Second Deflation, Can't Decide on Lift with or Without Implant? - Maryland, MD

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2 deflation caused by mammograms. I know they say...

2 deflation caused by mammograms. I know they say that it rarely happens but I have had 2 deflated breasts within 3 days after a mammogram. 1997, my first implants, I felt were too big. The doctor said he had to fill the pocket otherwise I would have double boob. I am a 36DDD. In 2004, my left breast deflated after mammo, I talked to doctor about a lift but he talked me into just switching out the saline implants instead of dealing with the scars in my forties. Now that I am approaching fifty, I don't care about scars but am concerned about getting another implant. I think my body is trying to tell me doctor wants to do a lift with small silicone implant. He doesn't think I will be happy without the fullness. I don't want another deflation...I don't know what to do??? Any input would be appreciated!

Still cant decide even though my surgery is scheduled for Jan 15th!

I had a health setback otherwise known as a DVT in my brachial artery. So now it has been a year since I had to reschedule my surgery and I am still unsure about what to do. I think I chose the wrong surgeon...he is cocky, arrogant and rude to me...I am 90% sure I am going to cancel and try to find a nicer doctor. I chose this Miami guy for his reputation and his office was willing to work with my implant insurance which most doctors aren't. Hopefully, I will be able to decide this week.

48 YO, with Saline Deflation, Saggy, Stretched out and in Need of Happy Breasts Back!

I am so nervous to use the Dr in Miami I have chosen. Even though he has a good reputation, he has Napoleon complex and talks down to me as if I am stupid. I do not like that at all about him. I am contemplating cancelling due to my discomfort with his tone and cockiness. I feel like it is a sign.... Or am I just being nervous nelly....??? I need words of wisdom, please.
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