So over the Big Boobs - Martins Ferry, OH

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I've had big boobs since I started the 7th grade....

I've had big boobs since I started the 7th grade. Buying a two piece outfit has never been easy. The neck & shoulder pain sucks especially after exercise, not to mention the painful rashes. Now that I'm 48, well let's just say these darn things are saggier than ever.
I'm so over it all. As of today, it's 9 days and counting. Nervous and excited at the same time. The only thing that worries me is the anesthesia. I just want it to be over.

Pre-Op today

I had my pre-op visit today. Just another step closer. The nurse and anesthesiologist were all very nice and answered the few questions I did have. This time next week it will be all over, well except for the healing.

Today is the big day

Well today is surgery day. Didn't get much sleep. Oh well, I will be sleeping most of the day so I will catch up. Nervous and excited at the same time.

A few before pics

Marked up

Well I'm home resting. The only real pain right now is the underboob crease. Feeling really tired and my legs are a bit shaky. Will post more updates and pics when I can. Night night ....again

Day 1 post op

Just had my post op visit. Surgeon said everything looks good. Only pain I really have is from the underboob crease and it's actually not that bad. Neck and shoulder pain is gone. Woohoo!!!

How much bleeding is normal?

I had my first dressing change at the surgeon office yesterday. Since then my incisions have bled some. Just wondering if this is normal for 2 days post op

Need a second bra!!!

Why does the surgeon only give you one bra??? I went shopping with my sister to get a second one and came home empty handed. Seriously pissed right now.

Post op day 15

Had my two week follow up yesterday and stitches removed. I decided I am going back to Planet Fitness tomorrow to resume working out. I know I'll have to modify my workouts until I am completely healed but I am so looking forward to complete healing so I can really amp up my workout without having the big old boobs causing me grief.

Missing my bed day 19

So last night I tried to sleep in my bed. I'm a side sleeper so I thought I would be ok. Well it didn't work out too well. I still have swelling and some tenderness on the sides which made it uncomfortable and I am not a back sleeper. So back to the recliner I go for another week. At least there I am not flat on my back and can sleep.

Back to work

Today I went back to work. Felt great until about mid-day then I really got tired. I still took my tired butt to workout after, even if it was a modified workout. Came home sat in the recliner and crashed. Then I was rudely awakened an hour later by a telemarketer. Tomorrow is another day.

Is this normal?

I'm 2 days shy of four weeks. I'm not a smoker or diabetic. The left breast has an area just below the nipple that the dressing sticks to no matter what ointment I use. When I remove the dressing it bleeds. It just doesn't seem to be healing properly. I also have stitches starting to poke thru the incisions in different areas now. Not sure what is up since I had my sutures removed at two weeks. Calling my surgeon tomorrow but just wondered if anyone else has had these issues.

Week 5

I thought the incisions would look better by now, but hey they don't hurt and I know will get better with time. It will all get better with time. The most important part is I have been neck and shoulder pain free since surgery day!! I will now be able to do more at the gym too. With a little more weight loss, hopefully my side boob fat will go away. The 33 lbs I had lost prior to surgery did nothing to decrease my breast size so I'm not worried about losing another 30 lbs and it affecting my breast size any. This was totally worth it. Heck I was in more post-op pain after having my gallbladder removed.
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