Prophalactic Bilateral Mastectomy with Skin/nipple Sparing Immediate DIEP Recon Melbourne, AU

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I had bilateral mastectomy with immediate recon...

I had bilateral mastectomy with immediate recon (DIEP) on 28/5/14. I've been very lucky that my surgeon has never questioned my decision (prophalactic due to 3 generations of every female having breast cancer early tho negative for gene). OP was 12hrs and first op I've ever had. Had morphine pump post op and honestly minimal abdo pain and no breast pain (numb). 4 drains (in each breast and either side abdo) which I was discharged with and gradually removed over next 2wks. Abdo binder fitted Day 2 and I have to wear for 10 weeks - I find that I get back pain if I forget to put it on (I leave it off at night). My biggest problem post op was shoulder pain due to being in crucifix position during surgery which morphine did not touch - anti inflam helped best. Also being woken every 1-4hrs over first 4 days for checking flap had me almost loosing my mind. Luckily I had a nurse assigned to me only so she would bring me eye mask so I could avoid being totally woken. The warming blanket I had on for 5 days and that made me sweaty and itchy - lots of ice and cool face washers. My physical recovery went well with no complications - fitted with abdo binder & sitting out bed/toiletting day 2, walking bent over with walker day 3, showering self day 4 (borrowing a shower stool helps at home) discharged day 7. Had nurses daily to check dressings and drains and started wearing a bra day 14 (non underwired) - before this I bought a few singlets with built in support. I'm a Physio and so appreciate the importance of mobility - whilst in hospital I walked as many laps of ward as would make me a little puffy every 2hrs. From discharge I walked around house and 2x visits to coffee shop per day!! Driving week 3/4 and stopped using walker and standing upright week 2. My scars I massage twice a day with bio oil once scabs came off - they all look great except a small 2cm area on abdomen. I feel amazing - better than any drug this operation .. no more worries about yearly breast scanning!!

6 weeks post surgery

Had my plastic reviews every 2 weeks and now on 6mth reviews. Noticed some hard areas in breasts that are fat necrosis and normal after recon. Been told these can soften with time. Having Physio for my shoulder and back pain and to strengthen my back. Sensation has started to return to breasts - I can feel pressure/touch but not pain/temperature. Overall still very please with result - just waiting for abdo wound to be fully healed to get into swimming!!
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