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This will be my second surgery with Dr. Stoker....

This will be my second surgery with Dr. Stoker. The first surgery was TT and panniculectomy in Feburary of this year. Click here to read my review. 

This time are four separate procedures, although all related and all upper body. I can't believe I'm having another plastic surgery. I can't even believe I have a plastic surgeon, for that matter.

I've lost 150 pounds in the past 10 years, 110 of it in the past 20 months on Weight Watchers. I have a lot of excess skin on the sides pf my breasts, back and arms. My breasts are saggy and pointy. I'm really looking forward to having these things improved. Can't wait for some perky breasts!

Pre-op appointment

Got through the hardest part, paying for it!
All systems go for the 29th, starting to get excited now!

This procedure vs. the last one

I've been told the TT is more painful than this one, but I'm just wondering how sore everything is going to be. I'm mostly worried about arm function. Anyone have thoughts?

Wish I could find a review of similar combination of procedures

I'm not seeing anyone who's done bra line back-lift, arm lift and breast lift at the same time! I wish I could find one to get an understanding of the recovery from ALL vs. each.

One week to go

Starting to feel a little anxious, totally normal. Since this is my second surgery, I think I've fooled myself into thinking i know what to expect. I have some idea since I've been through a PS before, but every procedure is different. My first surgery and recovery were complication free, so I'm holding a good thought that this one will be too (same doctor!).

Two days post -op update

Procedure went well. About six hours total. BP was high post-op but was down about six hours later. Am at recovery center for three days. Added third night after rough second day.

Pain in arms is pretty bad. Been very dependent on percoset, taking more than I did for TT. Drains in arm pits are uncomfortable. Pain is also in nipple area.

Very SORE jaw on right side, probably from breathing tube and mouth position during surgery.

Little sleep the first night. Second night much better. Now Lots of napping immediately after pain med doses. One walk the night of surgery, assisted. Walking alone day two and three.

Saw surgeon for follow-up yesterday. Took off everything and looked at everything. Looks great. I have compression bra with ABD pads in various places. Ace bandages around my arms.

Breasts are perky!

Will post pics when I can.

Post op sadness

This is predictable and common but I'm very sad today. Pain is pretty bad too, mostly arms where the drains are.

Recovering at parents now

Still feeling post-op sadness.

Mom had to help with emptying drains last night due to their awkward position. That didn't go so well! Hopefully she will feel more comfortable when she tries again today. Sleeping well with Ativan and percoset combo. Cannot yet shower due to drains being in. Mum is taking me for wash and blow dry today for a treat. Hoping drains will come out Monday at f/u appt..

I thought I'd be getting compression sleeves at the first follow up but I still have arms wrapped in ace bandages. Arms have limited movement and are painful.
Most pain is from drain sites. Wearing bra with gauze pads underneath.

Follow-up appointment, drains removed

Saw surgeon today. Good follow-up appointment. Got the drains removed, a different compression bra and the arm compression bandages off. The doctor said the arms aren't very swollen, so I don't have to wear the compression sleeves I was dreading.

Pain is about a 5-6 when the pain meds wear off. Been switching off between the Percoset and plain Tylenol.

Two week follow-up appointment

Tapes were all removed. There is still swelling that concerns me. Dr. tried to remove excess fluid by sticking a needle into the area but no fluid was there to remove. It's is considered natural swelling from the surgery. I still feel very tight in my breasts, sides and arms. I'm also very swollen in my abdomen area, prior surgery site. I'm trying not to freak out, but it's really unpleasant. I'm up five pounds from my pre-surgery weight, which is depressing because I was only two pounds from goal and now i'm seven.

I know I have to be patient while I heal, but this isn't easy for me.

Still very swollen on the left-side of left breast, arms still painful

Even though I'm not supposed to see the doctor for three weeks, I'm going back in today. I'm very concerned about this swelling on the left-side and can't shake the feeling there is something wrong. Arms are still really painful too. I know I'm just three weeks in, and I feel like an idiot for being a hypochondriac but I need some assurance that there's nothing wrong.

Glad I went in

He drained a huge syringe of fluid from my left side. He thinks it was an old hematoma. Instant relief. It's still more swollen than the other side, but much less swollen than it was before.

Mindfulness for second plastic surgeries

I think one of my issues with having a harder recovery this time has to do with being a little too confident and cocky about this one after having such an easy time with the first one. My recommendations to anyone having additional procedures is to act like it's your first time ever and pay careful attention to every instruction. I think I was too active too soon and that's impeding my healing.

Now entering week six

It's kind of amazing, all of the literature talks about six weeks out being when things really start to gel in terms of healing. I'm definitely feeling it in the past few days.

I'm really not feeling much pain. My arms still hurt if I move them in a certain way and my reach up is still limited, other than that, pain/discomfort are minimal.

My sleep isn't great. I'm still taking Tynolol PM at night. I'm almost out of Ativan. May ask for more when I have a follow-up next week, but I think I need to force myself to sleep with out aid.

I'm happy with my arms. The arm pit area still has raised/uneven scars. Dr. said they would even out. They are improving, so I'm confident they will continue to improve. This past weekend I was able to shave in there, that felt good. I've had laser there, but there's still light growth. I've started using the Biocorium everywhere but my back.

My left breast and side breast area is still more swollen than the right side. Another thing to talk to Dr about. But I'm happy with the breast result.

Still not thrilled with the back area. It's healing slowest and doesn't look great. Another thing to talk about with Dr.

Energy-wise I think I'm up to 90%. Waiting to get the all clear for exercise. I've got lots of toning to do. I can't imagine going back to yoga with the arms still compromised, but hiking for sure.

Finally some pictures to post

Photos are post arm, breast, back lift and Extended Abdominoplasty with Public Lift and Panniculectomy
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