56 Yo Lower Abs and Just Above my Belly Button - Marquette, MI

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I am one week and a day after my session. Had my...

I am one week and a day after my session. Had my lower belly and above my belly button done.

I am 56 and have always managed to have a decent abdomen until I had to have emergency abdominal surgery at 52. It took over a year to fully recover from being opened up from hip to hip, much less all of what was done inside.

It left my lower stomach poofy on either side of the main incision area, and random odd areas of fat accumulation resulting from things that were done internally.

No amount of exercise (once I could without causing a hernia or tearing internally) or dieting, (I already eat healthier than anyone I know) effected it. Then 2 yrs ago I had another odd intestinal issue, which again put me on limited stress to my tummy area.

Having cool sculpting is hopefully going to give me a jump start to getting my abs/tummy back to a point where I can affect their appearance with exercise.

I was told that it would be uncomfortable, that I should wear compression garments afterwards, that it would take weeks maybe longer to see any results.

I was not lied to.

The first 48 hours my body was trying to recover from the procedure itself. Everything was alternating between numb/tingling, swollen and bruised.

On day 3 I started having the intermittent burning and sharp stinging pains, and more swelling.

I happen to be off of work for a few weeks, which I am glad of.

I have tried several different compression type garments, all of them start to hurt a bit after a few hours. Not wearing them is even more uncomfortable. So I put them on and off depending on what I am doing for as long as I can stand them.

The degree of discomfort is a 5-30 at any given time, and with no rhyme or reason.

I am not big on pharmaceuticals, as I tend to suffer from the side effects. I broke down and started taking Tylenol on day 5. Took one and it helped, then the next day none. Today I took 2 about noon and none since.

I also have been using a heating pad on and off at night when I lay down to go to bed. Both of which help.

I have been drinking even more water than I normally do, which is over 60 oz a day. Have noticed that my urine has had some odd smells to it, (guessing it is the release of the dead fat?)

I am extremely swollen. Like 6 mos pregnant swollen. I can't imagine how I would wear my work clothes/or fit into any of them. I have been getting by with flowy sundresses and high waist capri yoga pants and flowy shirts.

I don't have much of an appetite due to the discomfort. I have been very active with a grocery list of things to do while I am "off".

I have to take frequent breaks as I am very uncomfortable and sometimes the burning stinging is so intense it takes my breath away.

Other than the facility where I had the procedure done, only my two best friends (live in another state) and my boyfriend know I have had it done.

Having had various medical procedures that had extensive recovery and result times, I am in this for the long haul.

I don't think it should be down played that it is non invasive, and has little or no down time, that is not true. Granted there aren't any stitches to pull out or internal organs reshuffled by man (I hope) but you are definitely incapacitated.

I have a very high tolerance to pain, and a few times this has put me on the couch. Have seen quite a few reviews where some people end up getting a prescription for nerve blocking meds, I have been toughing it out. Think going past week one, that it has to get less severe, not more.

I can share that I spent day 4 out on a boat on our family lake, I laid down and read the whole time. No one was the wiser.

This weekend we're driving 2 hours west, to explore waterfalls, a mead making vineyard/bee farm and a lake in the clouds. All of which will involve a bit of walking and car time.

Will update as to how that level activity goes.

I have to go back to work the week after Labor Day, which will involve air travel and hotel living. So this will be an interesting story.
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Staff are great. Shared it would be uncomfortable. I read various reviews going in, and knew there were would be some discomfort and it would take time.

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