49 Years Old 114 Lbs 5'2" Stubborn Saddlebags. Martinsville, NJ

I've had stubborn fat areas on my tummy and thighs...

I've had stubborn fat areas on my tummy and thighs forever despite being in good shape and at a good weight; the nurse specialist felt that sculpsure was the best option over cool sculpting.

I have no photos to share at this time but will upload when I can.

The procedure is only mildly uncomfortable at best. They can adjust the setting if it is feeling too warm in the warming phase. The pads first feel very cool and that lasts a few minutes and then it starts warming cycles that peak; from that point it warms and cools for the rest of the treatment. Just as it is feeling too warm and stingy, it cools. Only complaint I have is that the connectors came off twice during the procedure; if that happens the treatment is interrupted. It stops and has to go through the cooling prep before it restarts the warming cycles. I asked the nurse if not having the pads treat for a consecutive 25 minutes effected the outcome and she said no. I realized after the treatment that the pads should have been higher on my saddlebags to treat the area of concern but the nurse said that it does have a diffusive effect on surrounding area. Not sure about that... Unfortunately, there is virtually no information about this procedure available so its impossible to find things like that out.

After the procedure, I didn't notice any discomfort but now a few hours later, my left side is pretty sore and I notice that there is some swelling and lumpiness (nurse did warn me about the lumpiness and said to gently massage the area).

Word to the wise, the consent form lists a lot of possible side effects and a long list of contraindications for the treatment. Read them carefully in case any concern you or apply to you. I didn't know about those issues prior to showing up for the treatment - we didn't get to discuss them in the consultation.

I was told I would probably need two treatments to really effect my saddlebags and I figured as much. I'll wait 6 weeks and then go again if necessary.

One week later... plus photos

So, I had the procedure a week ago. Do not see any difference yet. It takes up to six weeks with maximum results at 12 weeks. As for after effects... I have been incredibly sore. Felt like someone had beaten on the areas I was treated with a bat however there were absolutely no outer signs of treatment. Yesterday was the first day it started to feel a little better. The first few days, I couldn't lay on my side without too much pain and getting in and out of cars or seats was tough. I didn't bother taking any pain med because it really only hurts with pressure put on the area so it's easy to avoid that. Will post 6 week photos.

Not able to answer about follow up care yet.

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