Confessions & Journey of a Busty Girl - Maryland, MD

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This is my first post but I decided to join for...

This is my first post but I decided to join for some support and advice as I journey through this life changing event. After much debate and research, I decided to have a breast reduction. I am 23, 5'6", 145lbs and had (had!! yay :) ) 32G breasts. They were so droopy and I had always hated them. Since high school, I was trying to mask and hide them any way possible. After graduating college, I started having more pain and back problems due to my baggage. I talked with my family and husband and found a wonderful surgeon in Maryland. So I set the date, got my house "lounge ready" and called my mom (a nurse) to come stay with me to help my husband with the daunting task of caring for me lol

Day 1: Thursday
My surgery was Thursday and I was sent home directly after an hour stay in recovery. What an awful day. The anesthesia made me beyond sick, and so did the pain meds. I threw up in the wheelchair from recovery to my husband's car. Also, apparently I had a few choice words and didn't mind who heard them on the way home :) oops. Once we got home, I was really, super drowsy and uncomfortable. Later, my mom, husband and I decided it was probably because I had thrown up the pain meds they gave me before leaving. The rest of that night is kind of a blur as I was mostly asleep or moaning. I refused the pain meds because it made my head hurt but made it through. I was able to sleep through the night in our recliner with my husband, ever carefully watching close by.

Day 2: Friday
I was still super sick because I tried to take the meds again. They made my head swim and it was worse than the pain. I called the doctor and she was able to order me a much milder medicine that worked a bit better with my body. I was still very sore and nauseous. I was only out of bed to use the bathroom. At this point, I started to feel discouraged and tearful. I couldn't see my breasts at all from the bandages and dressings, but could feel everything! The drains were driving me crazy, every breath I took I could feel them. Gross!! My husband and mom continued to be supportive through my tearful spots, which was exactly what I needed. I was able to sleep in bed propped up until 4am, and then returned to the trusty recliner.

Day 3: Saturday
I started to slowly (and I do mean slowly) feel more like myself. I was able to walk around a bit more in our house and felt more talkative than the past days. The pain was better but I still would have shooting twangs every once in a while. The drains continued to drive my bonkers but with some very careful wrangling, my mom was able to move them half a hair to make it more tolerable. I was able to hold down food and liquid comfortably but still didn't have a huge appetite. I continued to have some tearful moments throughout the day, mostly when trying to move or reposition myself. I swore I would never be the one to say, "why did I do this?" but alas, I caught myself saying it today. Mom and hubby kept bright and cheery and helped me move past it and I was able to feel better. I slept in my bed, propped up, for the whole night! :)

Day 4: Sunday (today!)
HOLY COW! What a difference a day can make. I had no idea I would feel so much better within such a short time period. I woke up, completely refreshed, this morning at the early hour of 1030am :) what a treat! I didn't have any pain. I was stiff and sore but not the kind that makes you moan or gasp. I was hungry for things and able to eat more normal portions instead of my snacking habits from the previous days. I will say, in retrospect, I should have been drinking more fluids throughout, even though it was the last thing I felt like doing. I was able to move around comfortably (within reason. No 3 ring circus for me…yet). I was able to walk to the bathroom, bedroom and living room without issue and get myself comfortable without too much assistance. I haven’t needed any pain meds, just my standing meds, since yesterday. I feel so much better. It’s amazing to see how far I’ve come in 3 days. It felt like forever but looking back, it wasn’t so bad after all.
Tomorrow, I’m going to the doctor for my first follow up appointment. I am so excited I can’t even stand it. Like I said, I haven’t gotten to see my new breasts yet (I was too afraid to disturb the dressings to see them.) I can already tell that I am standing up straighter, my shoulders don’t ache and I don’t look like there’s a tire around my chest. I know that I won’t have my final result tomorrow, but I’m so excited to just get a look at the new me, so far. At this point, I don’t regret a thing. It hasn’t been a cake walk but even without seeing my new breasts yet, I already love them!

First Look!

I went today for my first post op appointment and got to see my breasts so far. As soon as the doctor removed the dressing, I burst into tears. It was pure joy as I looked down and realized I didn't have hanging bags around my neck anymore. They stayed up where breasts are supposed to be instead of hanging near my belly button! I was able to have the drains removed, which was awesome news for comfort purposes.

**Side note** Some ladies here have described the drains being removed as an "odd sensation." Well, you ladies must be saints. I found it extremely painful and not at all what I had expected. They were so much longer than I thought! After they were removed, I could still feel the "path" they traveled on their journey out but after about an hour, the pain stopped.

Now, I am starting to feel a few "waking up" pains but I am reassured by this. I have read that this means the sensation is returning so I can make do. Although, just a bit ago I had my husband convinced he and I were both losing our minds as I swore that something felt like it was dripping down my side and insisted on his checking 4 different times. oops :)

I feel so much better than 2 days ago! its amazing how quickly you can turn a corner. I'm looking forward to showering tomorrow and returning to the doctor at the end of the week for another check up!

Almost 3 Weeks Post Op

What a difference 3 weeks can make! When I think about where I was just a short time ago, I'm amazed by how the human body can heal itself. I haven't been very diligent with updating my review :( Last week was great and I am sleeping better every night. Only small thing was I started to have some pain and increased drainage from a spot on my right breast. I called the PS and she saw me today. She said everything looked GREAT! but that I had a skin blister, which can be expected. She trimmed the area and put dressings back on, but said to continue as I had been. I was so relieved that she said everything looked good. Even though I thought things looked okay, I wanted to be sure!

I am LOVING the life of a small boobie girl! I am able to wear my sundresses and t-shirts so comfortably and they fit SO much better! I even wore a t-shirt that I hadn't been able to wear since my senior year of high school (2007! I'm getting old :p) I had held onto it because I really liked it and hoped that one day I had the courage to go through with this surgery. I can't begin to describe how much I love the results already! Even if I had to live with the bruises and pink scars I have now forever (which I know I won't, but even if I did,) I would do it all again!!!! I am excited to be able to shop for cute bras with wires, but I'm enjoying the size MEDIUM! sports bras I'm sporting now :)

3 Weeks Post Op

I went to the PS today for my 3 week post op check up. She said things looked great and to keep doing what I'm doing! The good news is I'm down to smaller dressings/bandages so when I wear clothes, people don't think I'm stuffing my bra (if they only knew! :p) Also, I got the go-ahead to fly so my husband and I can go away for our wedding anniversary :) I'm getting the hang of sleeping with a pillow close to my chest to help me be more comfortable and I am feeling great. I am so anxious to be able to wear regular bras and buy cute stuff but the trusty sports bras are feeling great for now :)

What I Would Tell My Pre-Op Self:

Just a few things I wish I knew before:

1. Pain and nausea meds aren't going to get you through; you are. I couldn't take pain medication. At all. The first prescription I was given made me unbelievably nauseas and dizzy. The "lighter" med did the same but on a smaller scale. And I made it. If the meds work, great! If not, don't torture yourself and think you have to take them to get through. I made it through without so it is possible!

1 b. Keep a positive crew around! There were small spots of tearfulness and frustration when I couldn't move a certain way, get comfortable or even feel like a human being. Having my husband and mom cheering me on was a huge help and helped me develop my own positive self talk.

2. Buy a pregnancy pillow. I had no idea sleeping would be so different. Being a side/tummy sleeper, laying straight on my back wasn't cutting it. Invest in a pregnancy pillow; it gives so much support and you can move it around to help you get comfortable instead of stacking random pillows and ending up with a fort rather than a comfortable night's rest.

3. Make sure you have fluids and applesauce!! I knew going in that I had to drink plenty of fluids but by 12 hours post op I didn't want to be in the same room as pineapple juice or plain water. Stock up on fluids that you won't mind drowning yourself in (Gatorade, juices, flavored water, etc) Also, it got to the point that I couldn't swallow a pill without applesauce. It saved me!

4. Showering won't kill you. I had this idea in my head before my first shower post op that the water would feel like boiling lava and be the most painful experience of my life. Clearly, I was mistaken. It helps to be clean and you'll feel a million times better. Have someone help you and take that shower because you'll feel better in more ways that one!

5. Its okay to wear pajamas! I rotated through about 4 different pairs of pj short/shirt sets for the first week. I sorta felt guilty about not getting dressed and stuff but I'm glad I did that. It gave me a chance to just relax and let my body recover from surgery, rather than me trying to put on "regular" clothes and be uncomfortable.

6. Believe in your decision! This was life changing in the most wonderful way possible. I'm still not completely healed but I am so happy with my decision and haven't looked back once. Its bumpy and sometimes you'll feel overwhelmed with the amount of healing left but it will happen! Having this surgery takes such bravery and confidence. Be proud and embrace the new life you've chosen for yourself :)
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