53yrs Old Getting GummyBear Implants for my Birthday - Marietta, GA

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I'm just starting this journey. I have been...

I'm just starting this journey. I have been unhappy with my size A breasts since I was a teen hoping they were going to get bigger...they never did. Now in my 50's at a 42A size I can never find bras in the stores. I can only get them on line. After much research and deliberation I'm going to do it! I have decided on Dr. West with Marietta Plastic Surgery to do the procedure. They were great in letting me actually try on sizes and put my shirt back on to see how they would look. I am going for a fluffy C. Not sure yet what that means in cc terms. I'll keep y'all updated during my pre op visit and post op surgery. Very excited!

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Pre op today

I go for my pre op today! It's getting close. I'll get my prescriptions and try out the sizers again just to make sure on the CC amount. I think it will be the 400cc. I've got my list of questions about my limitations on lifting stuff and exercise. Definitely going to let them know I would like some nausea medicine before and after surgery as I have had trouble with that with past anesthesia. (I have had quite a few knee surgeries so I know how my body reacts with anesthesia.) 2 weeks and counting until the arrival of my new girls!

11 days post op

Still very tight and high but Dr. says they look good and should soften and settle in with time. I did have quite a lot of bruising on one side and I'm sure that's where a lot of the soreness is coming from. I will say the incisions are pretty dang sensitive and of course that's where the band of my support sports bras hit. I have been putting a little pad in to buffer that area and it does seem to help. Thanks so much Ladies for the info and updates they really help. Just knowing how it's going for some of y'all makes the whole thing easer.
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