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So I just had my first procedure done, this will...

So I just had my first procedure done, this will probably be enough considering I have a thin and sensitive skin... who knows.

Stuff is definitely dry.. but... holy heck. It hurt so much! The worst thing was definitely the injections needed to numb the area. But after that.. it was definitely totally numbed out. I only felt the MiraDry machine at the edges of my armpits, were the injections didn't entirely cover it. That was a bit painful but not as painful as the injections themselves really. But considering just the edges hurt that much.. if I didn't have it numbed, it would've been even worse. Uh oh...

Anyway, directly after I was super shaky because of adrenaline.. and I had been tensing up from the pain, so when I had to relax my muscles I felt so weird. My hands felt a little odd too and the tip of my thumb lost its feeling but that passed really quick. Say, within a few hours.

My armpits continued to be numb for a couple of hours as well. I had my procedure in the morning, and the feeling in my armpits hadn't really returned until late in the afternoon. But when it did... it burnt. It's definitely burning right now as well. I'm using coldpacks the whole time, and now that the feeling is back... that's really cold! But as soon as I remove the packs to switch them around with new ones, it really feels burning and sore.

My armpits are quite swollen now, there's a lot of bumps and the skin is really irregular. Now I know why armpits are supposed to be PITS. I can't really hold my arms down and against my body because it's really thick. But that's gonna be less, at least.

It's now the day after... and I'll keep updating once there's more change in my armpits!

Bit bruised

It's now two days after... and everything seems to be going alright! When I napped earlier, the weather was quite warm. So I naturally was a little sweaty from the heat... except for my armpits! When I woke up, my automatic thought was that I had to wash my arms.. but I didn't have to! It was like a reverse world, usually it's really the armpits that need to be washed 24/7... but this time it was the only dry spot!

Things seems to have turned a little spotty and blue, this is probably from the injections. I've already started using less painkillers and things are quite manageable. It's just a weird feeling to have it swollen. Feels like there's balls under my arms. But it's not painful. I feel like the recovery is going quicker than expected. I thought it would keep on burning and hurting for a week, but it's just a little sore on the touch.

Even more bruised.

Only the first days had quick significant changes, now everything is going rather gradually.

The pain hasn't subsided compared to before, in fact, it's incredibly sore all the time. It's kind of bothering me when I'm trying to sleep. I've been awake or half-awake quite often, my whole body is just both tired and really restless from recovering. I use packs to cool it down nearly 24/7, that does make a difference for the pain, at least.

Hair growth is starting to come back, apparently I'm not one of those people who doesn't grow back all of the hair anymore. But that's alright, that's not what the procedure was for anyway.

I did attempt to wash my arms sometimes but that feels horrible to do, at least the treated area doesn't actually NEED to be washed for now... It's mostly the area around it that still sweats, but that's manageable... in fact manageable is an understatement. It takes hot weather and hours and hours before it's actually anything at all!

swelling reduced

I can hold my arms to my body and not feel like there's something inbetween, so that's definitely an improvement.

I can touch the skin and lumps and feel a little around without any pain in response, that's good too!

Most of the top layer of the skin is still numb, including my upper arms. However pain has also started on my arms. It's like the pain just changed location...

This pain is definitely caused by upset nerves rather than actual burning swelling, because coldpacks actually WORSEN this nerve pain in my arms.

All in all the armpits themselves are healing quite nicely, they still look red and blue but there is no pain there. Only my upper arms.
Petra Harms

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