Removal Tattoo:black and Red Tattoo, France - Marseille, France

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*Treatment results may vary

Hi everyone :) First of all I'm sorry for my...

Hi everyone :) First of all I'm sorry for my English mistakes. This forum had been very useful for me in my decision to get my tattoo off, by seeing the results other people got. That's why I'm here today, to show you an exemple of tattoo removal on black and red tattoo.
It was made in January 2015. I had my first treatment in October 2015. The lasers used are Laser Dot^2 + Q-switch YAG 1064 nm and 532 nm Tatoostar.
Have my second treatment today, will update this post soon.
Feel free to tell me what you think about the pics :)
See you

One month after treatment 2

Hey, I'm posting a new pic, one month after treatment two. I'm really happy with the fading, but a little bit worried about the hypo and hyperpigmentation of my skin... Hope it's not going to be worse treatment after treatment...

25 March 2016 Treatment 3

Hi everyone! The third treatment went pretty well, I was incredibly happy cauz the doctor told me it was fading way more faster than she expected, she was very surprised. She told me that maybe it's gonna take less than the 12 treatments she planned the first appointment. Here a pic just after the treatment, it hurts haha. But it works, so I'm very happy. Good luck to all of you

2 months after third treatment

Hi everyone :) I went to my 4th treatment two days ago. Here is the picture right before it. I saw less fading this time than the other treatments, I was a little bit disappointed... Hope this one will bring more results.
Good luck to everyone


Hi everyone. I post the updates of my last two treatments. I don't see any changes so make me feel very sad and discouraged... My doctor says we need to let 3 months pass between each treatment from now. She pushed the laser a little bit higher last time but doesn't make a difference to me, I don't know if you see anything...
It is very difficult that I had amaazing results at the begining and now nothing seems to move for a long while now... Feel really fed up with this tattoo.
Dr Anne Le Pillouer-Prost

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