34 Mom of 2 - Marina, CA

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Well today I am getting the thermiva treatment at...

Well today I am getting the thermiva treatment at Marina plastic surgery. A friend recently recommended it when I told her a story of me sneezing and peeing on my white couch. How embarrassing!! My 7 yo was like "mom what's that!" It has never been too bad, I just dealt with it (don't want surgery) but this sparked my curiosity. After my consult I was still not sold as I have had cervical issues in the past and didn't want to spark any issues there. When I mentioned to my gynecologist he said "go for it". So, here I am- going for it!! Eek! So on a side note my BF and I have a great sex life but I figured won't hurt if it makes that better also haha. I haven't told him I'm doing it because I'm interested to see if he notices any difference. Again, not like I feel it could get any better because it's amazing (he's out of town until Monday). Well, here goes!! Oh and decided to zap my brown spots on my face as well since I'm in there!

So far, so good

Okay so I had my Thermiva last Wednesday. As far as the treatment it was super easy and comfortable. Cory made good conversation and I didn't even get weirded out about any of it. And it's just warmth you feel so that's good. No pain, discomfort or weirdness after. I know I'll need to have a couple more treatments but so far no urine leakage when coughing or sneezing and also it seems like I can hold my pee longer without bolting to the bathroom. Boyfriend comes home from his trip tonight so I'll update on that part later. Oh and by the way, I ended up having an IPL also. It's called ellipse I think? Anyway I've had fraxel before and that's just crazy downtime to me. This treatment was pretty easy to cover up the last few days and today the brown spots finally "rubbed" off to reveal amazingly flawless skin!! Oh my gosh I can't believe it!! It's amazing! So happy I did it.

34 Year Old Mom of 2 - Marina Del Rey, CA

I've had several things done at Marina Plastic Surgery over the years. Most recently the thermiva and had my brown spots lasered at the same time. I love the entire staff and doctors there. So knowledgable and helpful. It's also nice knowing that they have so many different things to treat you with so you're not railroaded into a laser or treatment that's only because the doctor doesn't have anything else to offer. So glad they are now offering vaginal rejuvenation without surgery. I was excited to try it out and I'm so glad I did! That place is definitely a "go to" when you need some tweaks and adjustments to make yourself feel and look better :)

So far Cory has been great at answering all of my questions. She is very knowledgeable in general on medical stuff not just what they do. When we spoke about my gyne history she knew what I was explaining. Made me feel very comfortable and confident in her.

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