Lip lift performed by Dr. Rodriguez

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After reading so many reviews for so many months,...

After reading so many reviews for so many months, you all helped me build up the courage to write my own review!

I have a fairly longish distance between my nose and upper lip and as I got older it either got longer and/or more apparent.

I know beauty matters most inside but I feel like this is the only physical insecurity stopping me from feeling my best!

I researched this procedure for almost a year, and after looking through many pictures and reading many reviews, I finally decided to contact Dr. Rodriquez for a virtual consultation because ultimately I seen a picture of another woman my age that had an upper lip lift performed by him and I felt like out of all the pictures I seen, the shape and position of her lips mimicked mines the most and her results were breath taking!

I am opting to be put to sleep because based on what I read the numbing shots hurts really bad and I like to prevent pain at all costs!

My only main concern besides every thing surgically working out perfectly is how the people that know my face will react. I am very private about my life and this is not something I prefer to share with anyone besides my immediate family.

My question is to you guys is, did any one even notice the change besides the fact that you looked amazing and enhanced?
How did you know how much time to take off before returning to work? I really want to avoid going back with any swelling or much distortion. Also, did any one ask questions? What do you say to people who ask but you don't want them to know your business?

I know every thing will work out perfectly
I'm just honestly a little nervous about the reaction of the people who I interact with.

Can't wait to hear from you guys!
Thanks in advance!

Phone Consultation Tomrrow!

Hey everyone!

I have my virtual (phone) consult tomorrow with Dr. Rodriguez - was curious to learn of any important questions you feel I should ask or need to know? Thanks in advance for your help!

Lip lift scheduled!

Hi guys,

I had a phone consult with Dr. Rodriguez - he was very easy to talk to and seemed like he was paying close attention to what I was saying and I felt ready and confident to move forward! Based on my measurements my distance is about 3/4" but we did not speak on how much we planned to remove. I am going to put a pic of temporarily (for privacy) of my lips naturally.. Hopefully you guys will share some feedback! A little curious to hear your thoughts seeing that I already have a fuller upper lip!

Anxious and excited!

Removed old pic, because I felt it revealed too much of my face. Not that I'm ashamed in any way, I'm just a really private person. Any tips or stories on how every one adjusted and reacted to your lip lift? Don't know if or what I should tell the friends/family/co-workers. :-/

Little over a month until surgery!

You guys have been so helpful and addressing all of my questions and concerns!

Besides normal surgery concerns - I was hoping to hear any stories or experiences on how interaction with your family, friends and co-workers went. Who did you decide to tell? What was the average reaction from most people that is used to seeing you pre-surgery?
I don't think anyone I know including friends and family would ever suspect I would be into cosmetic surgery which is why I'm nervous about seeing them or interaction with them after. Dont know how to prepare myself ..

Look forward to hearing from you guys! Thank you in advance!

One month until my surgery!

Hi guys!

Tomorrow will be an exact month until my lip lift with Dr. Rodriguez! I'm so excited and cannot wait to count down the days! Curious to learn any pre-surgery tips on maybe what I should add/remove from my diet or any vitamins that aid in the recovery or just any advice in general! All of you have been so informative and supportive! Look forward to hearing from you! I know I only have one before pic posted up, and because its so close up its hard to really tell how proportinately looks on my over all face so I will work on getting a Picture that's taken from a little further back!

Lip lift in 2 days!!

2 days until my lip lift! I'm nervously excited! I'm trying to keep my nerves as calm as possible. Any tips for pre surgery jitters!

Having my lip lift surgery today!

It's the morning of my surgery! I have it scheduled for 1pm (which of course my stomach is already growling). I met with Dr. Rodriguez yesterday and I was happy with how my pre consult went! His office was beautiful and clean, and in a nice remote private location - his staff were really friendly and attentive. When we spoke, he went with me in front of a mirror and asked me to show him (by pulling up my lip myself) where I ideally want my lips to start. He measured before I made my adjustments for him to see and measured the distance as I was holding my lip in my perfect ideal place. He measured me at 1.5 and he said he will likely bring me to 1.0-1.1. He is very calm and peaceful and doesn't have that intimidating demeanor that most doctors or medical professionals has! My only hiccup thus far is the prescriptions which came up to almost $400 because they hadn't sent me them to fill in my home town, so this morning I will call the office to see if they can only prescribe me 1-2 of each medication I need and call the rest in to my local pharmacy to be filled and picked up when I get back home! I have to say Im a little nervous but excited! I will try my best to get a after pic up for you guys to see. My privacy is my biggest concern so it may not be the best picture or up for very long! Thank you guys so much for your support thus far and I'll do my best to keep you guys updated!

I did it!

Hi guys! I'm officially on the other side! Today is the day after , but I do have a few pics from yesterday. I must admit my nerves really kicked in when I arrived at the office and Dr. R drew my markings. However he was so calm and confident it over took my nervous energy! His surgical/operating staff (nurse & anesthesiologist) were great; although i did find the OR nurse was a bit snappy and irritated, I tried not to take it personal! However the anesthesiologist was so hott and so nice, so it was a great distraction! I went to lay down in the OR room, where he did the IV and before I knew it I woke up, thanking the nurse and calling her a different name! I absolutely loved how I look the grand gist of how it looked even though it was mostly swollen! Also, a tip- MAKE SURE you get your prescriptions filled in your home town or confirm that your insurance covers out of state scripts; to purchase them in MD costs about $400! So what I did was pay for the ones i needed prior and right after surgery, and had them call in the swelling and antibiotics pills to my local pharmacy to pick up when I got home. I was able to go in to the store and walk around and speak minutes after getting into the car to be driven home. I felt no discomfort at all right after , I want to believe i was still drugged up from the IV. I've been able to drink lots of smoothies and even some mashed potatoes! I will keep you guys posted along the way!! I may not leave the pics up for too long because of privacy reasons but I hope you guys get an idea as to how it looks!

Day One

Hi everyone, it's about exactly 28 hours since I left the office and I feel much better and normal than I anticipated! I'm already up and around (Im being driven though) . I don't have much swelling in my cheeks, however there's some puffiness around my top lip; the steroid pack he prescribed may be main reason there's minimal swelling. I have to say though the incision is really hard, feels like paper mâché - which I'm happy to hear any recommedations on any gels or ointments for my incision. Im really happy about my teeth exposure, since it was a main concern being that I have full lips. I'm a posting a picture to show my current teeth exposure - which I hope remains this way. Dr. R did confirm at the pre-consult and morning of, he was going to bring me to 1.0 being that I had shorter teeth. I honestly just wanted my two front teeth to show and wasn't to concerned about the rest. Sleeping is tough on my neck being that im a side and stomach sleeper, so good fluffy pillows help a lot! Will keep updating!

Day Two

It's officially the second day after my lip lift and I have to say I feel okay besides a very hard itchy incision line - that tends to throb and sting every now and then. I haven't been able to smile or stretch my mouth much but I'm really happy with the results so far. I wasn't gonna update too much for privacy reasons, but I know how much seeing other RS members pictures helped me so I thought it would only be right to share as much as I can! I cannot promise how long I will leave these up for, but I sure do they help in any which way!

Day Four

Hey guys! It's now the afternoon on the fourth day since my upper lip lift! I wanted to give you guys an update because I know how much seeing other peoples journeys and experiences helped me! The incision: is a little dark reddish but not bleeding or sight of blood, I'm impressed with how well he tucked it into the grooves and base of my nose (which is mean reason why I also decided to go with Dr. R). However it is sore and really really stiff with the glue over it, which mines has not shedded yet. I haven't been able to form a smile or laugh much or open my mouth to chew much! I am still very swollen in that area. Tooth show: I have much more tooth exposure when I speak but I don't have much when my mouth is relaxed but I knew that wasn't a huge realistic goal being that my teeth started fairly high and my lips were low and full. However at a little lower angle that straight forward, I can see just enough of my lower front teeth which I love ! I'm hoping once swelling subsides it will allow more tooth show. Speaking: I still sound the same but certain words are hard to pronounce and I do sound a little tight, over the phone I don't think any one can tell! I love that he enhanced my Cupid's bow and gave me so much more emphasis in my upper lip area which I've always desired! It's still a bit early for me to see how my final results will look but I can even tell in this early stage of my recovery that I will be in love!

Day 11

Today is the 11th day since my upper lip lift! While I feel pretty good, speaking and lip mobility is great, I still have a rim of hard derma bond (surgical glue) directly on top of my incision that I can't seem to get off! I feel like I can start going around family and friends at this point, however the glue gives it away - I would LOVE to hear any suggestions on how to get that off so I can start taking care of the scar! Can't wait to hear any feedback! As far as my thoughts of the procedure.. I'm very happy with my decision and I'm happy I chose the Doctor I did. While recovery is a little more I anticipated, but Day 7-8 I felt like my lips 80-90% settled into place! I have attached 2 photos just to show you guys my progress! They aren't the best lighting or the best frame but that's to ensure my privacy! Hope it helps!

Day 17

Was able to get the glue off by cleaning it with peroxide and a q-tip! Some parts were easier than others (lower and inner nostrils were extremely tender) but it virtually helped soften the glue and detach it from the incision - which made it so hard to speak and relax my face! I'm now able to more freely move my mouth and a lot of the tightness has gone away. The incision itself is still fairly sore and tender and very very numb! It also itches really bad and has a tingly sensation that I was told won't go away for a few weeks. The incision still makes it hard to make a full complete smile which becomes easier more and more every day! But also makes it hard to be around people without giving the impression that something was "done". My upper lip area and nostrils are still a bit swollen and my nose is still a little distorted- however I didn't have perfect symmetry prior to my LL. I have been applying Mederma w/ spf and CareVe hydrocortisone anti itch cream one at time, 2-3x a day. Within the next week I will purchase some Vitamin E oil to help eliminate and prevent scarring. I'm pleased with how well my incision looks and how concealable it will be once a little more swelling goes down! I want to wait as long as possible before I actually apply make - up on the incision. Also, any time before 14 days for me, made it hard to disguise my incision and swelling. I had to even tell a family member that I had "nostril and upper jaw" surgery because I couldn't avoid her and the swelling had to be explained. I kept my mask on for pretty much up to 14 days and told everyone that I had to see or seen me that I had a little "cold" - but I am still avoiding most family members due to the fact that my upper lip and nose area still looks a bit puffy! Hope I was able to help answer any questions! I attached a few pics for you all to get an idea as to how every thing is looking!

More pics - Day 17

Forgot to attach these!

Day 24

Healing slowly but surely but I noticed a pimple right where my incision closes and I'm getting kind of nervous! I uploaded a pic (forgive the condition of my skin) I hope any one can tell me whether it's something I should or shouldn't worry about! Thanks in advance!

3 months!

February 20th made 3 months since my upper lip lift! I know I haven't been updating as I wanted to, but once I was able to be out in public more and around my friends and family more, I got swallowed by my normal routine.
Let's see.. Right now at this very moment, I still feel a very slight sting near the bottom of my nostrils but I would say my nose is 90% back to what it looked like pre-surgery. My incision towards the bottom middle of my nose is still a little tight and I cannot smile completely full yet. The space between my nose and lips is not as near as tight as it used to be a month ago. Usually in the morning I'm 25% more puffy (which I love) but by mid afternoon it feels pretty settled in. I am SO HAPPY I went through with this procedure and I'm happy with the surgeon I chose as well. I have always been insecure about my distance and mouth area and even after braces I still didn't feel 100%. My lip lift has allowed my confidence to fully flourish! While the recovery is not as black and white as I wanted to believe it was, but it was and still is worth it! I will attempt to take some pics for you guys to see the changes, only because I know how much other RS members' pictures helped me make one of the best decisions for myself! Although I feel pictures cannot fully show the enhancement and improvement as much as I can feel it and see it, in person .. They sure will give you an idea as to the changes that were made. I was concerned about how my face would feel after repositioning my upper lip, but it feels very natural! I had a few hiccups with my incision- a few tiny pimples popped out that caused a little microscopic distortion along my incision, it still looks undetectable with or without make up! I hope my written update helped and I will be posting pics this week! I'm so grateful for every one who reached out to share words of encouragement and support!

4 months post surgery!

It's been a little over 4 months since my lip lift with Dr Rodriguez and I cannot express how happy I am that I took this step towards my self confidence! I am attaching a before and after pic for you all to get an idea as to how my before can be compared to my after!
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