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I've been super fit my entire life and had a...

I've been super fit my entire life and had a slamming body...up until about 5 years ago. Working in a mentally and emotionally abusive work environment + working on Masters degree full time + being lonely = weight gain. Despite my best efforts, the bulges will not go away, and I'm sick and tired of being forced to wear spanx all-the-time!! I'm tired of waiting to look the way I am supposed to so I am getting lipo (hips, flanks, upper/lower abs, inner things & knees). I plan to use the procedure to jump start further weight loss - since I am too ashamed to be seen in the gym as is now.

Is it normal to have second thoughts?

Excitement is already keeping me up at night! True to form, I was having second thoughts on the doctor I chose. My husband reminded me about my habit if returning things/changing my mind due to anxiety. He reminded me about what would've been my most expensive return- I tried to cancel/return a custom made couch after it was already being made. I stuck with our original choice and am glad I did.
Is it normal to have second thoughts?

Wish pics of myself

Played around with simulator app - love what I am seeing!

Add ons?

Going in Tuesday (6 days pre op) to discuss adding on inner thighs and knees. I want to add on arms as well, but don't want to do too much at once. I plan on working out after...if that doesn't improve my arms, then I will go back in to get them done and maybe a little more depending on how things go in first surgery.

Day 2 post op

In a lot of discomfort! My lowers abs are the sorest part, my lower back hurts when I first lay down. I have a drain back there. It'll be removed Saturday. Some bruising on flanks amd inner thighs. It's bearable. Sorry no pics yet - Doctor amd nurse said NO when I asked my husband to take pics. They don't want me stressing. Too much swelling- need to wait a couple more days for pics! Sleep meds kicking in...

He removed 5 liters of fat!

I'll post pics asap - possibly tomorrow when I shower.

Abdominal swelling

Ugh - this lower abdominal swelling is freaking me out! I ordered a tummy board to add pressure to reduce swelling. I don't feel like my garments are tight enough. I will see the doctor on Saturday to have my drain removed, and I will ask more about the compression garments. Also super nervous about a fluid pouch developing above my butt - the doc put a massive compression pad/system there to increase pressure. I just want this all to go well.
Only took one pain pill today, because I had to work from home and I was miserable!!! Took two tonight and a sleep aid - hopefully they kick in soon.

5 days post op

So swollen but you def see a major improvement.

What did I do?

I am in so much pain and the bruising is extreme! The last three days have been THE WORST...I have cried a lot these last three days. I still need so much help...picking things up, pulling on my pants, bathing. The swelling was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO bad last night - even my annoyingly optimistic husband was bug-eyed and speechless. I also hadn't had a bowel movement in four days - after drinking three cups of smooth move tea in one day and several days or probiotics and prunes - I passed it all last night...it was a dream and a nightmare.
My husband...is losing his mind. He's been as nurturing as he can be but at the end of the day he doesn't fully understand what I am going through or how to anticipate my needs...and is at his wits end with my endless list of needs/wants. It doesn't help that I have told no one, so I have no one else to talk to about this. What did I do??????


It all went down a week ago...

Thought I had a seratoma (sp?) on my leg so went to see dr...he said there's nothing to worry about...phew! Hopefully I won't feel the need to go back again before mu two week PO appt.

Ate something salty - again! Geez was I swollen!!! Man, I had no idea how much food has salt or how much I like salty foods. Eye opener. Went grocery shopping w/the husband and made some good choices... I don't want to feel that way again. Am definitely wondering how long I will need to monitor my salt intake? 1 month? 3 months? 6 months? Clearly I need to be more conscious about it altogether, but can a sister have a margarita w/a salted rim on vacay and not "pay for it" for the following 10 hours?!

Swollen vagina!!!???

All I can say is - WTF? Lol

Almost 2 weeks PO

I feel MUCH, MUCH better! Some soreness where the bruising is in my hips, back/bra roll area is tender, but I feel great otherwise! Lower abdomen swelling hasn't changed much. Trying to find a girdle that fits has been difficult. I'm hoping the swelling goes down more and more and more in the next few weeks.

Almost three weeks

Still swollen, but feeling good!

My skinny jeans fit!!

I have jeans in a million sizes because of the weight gain from these past few years. My closet consists of jeans that I have worn recently but were uncomfortable in the waist area and jeans that I just couldn't wear bc of my large flanks and belly. I don't know what came over me, but I decided to try on my jeans starting with the largest size...they were way too big! I had at least 4 inches of room in the waist! I tried on the next size down and the next - I was able to get all the way down to size 10 jeans! Can you believe it?! My husband didn't even recognize the jeans I was trying on - he kept saying, are those new? I am now able to wear jeans that I haven't been able to get past my mid thighs in two years! Woohoo!

5 weeks and 5 day Update

I'm getting better and better every day! I feel great in my clothes and have my confidence once again. I have been getting massages for two weeks now and feel like they are helping with back swelling and flank soreness. I go 1-2 times a week and have my husband rub me down the other days.
My flanks are still really sore. When I was in a hurry and tried running - WOAH! So I won't do that again anytime soon!
I have not been cleared for exercise yet, but I started few weeks ago. I started with 30 minute strolls and have steadily been increasing the speed. I walked 4 miles in one hour yesterday. I'm looking forward to being able to lift weights and get on the stairclimber. I should be cleared at my six week appt in four days.
I am determined to keep the weight OFF and am sometimes scared of gaining it back. I am keeping an eye on my lower abdomen... I hope it is swelling and not fat that was left behind. I will get a revision if necessary.
All in all, I am thrilled!

Side by side before and afters

Before and Afters

Still loving my results

These pics were taken first thing in the morning after wearing compression garments for 10 hours, which I do every single night. My lower abdomen still swells throighout the day, so I wear Spanx during the day to keep it at bay. The longer I sit, the worse the swelling. Been flying a lot lately, so I put my compression garments on (all of them) before boarding the plane. It has done the job!

See the progression


definitely going to get a revision...lower abdomen is not flat and needs to be.. I want a little more taken off flanks and waist, touch up on hips (banana-like lump on each side)...more taken from upper back and I will add on arms. My lower abdomen is my main concern.
I will be 6 mos PO in April, so I will schedule ASAP. I continue to swell, so I'm sure I will have to continue contending with that issue round 2.

What went wrong? Why do I have a pooch?!!!

My lower abdomens STILL swells 4 months po..but beyond that I still have a pooch! Even though I only had lipo, I'm wondering if my dr should have put in a drain for my stomach?? Do doctors do that for lipo only? Why is my stomach not flat??? I'm so upset!

Planning Round 2

I'm happy with what Dr Macias did for me. He focused primarily on my back and flanks bc that skin is most forgiving, and let's be honest, it needed the most work. However, I want a more dramatic result and based on his comments on abdominal liposuction in general, I know I will have to find another PS.
I still recommend him and think highly of him. I'll probably go to him for a breast lift in a few years bc he rocks the boobies :-)

Now, looking ahead, I am considering Dr. Hazani, Dr J (Jarrah Nejad), and Dr Younai - all in Los Angeles area. All of these doctors have the before/after pics that show they can take my body to the next level. I'm hoping recovery will be a little easier the second time around. Am I being realistic? I've requested consults for all three doctors. Dr J is BOOKED until April..so I am scheduled for a consult on April 20, 7 weeks away. I emailed pics to Younai and am interested to hear his feedback. I just submitted for a consult with Hazani, so we'll see how soon I can get in to see him.

I am SO much more educated this time around and am thankful I had a very good experience the first time. I did SOME research, but not enough- thank you Dr Macias for taking care of me. I will not be shy to tell the doctor exactly what I want, and I will not compromise. I'm hoping this won't cost me more than $4k. However, it really doesn't matter, though I won't pay $8k for a little lipo - that's foolish.

My husband thinks I am nuts. He thought I was silly the first time, but also says he knew I would want more done. He is still supportive and just wants me to be happy. My thoughts? I have worked hard as hell to have the professional success I have, so I am going to start splurging...now with ps, 2017 and beyond with an extravagant vacay in a teeny tiny bathing suit to show off this body that I WORKED for - $$$$! Am I right or am I right?

So I will be 6 months PO April 19, 2016, so I am hoping to get round 2 the following month in May between the 18-27. That way I will be 4-5 weeks po when I visit family and less swollen...fingers crossed! I know I will swell, just hoping another doctor's approach lessens the swelling!!!

I appreciate your support and feedback!

4 months PO

Wish pics

I'm NOT getting a bbl, though many of these pics are of bbl patients. (You ladies look AMAZE BALLS!!!!)
Why am I not getting a bbl? Because my ass/hips measure 49" already... I have to order size 16 dresses and get the waist taken in. Side note - I don't know if some of y'all realize that when you get bbls that you're asking for a size 12, 14 or 16 ass! Do you?? Hey, get your big booty, I AM NOT JUDGING, but ordering/purchasing clothes that size does something to you mentally. I know I'm not a 16, but those dresses fit my BIG butt! Haha
Of course I can get a 12/14 for going out, but NOT for work as a trainer in corporate America. But this belly bulge also stops me from sizing down.
Wait - wasn't this post supposed to be about wish pics!??!! Let me get to it...

Younai is playing games

Got a quote..$8300..THEN they sent a second quote one hour later for $13,500! Tummy tucks w/lipo don't cost 13.5k!!! How the eff does he think he's gonna charge me that much???? Hahahahah!!! You are NOT Dr. Miami, sir. Nice try but I am NOT new to the game, go steal someone else's money.

Anyone else experience TT upselling??

I am shocked how many RS doctors have replied to a question I posted suggesting a TT. I don't have loose or hanging skin, nor do I have enough skin to create a new belly button. I'm just shocked! Jaw on the floor shocked! I have not had an in-person TT suggestion and I know these RS docs can only tell so much from pics, and I have seen women whose before pictures were much larger than mine, but they only had lipo. So I'm just baffled!
Anyone else experience this?

Younai vs Dass - Round 2 Planning

I have an appt Friday with Dr. Dass and am trying to get in with Dr. Younai too.
I am concerned about even seeing Dass bc I am pretty sure be will want to do my procedure with local AND his prices tend to be thousands more than other doctors. So now I am debating if I should even go see him. Dr. Younai does general. And Dass charges $50 for a consult. Younai does not.
Dr. Younai already quoted me (8300 for full abdomen and back including flanks) - great price. However, I am changing what I want done, so it will be less. My abdomen is most concerning to me so that is #1 on the list...#2 is arms..#3 is upper back.
Dr Younai does a great job on all of these areas! I saw his arm lipo pics last night - wow! He does the bicep AND tricep area. Most docs only do the tricep area.
Sounds like I am leaning toward Younai huh???
Being that it's Round 2, I will be 100% straight up about my expectations, bc I do NOT want Round 3!
I am hoping to get this done May 18-20 (4 weeks away)!!!!
Stay tuned...

Round 2 BOOKED!

May 25, 2016 is the day I get a stomach to match the rest of my body! After my (2nd) appt with Dr Dass, I knew he was the right doctor! I am SO excited! I will start a new review as my procedure date nears. Yay!
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Macias COMPLETELY improved my body with liposuction. He was aggressive and removed all the fat that we discussed, but didn't over promise and let me know he can only remove 5 liters in one procedure (by law). He created the most perfect curves through my waist and hips. I am down three pant sizes! I look forward to going to Dr. Macias for future procedures. He is a true artist!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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