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I went last week for my first visit with Dr....

I went last week for my first visit with Dr. Spring and I'm thrilled!!! I'm a 55 year old with no kids but I've been overweight most of my life. I reached my weight watchers goal last Dec and I've lost an additional 5 pounds during maintenance. I am so ready to get rid of all the extra skin. I got my dream date (the after school is out) as I asked and will be able to fly to my NEA convention 2 weeks post op as long as I don't over do it and I don't carry my luggage.

5/12/13 it is starting to become real to me as...

5/12/13 it is starting to become real to me as I'm only about a month away from the flat side!!! I'm hoping it will go quickly....looking forward to the surgery and the end of my 30th year of teaching!!! I have 2 pre-op scheduled....GP on th 29th for blood work and ekg and then the 31st with my PS for instructions and expectations. I will post pictures when I get closer to the date.....

5/14/13.....only a month away!!!!

5/14/13.....only a month away!!!!

wish I was going in NOW

The waiting is awful....I just want to get this done and start on the road to the flat side!! It is great reading all the reviews/comment on this site. I have learned so much.

I'm in 100%...paid and ready to go!!!

I had my PS pre-op today ( had my bloodwork and ekg with GP on Wed)....I love her even more after this visit than I did the first!!!! I got all my scripts filled( which insurance DID cover), extras bought and paid for everything else too!!! I used my NEW Southwest Visa so will get a free flight out of the deal too!!!

Very excited to hear that I WILL NOT have drains...and it is VERY unlikely that I will need to worry about dog ears!!!

I will be starting Arnica Montatna pills for bruising/swelling and stool softener 2 days before surgery....going on liquid diet for the day before the OK for BEER since that will be the last day of school!!!!

ONLY 14 days til I'm on the flat side!!!!

before picture

so here is the before picture.....I'm so ready for the AFTER picture!!!!

one more week!!!!

By this time next next week I should be on or at least on my way to the flat side!!!! I will get my actual surgery time on Tuesday or Wednesday but the anesthesiologist called yesterday and is ready to go!!!!

4 more days!!!!

I got the call from the surgery center with my in at 8:30 am. I will do doing the last of my shopping tomorrow ...and my ice machine from a friend will be delivered. I have a end of the year party to attend on Wednesday and promotion/graduations on Thursday which is awesome and will help me keep on mind off of things!!!

getting started!!

I start my pre-surgery otc meds tomorrow......going liquid on Thursday and then it is TIME!!!!

Today is the day!!!!!

I'm all clean inside and out.....ready to be done with this and start the next stage!!!! My arrival time at hospital is 8:30 (about an hour) and I will be heading out very soon. Next time I post I will be on the other side of FLAT!!

Done???? I'm staying at a care center tonight and the nurse are awesome!!!! Slept web. I got here after a pain shot......enjoyed

Doped up and typing on my phone!!!


My PS was just here to check on me and got to see her amazing work!!!! Wow is all I have to say!! There is swelling but WOW really just wow!!!!

PO day 2

Woke up early after a pretty good night's sleep in the recliner....not much pain!at all !! Had some cereal for breakfast and since I got the okay for shower I think that is next on my to list...might ask a roomie take me to WW if they are up since I don't have the OK to drive yet. Nap...TV....Nap!!! I go back to doctor and Tuesday....on the road to recovery and life on the flatside!!

change of plan....

I'm still feeling great but decided NOT to push things so waiting on my shower until tomorrow.....and stayed home taking about 4 naps!!! Excited about going to Dr on Tuesday so see how I'm progressing.

no pain meds....

I have been without pain meds for 24 hours now and I feeling pretty good!!!! I did shower this morning and although I'm swollen it looks amazing and I have very little oozing ( NO drains!!!) My only wish is that my appetite was curbed just a little....I need to be very careful about eating since I can't exercise!!!!

heading to dr today

I just showered and I'm heading out to the doctor to see if she is as pleased as I am! I feel great and I know that when the swelling goes down my tummy is going to be amazing!!!! Hope my surgery twins are doing as well!!

thumbs up!!

I got a huge thumbs up from my dr...she is very happy with my progress but warned NOT to do too much since I'm feeling so good. I can go without my TED's ( I will still wear them for awhile at night)...gave me the OK to drive but suggested I wait til the weekend IF I have rides til then...which I do. We talked again about my trip to Atlanta on June 30th and she is sure that IF I don't over do it before than I should be fine.....I want to go so I will NOT over do it (even though I'm already bored). I will keep up posted....It is time to take a nap!!

PO day 5

I'm sooooooooooooooo happy it say that the hardest part of my recovery is NOT over doing it. While there is SLIGHT discomfort (mostly due to the binder) I feel great and it is killing me to just relax BUT I am following doctors orders!!!! I think the fact that I have NO drains is a huge reason...that seems to be a problem for many on this site. Looking forward to going out again today....Lunch with a friend....which WILL be followed by an afternoon nap!!!

driving good!!!!

I drove today and had NO problems....went to mall for a little walk...did buy a cute pair of jeans that I could not try on but I'm sure they will be fine!!! Took a nap....really love that part of the healing process!!! It will be one week tomorrow!!!! I'm so HAPPY!!!

1 week done!!!

So it has been a week since my surgery and I"m feeling wonderful....still swollen but don't care because I know that will go away at some point and I will be left with a MUCH better tummy including a new belly button!!!! Hoping that the next 5 weeks goes quickly....I'm really hoping to get back to some exercise other than just walking slowly....although my mall walk today was great....and I didn't even buy anything!!!

PO day nine!!!!

So another pic today....I'm still swollen for sure...I did walk almost 2 miles in one shot yesterday!! I can see the future is bright and I'm willing to wait for it!!!! The hardest part of this whole thing is just the waiting!!!!

still feeling great!!!

I took a LONG mall walk today....went t the outlets and ended up going about 3.5 miles by the end of it all.......It took me many hours and the only purchased were things I KNOW will still fit after!!! Excited about my appointment on Friday and going to Atlanta for the NEA RA.....I will visiting friends and family before heading back to LA.....last time they show me they were amazed at my 100 lbs weight loss.....I'm now at 143!!! I will posted another pic at 2 week point!!!!

before and after pics of my 2 week check up!!!

I'm very excited to go to doctor today to see IF she is as pleased as I am.....I know that I'm still pretty swollen and she can tell if the amount is normal ( I have been walking a lot). I also hoping to get the OK to travel to Atlanta on Sunday!!!

week 2..part two!!

I just got back from the dr and she is very pleased with my progress....I got the OK to fly on Sunday ( as long as I wear my lovely TEDS on the plane)!!!! I also got the ok to go Spanx instead on the binder during the day but not sure if I'm going there! The nurse told me that the amount of my swelling IS normal and that over the next month I will notice big changes I continue to heal ( much of the swelling is due to the internal stitches!) I did get some new tape which has to be on for a week and them I'm done with that too!! SO EXCITED!!!

still on vacation....

I'm still on vacation but finally got to a computer where I can actually do an update!!!! I have been on my best behavior...not walking too much, taking the handicapped bus to avoid pushing people, NOT carrying my suitcase,wearing my binder at all times and wearing the ugly TEDS on the plane. My tummy feels really weird which I know is the healing and the swelling is still there but better...will post a new pic when I get home (it will be the 4 week point).

4 weeks!!!!

I can not believe it has been 4 weeks since my surgery....I guessing that I'm swollen since I flew today finishing 2 weeks of working/vacation!!!! I will post new pic maybe tomorrow!!! I go back to doctor on Tuesday...I'll let you know how I'm doing then!!! I AM FEELING GREAT!!!!

new pic....

so this is 4 week post op....I'm swollen today which is no surprise since I was crazy busy yesterday including a 3 hour flight...the scar is finally starting to look better. I would do this again in a SECOND and it was sooooooo worth EVERY penny!!!!!

Went ot Dr today.....

I went to the Dr for my 1 month check up....she is very pleased!!!! I can go without the binder!!! I can sleep on my side and/or tummy instead of my back!!!!! I start silicone scar therapy tonight!!!!! I can exercise again in 10 days!!!! Can I just say EXCITED!!!!! She showed me my before pictures today so even though I'm still swollen and will be for awhile it is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much better!!!!

PO week 5

I can't believe it has been 5 weeks since the surgery.....I feeling great!! The tummy still has a tight and sometimes twitches!! I'm only wearing the binder at night mostly to make sure the silicon strips stay where they belong. I slept on my tummy (on a pillow) last night!! YAY!!! Posting my week 5 pic...the scar looks worse than last week but I think it is the lighting.....although I had just removed the silicon so that could be way it is so red. I continue to be thrilled with the was worth EVERY PENNY!!!

ready to ZUMBA tomorrow!!!

Tomorrow is the 6 week mark and now I can exercise so ZUMBA here I come.....check out the new outfit...the t-shirt is wrinkled but the tummy is FLAT!!!!!

exercise...the good and the bad!!!

So...the good news is that I'm exercising again....the bad news is that I'm pretty swollen!!! I feel great and hope that the swelling is temporary and so I will continue to work out (no weight and no abs work yet!).

after a week of zumba!!!

Tomorrow is 7 weeks and I have been back in Zumba for a week!! There has been some swelling but I feel great and the comments at the gym are amazing!!!

week 8

It has been 8 weeks since! While I'm still swollen mostly due to exercise I continue to be please with the results!!! I was a snacker to the extreme this week while playing college student and then next week is a Mexican vacation (3 new swim suits!!)....after that I get back to a healthier eating routine so hope to lose a few extra pounds I have put.... also hope to start some ab work which should help with the little love handles....I did not have any lipo!

Mexican vacation

I just spent a wonderful week in Mexico and enjoyed my time in a swimsuit for the first time in a very very long time ( I could actually do a 2 piece with my new body but......) The tummy still feels weird (tight/numb) but I feel great and continue to zumba and walk!! I'm sure I put a few pounds on during my vacation....way to much dark chocolate habanero ice cream but that will come off again once I'm back in my school rountine!

3 months

It is hard to believe that it has been 3 months!!!! I had to make an unscheduled trip to doctor on Thursday as I felt a pop during Zumba on Wed.....she said it was fine.....the swelling also fine. She also removed a time stitch that had worked its way to my scar. My belly button is a huge hit with my gym friends!!!!

It is a VERY VERY merry Christmas this year!!!!

At this time last year I had just hit my WW goal weight and was so HAPPY but after losing 136 pounds in 17 months I was left with a lot of unwanted skin!! I had my tummy tucked in June...I decided not to have my arms or thighs done and I did not have lipo either...I'm very happy with ALL of my decisions!! I have maintained my weight for a year now...and have dropped 1 or 2 sizes. I thank WW, Dr. Spring and all my friends/family who have been there for this journey.

almost a year....

It is hard to believe but a year ago I was getting ready for my will be a year in June. I'm still so HAPPY that I did it and have NO regrets!!!! I still have a weird felling of tightness/numbness but don't pain just weird! I will post pics soon as I actually bought a bikini this year...first time in 30 years!!!

11 months!!!

I'm moving in on my 1 year mark and I'm as happy today as I was then about my decision!!!! Today I also did a coolsculpt procedure on my "love handles"....they are saying it will take about 6 weeks to 10 weeks to see the final results!!! About a month ago bought my first bikini in maybe 30 years.

1 year and I day later

I'm still as excited today as I was a year ago!!! I love my results and I'm happy to show them off in my new 2 piece swim suit!!!!

almost 2 years later

It will be 2 years since my surgery and I'm still so happy with my results.....I recently got my before and after shots from my surgeon and thought I would post them.....even I had forgotten the before!!!

my before and after pics!!!!

the before June 13 and the after was about 6 months later

Official per/post pictures

These are my surgeon's pre/post pictures.

2 years later

It has been 2 years and 2 days since my TT.....still happy happy happy with my choice to get rid of the extra skin....even though I have put on a few pounds ( which I plan on losing soon) !!!!

one more year......(3 total since my surgery)

I'm still very happy with my TT....I have some extra weight and 2 new scars since my last update due to double knee replacement....but hope to be back in my 2 piece bathing suit soon!!!
Missoula Plastic Surgeon

I only meet with her once but I know she is the doctor for me!!!

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