44 Yr Old Mom with 3 Kids - Maryland Heights, MO

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I am using Sono Bello in St Louis. I'm so excited...

I am using Sono Bello in St Louis. I'm so excited. My pre-op visit is tomorrow 8.21.14. I am having lower and upper abs as well as waist done. I have recently lost 20+ lbs. I reached a high of 150 and said that's it!! I am 5' so that was way too overweight. Now that I am down to 130 (still 15lbs more to go. goal is 115) I am feeling better about the way I look in my clothes. I do however have horrible stretch mark scaring dating back to my 1st pregnancy. I carried LARGE babies. I understand the scarring will not go away with this procedure, but hope to lose the fat and tone the excess skin. Im going to "tan" tonight so the tummy doesn't look so bad. Tanned blubber looks better.... right??? Wish me luck!

Had My PreOp Today!

So the pre-op went as expected. I am however, in a state of momentary turmoil. My skin condition(thin and stretched) and excess skin worries me. I have no doubt the lipo will remove the fat but how will my skin look...... droopy and puckered???? The surgeon was very forthright in what my expectations should be. He said upper abs = great; waist = great.... but lower abs, will most likely have droopy and puckered skin. I don't believe it's in my budget to do a tummy tuck after lipo or in place of it. Any ideas or suggestions???

2 weeks and counting!

Exactly 2 weeks from now!!!! And I can not wait. Very excited. I'm wondering if I should be focussing on abs and crunches to start strengthening those muscles. Anyone have an opinion on that? I am doing upper/lower abs and the waist area.

B4 pic

2 days post op

2 days post and feeling pretty good! The staff and physician (Dr Lionelli) we're very helpful in making me feel comfortable and preparing me for what was ahead. Went into preop about 6:50am and by 7:40 was on the table. Other than a few areas (up at the lightest point) of my tummy I truly feel it was near painless!!!! Night # 1 not so painless. It was very painful.

It is Very important to remember, walk around. It helps to stretch out those muscles.

Today is day 2 and I'm feeling better yet. Still sore, but I noticed some of the swelling already subsiding.

Think good thoughts :-)
So far very happy!!

day 3 post op

Feeling better each day! The swelling is pretty substantial so not able to see much in the way of results :

Post op day 3 pics

Post Op 3 weeks

Still feeling positive about my results. Have reached a point now where all the muscle pain and aches have subsided and have entered the phase of "itching, burning, numbness and tingling". Although it's completely bearable!

I still have some swelling and my skin is loose, but not as bad as I thought. I do have a little "unevenness" in my lower ab area so will be addressing that at my 3 month post op.

pics 3 weeks post op

Saint Louis Plastic Surgeon

Surgery Sched for 9/19/14

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