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After 150 pounds of weight-loss in the last ten...

After 150 pounds of weight-loss in the last ten years, I am scheduled for a butt lift, thighplasty and a body lift. In 2013 I had and Extended Abdominoplasty with Public Lift & Panniculectomy in one procedure and a few months later I had a Arm Lift, Breast Lift, & Bra-line Back Lift in another procedure. We could probably create two full human adults with the skin that has been removed.

This will be my third surgery with Dr. Stoker, who is a true magician and artist.

I am thrilled to get this done, it's truly the last step on my total body transformation.

Will report next when I have my pre-op appointment on January 16th.

Just waiting now

Pre-Op appointment was easy. Nurse reviewed the pre-op and post-op instructions. No photos taken, will take on morning of surgery. The past few weeks have been busy with other things but now that they've passed, I've got the energy to focus on what's happening in a few weeks. Starting to wonder if it's hard to sit after a butt lift?!

Properly titled: circumferential lower body lift

My surgery was on February 11. It went well and I stayed three nights in the aftercare center. My doctor is on holiday this week, so I will not see him for a week. He did visit me three days after the surgery at the after care center, where he had some other patients as well. It was nice to have a house call!

I had three drains, which is one more than I expected and had had with my other procedures. They did their job and I had them removed today, a few days sooner than I had thought, which was nice.

Everything is healing fine, but the challenge is finding a comfortable position for sitting/laying - as there is an incision all the way around. I am more dependent on the pain meds I have been with the other surgeries I've had, sleeping has been difficult. I have been very sore, but it gets better every day.

I am wearing the binder. Today they took out the pads, and I am allowed to wear a light camisole in between me and the binder. This is a vast improvement
No photos yet.

Two weeks out

I am back at work (desk job) and feeling well. I am still dependent on meds for sleep. I had a f/u appointment with Dr. Stoker on Monday where he tried to drain a seroma on my lower back/upper hip with no luck.

Still uncomfortable laying down but have found various positions with pillows when I sleep. Having some itching at the end of the day with end of day swelling. Not sure if this is something to worry about or not.

There is still swelling so it's hard to see what the end result will look like. Finding it hard to be a patient patient. I think this is most difficult part of recovery, questioning whether it was worth the pain and money. I'm sure I felt this way with the other surgeries too and in the end was happy with the result.

No photos yet. Need to wait until swelling goes down!

Six week follow-up appointment today

Saw Dr. Stoker this morning. He took some new after pictures (will post soon), which means he's happy with how things look. I am too. The swelling is down and I'm feeling a lot better discomfort-wise.

I can return to exercise if I want, just have to listen to what my body is saying and he said it's up to me to skip the compression and see how the swelling is without the compression.

It's really six months to see how everything settles and heals. I see him again in seven weeks.

Even thought this was my third procedure, there's some spots that I'd love to consider a little clean up on (lipo) and thigh lift, but I'm not in a big hurry to be back in the OR.

We spent a lot of time looking at old pictures versus today's pictures. It was fun. Today actually felt like "WOW, I'm finally done with the heavy lifting" even though we might do another few small things to clean up down the line. It's really remarkable to look at the befores and realize that was actually me.

Will post photos as soon as I get them. Should have brought a flash drive with me today!

Sleeping normally

Forgot to mention that I have returned to my normal sleep patterns (finally) and have not being using any meds for sleep this week. With past surgeries, I've found the return to normal sleep patterns to be a challenge. Week six seems to be the week for me when everything is close to normal. Looking forward to increased activity as I've gained about eight pounds since this last surgery.

Before & Afters - three surgeries including the latest

These photos show before and afters for Extended Abdominoplasty with Public Lift; Panniculectomy Arm Lift, Breast Lift, Bra-line Back Lift, butt lift, thighplasty and a body lift. These procedures have taken place in three separate sessions in the past 16 months. This has been nothing short of miraculous to me and I'm extremely pleased with my results. Dr. Stoker is a caring and skilled artist.
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