My First Breast Implants C to DD 4/9/2007 - Marin County, CA

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My consult was good, I was excited, was done with...

My consult was good, I was excited, was done with babies, mommy make over! April 9, 2007 big day,,,,, Months later I got a contacture right breast. She recommended I go larger to prevent another. I did it. 800cc , replaced both implants, Months later, same side, another contracture and an infection, she recommends another surgery, replacement and antibiotics, surgery 3, then, again she recommended a fiber technique to stop it from happening surgery4, again infections, now a hole in my right breast, green fluid, it hurt so bad. 3 years into, antibiotics, pain pills, sleeping pills. I ve lost most of my arriola . She recommends I replace the implant and stay on the meds, for 9 months I'm on meds and the hole will not close. I can't take showers, my stomach hurts all the time . I can't sleep. Im so depressed, 5 years into this I'm so sick. I feel like I'm done, I feel ugly , gross , insecure. I can't swim, drink, party . It's been 6 years 8 surgeries, she recommends taking tissue from my hip to close the hole. Leaving the contracture and a deformed breast. At least the hole will be closed. Now , I'm scared of the lumps that have developed. I rushed to get a mamogram!! Omg, I'm so scarred . My test results are good. It's only scar tissue... Moving right along 7 years 8 surgeries, now I requested she take the implant out, it hurt so bad, it was left out from January 2014 to July 2014,I don't know what to do. It's out, now I'm considering the other out, but it looks so bad, I cry everyday. It's leaking still and there's no implant. She convinced me , or I did to give it another shot, she went in , under the breast because of the hole. This way the hole will not happen. October 2014, the hole opens back up, yellow fluid is comming out. Wtf...... Why? I'm still taking antibiotics , had it out for 6 months. I'm done with her and this whole nightmare. I'm searching for help , I'm sick, I'm on meds 8 years now, my arriola is almost gone , I'm always week, I'm depressed, I can't do anything. I felt like I had to tell me entire story today. I need you all to know that it's ok to feel and do what I did but it's not ok for your doctor to keep you medicated and keep performing the same surgeries knowing that's not going to work because of what's happend. I'm sure she didn't mean harm me and I'm sure she wanted me to feel good and it to work out but it's amazing that a doctor would do this so many times. I would of preferred years ago, if she said " you know what , you are going to get a contracture no matter what we do, because you've had several" why keep me believing that it could get better? Why keep me believing that another surgery would help fix? I hope that all these medications didn't do permanent damage to me. Fyi all 9 surgeries cost , what was suppose to be 6,000, turned into over 27,000 , Time of work, medications, severe depression, this has taken 8 years to end up deformed from my right breast, to large, leaking , I don't know why I continued to have all these surgeries over and over. 4 days ago I had them both removed. I feel good.

January 2014 before I took it out for six months

I'm so sad but I have to stay strong and try and get through this

I'm recovering and my Breast is changing as time goes by. I'm not sure how much better it can look and honestly I feel destroyed . All the infections, all the surgeries, removal and new forming scar tissue, medications that weekend my immune system now I'm having to take supplements , hoping that it helps me heal better.


First reconstruction process. I wish I would of known the consequences of how I would end up. Please ladies don't assume that because your told its going to be ok you go through with it because it isn't . Ask for pictures of your particular situation , and ask what the long term health problems may be. My immune system is weak now because of the meds she had me off and on for 6-7 years . I have a long road. And this is the best my Breast has looked,

I was contacted by an Atterney !

I was contacted today. I wasnt aware that what happen to me could be considered malpractice ! I don't feel like I want to go through anymore emotional pain. I'm already so stressed out . I don't think Im ready to do anything more than get through this. Has anyone ever got a call like this?

I'm so scarred

I have to share this, I know I shouldn't keep it to myself. I have brown patches on my hands. My stomachs been achy . It was achy a few years back so much, I woiod almost cry . Ladies im afraid it could be all the medication along with the extended time I was on it. I probably took hundreds and hundreds of antibiotics and pain pills, sleeping pills. Im going to get pictures done tomorrow with a determotogist.
I guess I will be looking for a malpractice lawyer after all. I hope I don't have some organ , liver damage . I'm freaken out . I can't stop crying.

Road to recovery must see what I've become

I had the second step to reconstruction : it's going to take a few more surgeries to recover . Look at these pictures and imagine your selves. I feel like Frankenstein . I feel better but sad that I'm Look like this because I was truly mislead and what was done to me was so unfair and cruel. Now I'm just suffering . I wish of i would of researched this doctor. This is what I've become.
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I only have my story

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