37 Yr Old, Mom of 3, Needing Muscle Repair, 5'5" 154lbs - Marietta, GA

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I had consultations with 8 different drs in my...

I had consultations with 8 different drs in my area (Charlotte, NC) and I never got a true confident feeling about any of them until I got to the last dr. His quote was a little over 16k, 6k-8k more than all the other drs. My husband was willing to pay it because the dr provided me with the most information and time. It just didn't sit right with me. That was too drastic of a price jump. I had a bilateral breast reduction 7/2/13 and it was a horrible experience. I did a review of that.

A couple of days before Valentine's Day my husband said do you wan to get your stomach fixed for Valentine's Day? I was shocked. I was like huh, are you serious? He said yes if that's what you would like. I said heck yeah. He said okay well it's settled. I was excited for the first 15 minutes. Then reality set in of what I agreed to and I started freaking out. The PTSD of my last cosmetic surgery kicked in and I started sweating. He tried to talk me off the ledge ensuring me that this facility would handle things much differently.

My husband then thought I should look into drs in the Atlanta area. I had looked into Dr. J back in 2012 but was no longer interested. I found Dr. Okoro on this site and liked his work. After researching him, finding out he's a Navy Vet that worked at Walter Reed (I'm a veteran so there is some bias there...lol), and doing a consultation, I was sold.

The worry and anxiety are taking it's toll. I have made myself sick a couple of times. My husband is trying to keep me focused. I suffer with an autoimmune disease and fibromyalgia. I had to get 2 medical clearances to have this surgery. The basic one and one from my pain management dr.

No meats

Trying not to eat meats before surgery. I don't want anything to block me up. I have IBS-C and I need to keep my lil system moving as much as possible. Protein shakes, fruits, and veggies and a boat load of water is all I'm doing started this morning. I must admit I am some kind of hungry...hahaha. It's so funny how you want the things you can't have when you're trying not to eat them. I normally eat 1-2 times a day.

Mag O7

I was 162 and I'm 154 just by going to the bathroom using the Mag O7. I started the Mag O7 February 27th took it for 8 days. I just started it again Friday night March 11th. My husband and son asked me what was the bulge above my navel. With the bloat leaving and poo going you can see the hernia. You can see it a little in the picture with the star. That was before I lost the 8lbs so you can see it a little more. I'm 3 days out and starting to feel like a zombie. I am going crazy not getting any sleep.

Pre op today

I've been up since 4am, can't sleep. Leaving soon to get on the road. Dr Okoro called me yesterday afternoon to see if I had any questions before I headed down. He's always so upbeat when I talk to him. That always makes me feel better.

Whoa Day 1 PO

The pain is real. I am hurting something awful. I'm flat now.

Oh the swelling

So unfortunately for me,I didn't have a lot of extra skin so I couldn't get a new belly button. I don't have stretch marks on my stomach but I have surgery scarring from other abdominal surgeries. By the next morning I was already swollen and it is only getting worse. The swelling is has my vagina feeling like a baseball and my thighs looking and feeling like weights. It's so painful. I started hiccuping the night of the surgery. The worse part about the 4 hour car ride home was getting in the the car. I was good to go in the minivan with pillows. I get my CG at my 1 week PO visit.

Low short scar

My scar doesn't look too bad. Can't wait until I can get some compression on it.

1 week follow up

I finally got my CG. I was standing 90% straight right after surgery. After I put that thing on I was standing 100% upright. I needed it. I was suppose to get my SmoothShapes massage yesterday but my ribs were way too tender for that. So they did an abdominal massage to show me how to do my own. OMG it was rough to start but my oh my did my stomach appreciate every bit of that massage. I felt so talk after. I was at about 95% upright after that. The CG just put it over the top. I still have my drain and it will come out next week. I already know it's going to hurt. That whole entire area hurts on me. They put it in a place that I wasn't numb. The scab around the drain is holding tight so every time I move it, it pinches. I will be glad to get it removed Thursday. The 2 bulges I have on my stomach that I am concerned with the PA told me is fine I am still so very swollen. No appetite really. My husband still makes attempts to feed me though. My pain is still substantial. I guess what's to be expected of having this surgery. TMI...I am full of gas so that has been fun trying to find ways to pass it, when your stomach muscles aren't in agreement with you yet. Down to taking pain meds twice a day and muscle relaxers still 3x a day. It's already a med that I have to take.

Yay! Drain out 2 weeks PO today

I'm so excited I got my drain out. That thing was hurting my thigh so bad. I was nervous about getting it out, but I wanted it out bad at the same time. Welp it did hurt but not where I thought it would. I felt it in my stomach like a rope burn. After about 7-8 minutes it wore off. I mean before you can grasp what's really happening its out. It's gasp worthy.

Removed the old pic

Removed 2 week pic to lighten it up. Adding it again.

18 days PO

Got my second Smoothshapes massage today. Bonus got my stage 2 compression garment as well size Small. It feels so good not to have those hooks anymore. Hoping it helps more with the swelling. There were no mirrors in the room, so I didn't get to see myself.


Picture after my husband massaged my stomach with castor oil. He does it at night before bed. Navel still jacked because of previous surgeries but I'm good with that. I didn't get a new navel, he just tacked it down to make it an inny. I don't rub around my incision.


The swelling. Today my stomach started to itch. I haven't scratched. Itching is better than the pain. I'm still having pain so I'm taking it easy.

What happened

to my lady parts I can't see them anymore

Smaller CG?

So I went Thursday to have my massage. MJ said I'm still so swollen but I might wanna go down to an XS garment. I'm in a small now and have been in it since the 4th. It's getting loose and I use the binders to tighten it up. Ugh, I didn't take it though. I'm scared of how it will dig in my thighs. Pheww the first few days of this small on my crotch was torture...lol. I know I need more compression though. My husband wants me to get compression shorts because he thinks I have fluid in my thighs. They have become water bed loose since surgery. It's freaking me out.


Some glue finally came off. I had my son cut it, so it wouldn't get pulled. I finally get to see some of my incision. Progress!

It was so good!

Went for lunch and had some salty seafood after my massage yesterday. I paid for it but it was so good. The top part of my abdomen still hurts a lot. I can feel a knot that's been there since after surgery. After the seafood I swelled and it made the pain worse. Ughhh it was so good.


I've been constantly swollen like this for about 6-7 weeks now. I don't understand. Wearing 24/7 compression with binder.
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Okoro listened to my concerns which I liked. Allie and Olivia have been doing all they can to ease my anxiety. I'm excited. They have been very thorough thus far so I am pleased.

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