Life On Hold After Botox - Marquette, MI

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Pros to botox, at least for me, are zero. Cons are...

Pros to botox, at least for me, are zero. Cons are many. The past month started with a spark to look just a little bit better and ended with a fire of anger! Not sure if I am more angry with myself or the people who administer the drug.

My original motivation was the fact that I recently lost 50 pounds, was ready to get back on the social scene, and just wanted to complete the "looking better" image. The outcome wasn't at all what I hoped for, but turned into somewhat of a nightmare. I ended up with a left eye completely shut, a right eye feeling like it is bulging and headaches. I am told by the doctor who administered it that the length of this could be till the botox wears off.....up to four months from now.

What was one of the biggest weeks of the year for me with personal work achievements, a date I'd been waiting to meet for the last few months become a week of no work and hiding.

It was a realization to be happy with who I am, forehead lines and all. I will become an advocate of botox education, and telling people OUT LOUD what their risks are. Do not put this toxin into your body is a place to start.
I wish someone would have sat me down and said look these are the risks. I know that we are responsible for educating ourselves on a procedure, but seriously how can these professionals not talk to us beforehand. Yes, we sign papers. All this does is release them from any responsibility.
I have lost a few weeks of my life, and don't know how long this will last, because of botox. If I can help even one other person from making this mistake I will.

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