Tummy Tuck /Brazilian Butt/Lipo on Body and Neck- became infected seroma on TT

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I am almost 3 months post-op. I'm happy the tummy...

I am almost 3 months post-op. I'm happy the tummy tuck but it is not completely even. On the upper part of my stomach it slightly bulges more on the right and the lower stomach it bulges slightly more on the left...don't know why??? I asked about it after 2 weeks post-op and the nurse said it was even just after surgery while I was on the table...so no concrete answer was given to explain why. I hope that in 1 yr it will even out but not sure. The butt is ok, but I naturally have a really big butt and I simply wanted to change the shape (make it more curvey and less square) not get a bigger butt. I also pushed for more lipo on my thighs before surgery and Dr Macias was resistant ( so that disappointed me) as I was dreaming about going down at least one pant size. Despite the TT/BBL and lipo I am still wearing the same size clothes. My stomach does look good! He also did a great job on the neck lipo. However people I know did not remark a change when they saw me after 2 months, I did not tell them what I did. A few have said, after I asked if I look different, they said I appear to have a flatter stomach and my face area looks fresher. So that was fine for me. The operation is a huge deal and you'll need a lot of help from others after it is done (so don't under estimate it) you need to take a month off of work, seriously. It took 2 months for me to recover to about 70% energy level, almost 3 months to be 85%. I could not stand straight for 7 weeks. It is a long recovery perhaps because I'm 53 yrs old. Overall, I satisfied by the TT and Neck Lipo, a bit less with the BBL and lipo on legs.

Thanks for the Amen!

Hello Yaadie, your comments are very constructive, encouraging and positive. It is really hard for me to do good selfies. I'll see if I can add a better one (or more) as you suggested. Otherwise, thanks again for your Florida sunshine, I'll take that. XOX

Seroma became infected and had to have emergency surgery locally

Hello everybody, I knew the unevenness was not normal. Shortly after my last post on RS, I started to get a high fever and redness spread over my the seroma area I wrote to you all about on the bottom left side of my stomach. Then I had 4 days of pain in my stomach accompanied by high fever then went to the emergency ward of a local hospital on a Sunday. I was put on lite morphine for pain and had to wait the next day to see the cosmetic surgery specialists (they work M-F during the week). At the end, I had to have an full blown surgery with general anesthesia in order to open my seroma (via the TT incision) to disinfect and drain it. They opened 3/4 of my existing incision. A real pain in the butt. All this because I stupidly chose to get the surgery done far away from where I live and did not have proper follow-up post-op. Please take this as a lesson learned. Basically after 1 week post-op I saw the seroma but it was not taken seriously & dismissed by the medical office as many of you did in your replies to my post. The big problem in general is the doctors are willing to spend more time with you pre-op then post-op, they don't take the time to spend with you unless you scream for it. They'll pass you off to their nurses as they are too busy. Anyhow, I am too bummed to continue to go on about it. The idea is, when paying big bucks, do not let an uneven and asymmetrical result go by with out pushing for immediate answers. Seromas happen about 5% of the time. My doctor did a very good TT job, it is the follow-ups that I'm not happy with (I had only 2 - the day after surgery and then 2 weeks post-op) and during my last visit before returning back to where I live (13 hrs away by plane). He did not bother to come and see me, he sent his nurse and she dismissed the seroma as normal swelling and said after the surgery (while on the table) my stomach was flat. Well 3 months later, I paid for that dismissal. Take heed to be very careful post-op.
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