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I am a classic pear shape and always tried super...

I am a classic pear shape and always tried super hard to have normal looking thighs. But it seemed like a futile battle as id have to get down to an unnatural weight in order for that to happen. my weight is around 120-130 pds, i'm 5'3 and i'm easily a size 4 on top and a size 8 on the bottom. After alot of thought i decided that lipo was a solution that was going to help me. Trying to diet down to thinner thighs has taken a toll on my face with over exercising, dieting , etc. So i decided to multitask and have alittle of that thigh fat removed and placed in my cheeks.

Day 1: i was asleep for alot of the procedure. But i did have moments of pain during the suctioning. It was pretty jarring feeling a tube sticking in and out of you..but overall the pain was bearable. Next came the fat transfer. This was alittle painful as well, but i was so out of it i hardly remember any of the procedure. My dr. was very professional and the staff friendly. Overall the surgery was 4 hrs. Im glad my doc took time with me and perfected things rather than rushing me through. Im told 2 liters were taken from my legs. At my arrival home, i felt incredibly nauseated from the meds. The pain from lipo is exactly like a realy bad sunburn. I hardly notice any swelling in my face from fat tranfer and wonder if thats a good or bad thing.
Day 2: had massage at my docs office with chyrstal and it was painful but i beared through it. Im told massages are good to help develop a smooth contour by massaging out lumps and bumps. Chrystal then wanted me to come in the next day because she disnt want me to develop fluid buildup. I really appreicated this as it shows they really care about my overall result. I go in for massages 3x per week. Taking that garment on and off is an experience thats for sure, it gets easier by day 4. The hardesr part for me thus far has been sleeping on my back as im such a side sleeper. I havent been sleeping well at all.

Today is day 4 and im feeling ok. Still really tender to the touch. Walking up stairs is a challenge but walking feels great. I already see a difference in my contour and my body is already nicely in proportion so im excited. Cheeks are also looking nice but since im still "swollen" i dont know if my cheeks will deflate back to their original state and if the fat wont take,

15 days post op

15 days post-op and not alot of changes to report. There's no measurable decrease between my 1st week and 2nd week in terms of swelling. I can move around more easily now, and did a very brief arms workout, i'm talking 2 min. lol. I can't stretch too much and lower body workouts seem unrealistic to do at the moment. However, i'm making sure I get at least 10K steps a day. This is the most I can comfortably do. Pre-op I was around 128-129 pds. and post-op I'm the same weight. Pre-op thighs - around 23 in., post-op 22.1 (very happy with this result so far). Pre-op saddlebags - 39.3, Post-op - 38.6 (hoping this goes down even more). I'm trying to watch my diet and for the most part doing well, however keeping my sodium down has been challenging. I'm told to only have 1500mg or less a day. I think my best day was around 1900mg... yeah still working on that! I'm also massaging my thighs 2-3x per day and so far my legs are still smooth. I lightly massage for 2 min in the am, mid day and pm over my garment. I'm hoping to see a decrease in inches in my legs as time goes on.

3 weeks post-op and measurements are still the same

Not much to report, measurements are pretty much the same though I attribute it partly to a huge chinese dinner, donuts, and a whole bunch of other crap I ate, this weekend I slacked alot and I ended up bloating like a balloon! I was massive, so you can imagine the compression garment felt like a torture device. I also felt hardness and lumps. My advice is to really watch what you eat, esp when you're healing, it is not pretty. Lesson learned. You don't have to be super strict, but just remember moderation is key. I tend to go nuts on the weekends, and I ended up paying for it. This week i've been trying to detox and exercising so its been good, but I also got my period, so i'm sure that attributes to some of the bloat. I also saw one of the staff at the dr's office yesterday and she said I still had alot of swelling/fluids in my legs.

To soften up the hardness and lumps, I've been massaging like crazy. At least 3x a day. I mostly feel the hardness after i've been walking/exercising. I can't *see the lumps, but I can feel a couple. I also see that my inner thighs droop down and then bulge out. I've been assured that its normal and that it will smooth out eventually. Has anyone else experience this at 3 weeks out?

Cheeks are looking good, the swelling is coming down and I no longer look "off" though I am regretting not putting a little of the fat under my eyes. Right now, the cheeks seem to accentuate the hollows under my eyes.

4 weeks post and things are looking good!

My measurements went down this week! Hooray! They are now 38.3 hips, 21.6 thighs, 15.7 just above knees, so that's around an inch lost in my lower half. So far i'm very pleased. I will post pics at the 6 week mark.

5 months in

Happy with the results!

5 months in measurements

37.6 Hips, 21.3 thighs, 15 just above knee.

Oh and weight is 125

Nothing has changed here, didn't lose or gain weight during this time.
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