daily the first week and I healed amazingly fast. I also switched to aloe vera gel ( with the docs OK) on the 4 day, and I could literally feal the healing effect happening after I applied it. I am very glad I did this proceedure. Particularly now and not 3 years from now when the signs of ageing would have been more pronounced. The consensis is I look about 8 year younger and well, just fresher. Four Stars all around! I will post pics soon.

The stars should be 4 star, I can't get the site...

The stars should be 4 star, I can't get the site to give me more than one to select right now. hopefully I can correct that soon

A month out and things are starting to really...

A month out and things are starting to really settle. my skin is definately tighter and wrinkles reduced. The results are very subtile but quite tangable. You look better but its hard to put your finger on exactly what it is. But it shows in a photograph so its not in your head ! That said it's not a face lift. If your expectations are too great or your skin badly wrinkled you may very well be disapointed.
I had some lingering redness ( that show as linear lines) on my cheeks, where the lazer tracked that I thought these were going to be a problem as they were not going away. I tried the bleaching cream perscribed by the doc but that actually seemed to make it worse. I did some reasearch and found that borage oil is really good for skin healing and inflamation. I started putting the pure oil on the problem areas and they are resolving very quickly. Its rather amazing. I'm also taking the pills twice a day becouse its so good for you. (really you should read up on it!).
I'm still very glad I did this proceedure and am going to do a follow up treatment in about 7 months for maximum collegen building. Then I will do again as needed say every year or two. I will repeat that it is smart to do this BEFORE you have major signs of ageing as your results will be better. This is a good treatment to keep you 'holding' at middle age for a longer period than normal.


I had this done again this past Janurary. I pealed quicker but the down time was just about the same. About 5 days before you look OK. You do look fabulious for about 3 months and the effect slowly diminishes. If I had the time and money I would have this done every 6 or 7 months. Its just really disruptive if you work. I considered just having my mid face done this way ( Its considerablly less money that the whole face and neck) but you have the same down tie. If I could find the right holidays that I could do it over I might actually start to do this.
Washington DC Physician

excellent, frendly and easy going. extremely compentent, results oriented. Asked specifically where my concerns were and addressed them with different machine settings and attachments

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