24 Years Old,much Needed Breast Reduction.

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Hi people I am Tory I am expecting a great sugery...

Hi people I am Tory I am expecting a great sugery and a B cup sized breast I recently had my consultation May 17th @ 2:30p.m My Dr./surgeon said yes it is the size that not only fits my frame but would definitely take the excess weight on my shoulder and back???? He suggested a full C cup no I rather not I had enough with full sized boobs,My goals are to continue to exercise more as I do now but my breast takes away my determination with pain till my surgery I will be happy healthy because I have made my first step to success and I will keep updates on my journey with more pictures as well oh my scheduled surgery date is December 14th 2016 ????

String shirt no bra terrible.


New update

Material that I will have updates in after my procedure

:-( My boobs Thwart my every move

So my birthday was two weeks ago and I couldn't find one dress that looked or even fit properly because my breast stuck so far out and every thing else was just not flowing I can't wait for my drastic change but patient all I could find pretty enough to make me feel half way decent and comfy was this simple due seen here shorts and a string top still felt a little you know discomfort I was for sure everyone any Olive Garden were greeted by my boobs first even when I said hello from behind them no jokes they attract the wrong attention when I am not looking for it faces don't matter anymore when your boobs alone speak for you typical life =^


After work tonight I am just lounging,my back was hurting from 4:30pm until I clocked out =^ gosh I kid you not from in between my shoulder blades to right above my tail bone aches i haven't lifted anyone today used great body mechanics and all. my boobs are taking there toll on me I am glad I made this decision should have sooner but everyone said I would grown into them (friends & some familia insisted) well 8years later still average height and small with large boobs they were wrong about me. and mothers always knows best she wanted me too feel good about my self she always insist I look nice well my body screams other wise I feel terrible all the time so I made the decision to have a reduction and she supports me 100% I was actually afraid to tell her I had the consultation but I wanted her there for my surgery though. I am posting as many before photos until my surgery ladies I am in the process of saving for my surgery and I am closer every day I scheduled for December to have a nice time gap to prepare and I may soon move up the date sooner when I feel ready financially and mentally so stick around.

Ugh the pain

I am so much closer with every passing day until my surgery date and to be free of pain. Getting ready to go to work

Hello everyone....

So it's been a while and I have my reasons but despite that I decided that if I started this and had so many positive comments that I really appreciated I have some photos and my pre op is scheduled December 6th so ready and excited ????

Suffering is almost over....

So currently I am a 32 fff 32g and I won't miss this ladies I am counting down I just received my fmla ???? work for the physican to fill out and I am overwhelmed at this point will definitely keep updates.

Very overwhelmed....

I am excited with every passing day just the feeling of knowing this is so real my pre op is so close gosh time is flying.two more weeks and all of the excitement will overload!

On the hay ride

Spaghetti straps gone wrong

???? Omg.... This moment is real

So it's just setting in that I have less than 7 days until my pre op and 14 days total until surgery I am in aw in my mind but my body won't allow me to overload! I don't want to recant thinking of the procedure is overwhelming and no one will ever be mentally prepared for such surgery.its something we'll need and I would like to stay positive for others looking into this rewarding operation. You can do it just stay calm I will and am going to.

A few more photos before surgery

A few before photos

???? whoa

I am counting down the days until my pre-op


Only a few days before my pre-op posting photos as I go I won't post any more photos until surgery day but will update on my pre-op day as to how things went.


Was so busy yesterday I forgotten to post the update on my pre-op so All my questions and concerns were answered all went well as expected! Arrived at registration my pre admission testing the pat Rn Cindy was very people friendly we shared stories as if we were catching up on old times my pre-op day was good.

Surgery day....

I had my surgery December 14,2016 it was an amazing day also an exciting experience. I met some great light hearted nurses,doctors and anesthesiologist,nursing assistant's all in my field of work we had good conversations and they treated me so good I felt safe and the procedure was over in no time!

All bandaged

So stiff and uncomfortable


Omg I had a appointment the very next day after my surgery and the doctor said shower that day so when I arrived home around bedtime 9 or so I did I went into shock I was cold shivering my breast muscles were tightening uncontrollably it was the worst shower ever.second shower 12-

Shower # 2

12-17 this morning it was a lot better body wise the first shower I didn't mention I had help sorry! But my body was more relaxed and did pretty well showering no being tense or anything just no extra help


I can sleep I just jump in my sleep a lot could be side affects to the anaesthetics and medication I think I am falling or tripping and will jump right out of my sleep normally my mother is asleep right across from me in the other bed and checks on me



I have went back and forth with posting things on here not knowing what to expect! I have went through pain for years with large breast all I wanted was relief I also have a spinal condition scoliosis and I am in constant pain. However when it was mentioned to me by my chiropractor a breast reduction would help alleviate my pain it was already a thought years ago so I said I would look into it it seemed like I went forever searching for the right surgeon I said I'd rather not be referred well the one I found was rare had a lot of experience, hospital privileges and from what the assistant showed me photo wise the results looked amazing! And I was sure I had done all research and everything checked out to my standards only he didn't have a website like most doctors with before and after only what I was shown but I was so sure Well as time went on I almost cancelled out just a hunch so my big day surgery day I felt a little uneasy about surgery and when I woke up I knew why? I felt like a mummy wrapped I glanced down at my body and I was in a halter looking garment to me it was quite unreal and I hadn't saw this in anyone's review though someone commented they to had one! I was sure I knew what to expect and I also still felt I had heavy breast just smushed on my chest! Several days later I was in so much pain I was told not to take the tape off it puzzled me because I seen everyone one two days out steri strips only something is sooo wrong.ugh in pain I quit wearing the garment the fourth day out and wore a soft sports bra and removed the tape it's a scar underneath it so I got relief few more days again same pain I removed another layer of this painful tape. Another scar only clear pus dripping out I was in aw last night when I woke up this morning and it was bigger omg I only had read about this it's clearly not happening to me but it is I am shamed and upset! I just know that this is nothing of what I expected and could be seriously scared as a result I want to take this surgery back if given that chance.

Tapes off....


My open wound areas under my breast are healing nicely due to precautions! don't keep them moistened meaning no frequent shower to much water only allows the skin to stay moist and opens wider so fewer showering I know a lot of people think that it has to stay clean true but bath washing up in a tub or sink you will thank me later keeping your breast as dry during healing is amazing. Ugh and itching gosh I am going insane itching....ps. Benadryl for those who aren't allergic.

Update photos

Scars healing really nice they closed up as expected!


Emotional as I am able to wear half of the clothes I couldn't before or even certain styles aw me! Though I am not vain it's been so long though and am on a weight loss journey to better get in shape
Peter Ray

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