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OK, so I am 36 with 3 angels who have stretched my...

OK, so I am 36 with 3 angels who have stretched my body BEYOND its limits! My youngest is 2 and I am done having kids. I talked about this for the longest and went in to get a consult and after playing with schedule and idea, I DID IT! Prayed, scheduled, paid and committed! Getting full TT with muscle tightening, BL and reduction. Spouse is a great support and is more excited than I! I put this off for the longest b/c I was afraid of the pain, but I hate looking at the wrinkling skin and hanging girls. Some people will say, oh, just work out harder, and I do, but that is not the answer! Show me a workout that tightens these wrinkles and lifts my breast INCHES...NONE! I am 194lbs and 5 ft 6in and I plan to be down 10-15 more pounds before I walk into the room and as each day approaches, I am getting NERVOUS! I know this will help me lose this weight for good as I will feel better and after all of this pain and cost, I will not go back! After my 3rd pregnancy, the weight loss has been very slow, but now I am truly committed and this is a step for me!!!!

Pre OP in the AM

OK, have my pre op tomorrow and I am not too sure what questions to ask. I am taking pics the day of and tomorrow to show what I do not want and the type of scars I do want, but other than that, what other questions do all my realselfers suggest? I will post my pics from tomorrow's session!

PICS before Pre Op in AM

OK, so I do Crossfit, and want to lose 10lbs before 23 Dec...any suggestions besides starving myself? I like smoothies, so think I will do these. I am not getting any lipo, just full tuck, muscle repair and lift. I am finally posting pics, brutal, but honest! My tummy pokes out more than my butt! This too shall pass as in a few weeks, I will be sitting up and less wrinkly and no more muscle separation! YAY ME! Will update after Pre Op tomorrow.

Pre Op Done

OK, so pre op done on Friday. Man oh man, paperwork, paperwork, paperwork! I was all nervous b/c I watched a video of the TT surgery the night before...not a great idea! I cannot stop thinking of the pain that my body will be in! I put all of my prescriptions in and will pick them up this week. For pain, the Dr. prescribed Percocet and an anti nausea drug. Did anyone else have this? Any pointers to help me deal with this anticipated pain? I was told not to let the 4-6 hrs past w/o taking my meds, so I told hubby to set the alarm! Not sure how much fun I will be for Christmas, but I will try. On my quest to lose 10lbs by surgery date and as of today, no more herbal remedies, just my sheer willpower...I CAN DO IT! I really cannot believe that I am doing this and I pray my mind can keep up; this is drastic for me! I will be looking for a wedge pillow and stocking up on my supplies. Still haven't decided on a laxative but I will start taking on Monday at least once per week so that I can see what works quickly, any pointers are welcome!

1 Week to Flatter Side

Well, I have 1 week to go!!! Getting excited, but man has my body been through it, sinus infection, pitoriasis rosea, upper respitory inf and just plain tired! But through it all, I am still pressing ahead and thanking God in advance! I enjoy this site and reading other's stories. My hubby asked me why am I still looking at this site and pics when I already know what I am getting? I told him, b/c I enjoy it and it is a great support and it makes this very real to my mind! I appreciate you all and starting tomorrow, all soup diet as provided to me by Yue33 (thank you)! Happy healing all!

Almost That Time

So it's almost 6am and I am up. My last Crossfit workout for a few months. Went out and bought like 9 pillows. Gonna get some Shea butter and vitaminE oil and stuff today. I also am trying out the fiber one bars, so far so good. Still debating if I will let my PS reduce one of my bigger breast bc honestly, I can't tell. Perhaps I can't bc they hang low, low low low low low! But once they are up, I may see the difference, I dunno. I also bought front closing bras today. I hope they are the right size!!! Didn't buy a new spans bc I have one, wasn't sure if I needed to get a smaller size; what did my RS ladies do with theirs, new or old? I am goin to be cleaning all day once back home. Gonna go to church tomorrow and relax with my fam! Will update on Sunday b4 my big day. Btw, did I mention how nervous I am...omg, I can't believe this is happening!!!!!!!!!!!

Morning of

Ok, so it's 12:19 in the am and I am to be at dr office at 715. So nervous! I have been "nesting" as I was told but I think I am doin all of this cleaning h to keep my mind off the sx! My dr office called to go over the meds and I asked if I can take a laxative bc my tummy is tumbling and feels like I wanna go but can't!!! They said, no, take the xanax and I will b ok. I didn't will take right b4 I go! Send up the prayers and I will post on am and once done! I got no sleep last night, tossing and turnin so hopefully tonight is better!!! Nighty night!!

Post op day 2

Well, it's done and boy oh boy, this is not for the faint of heart. I feel tight. Ok so we got there on Monday at 706, and went in. They took vitals and told us what to expect afterwards. The doc came, marked me up and off we went! I don't remember much after the IV went in. I was out! They started around 8 and I awoke at 4. As soon as I awoke, the most immediate pain was my arms. Bc they were spread eagle the entire time, it hurt like the dickens to bend. I was so tight in my abs. First night, I slept but up and down to walk and to bathroom! My hubby was great and I could not have done it without him. I took a shower yesterday and it felt wonderful. This is my third time trying to write this, I am super tired. I will write more later but here is a pic hubby took at shower. Happy healing all!

Post op day 3 and...

No BM! I took my last Percocet at 8 and will move to Tylenol and muscle relaxer so hope that will help. I took dulcolax and nothing...any pointers???

Finally, I went

Preop, I didn't know what to expect when I read all the posts about constipation, but now I know first hand! I had surgery on Monday and finally early Friday am, I went! I increased dulcolax, prayed and sat in bathroom! Wasn't leavin till I went! All in all, I am moving around very good and there were no drains so that is a plus. My family was awesome and my hubby was great! For all those healing, happy healing! I am so looking fwd to my new bod and exceptional healing!!! I took another shower today and it was grt! I am loving this zip up bra they gave me, it's perfect!!!

1 week post op in am

It's amazing how quick Tim's (and healing) flies by!!! I go to Dr. in am for one week post ok and in this one week, I have changed in many ways...healing and physical appearance! Only pooped twice this week but I can cough with much less pain today than I did on Monday. I know many people get "supplies" and stuff prior to, but I did not buy t all tha t stuff aside from pillows and front closure bras and I was fine. I would suggest that if you buy bras, find the ones that zip up and have adjustable straps. Just my luck, my washer broke day before Christmas and repairman ordered parts that are not in till Friday, of this week. So I had to wash mine in the sink till hubby went to laundromat. I was so used to being home my hubby just asked if I wanted him to twist my hair and I said no, why and he reminded me of my appointment in am. I said lol, I am so used to being home, my hair was not on my mind. For all other natural hair wearers, you feel my pain. Gonna try to wash and finger style early in am, I hope not to painful bc I have not combed it all week!!! TodAy I washed dishes and made dinner. I notice when I stand too long or do to much, my back and leg is in app much pain! Well happy healing ladies and I will post pics tomorrow. I agree with a fellow realselfer, even if I don't get many responses, I love this site and I can dump my pics and get them off my phone in case my kids find it!!

Post op week 1 DONE

Ok, so went to post op apptmt and it was good!! I was moving really slow but moving! He did not do a reduction bc once he did lift, there wasn't much difference so he did not reduce! My hubby thought they did lipo, but nope, no lipo! He cleared me to walk for as long as my body will allow. He wants me to keep binder on. He removed bandage from belly button but kept tape on sutures and told me to keep on for another week then remove and replace. They gave me another roll to replace weekly for the next 3 months, yes, 3 months!!! He said the tape helps keep sutures flat. Never heard that before but following doctors orders. I can walk upright and stomach pain is very minimal. I sneezed today and WOW, that was extremely painful! The most pain I have is in my lower back. I am relaxing for the next week bc I went out on day 7 bc I had a surge of energy ...yeah right! We went to Kroger and I walked around but I was so winded after about 15 min. So I came home and sat and will continue to sit till 6 Jan! I will be2 wks post then and will be headed back to work. I sit all day and carpool so I should be good!!! I think I will move off couch to bed tonight, propped up of course! Happy new year and happy healing ladies!!!????

Belly button uncovered

Eatin Bad

Ok, so been resting lots and sayin poorly! Had a bowl of ice cream and candy and southern food! I am eating within reason at my meals but it is mainly my snacking! Goin to get a big glass of water and smoothies for tomorrow. I start walking on Monday along with my sensible eating. My tummy feels get and I can cough with no pain and the binder is irritable but a necessary evil! Listening to doctors orders and my bodies cur, all is well. I feel good, to God be the glory! Happy healing ladies!!!

Day 15 and 17 pics

Day 17

Hello RS friends! What a week! I went back to work and was moving slow,but moving! I went on day14 with binder on tightly. I have a desktop so not too bad. I didn't walk much bc I still have a slight hunch, trying daily to straighten up but it feels like boobs and abs are pulling, work in progress. I did remove tape from boobz and they looked a little wopsided, but I tell myself that I am still healing, no criticism just yet. The tape hurt in a few places to come off but not too bad and I did on my own. I replaced tape with new strips and will leave on for four days and let Dr replace on Monday when I go in. I removed tummy tape today for first time and I see bulging on the sides, fat, swelling or skin, I dunno! Gonna keep my binder right, tell Dr and press. If fat I will work it off. Pardon the dry skin in pics, I was about to shower. In the am, when I awake, sides above incision aren't too bad. I cAlled nurse this week bc I see a few spots looking like it's open and she said it was ok and that is just stitched working its way. All in all, I feel great! Who am I kidding, I feel as great as I can given my circumstance. Would I like to have more energy, u bet! Would I love to lift my two yr old when she says "up mommy", of course! Do I yearn to do a crossfit class, sure do! But I am still healthy, sane and beautiful so I am great! I did ask nurse about indention on abs an she said bc they over exaggerate during muscle tightening and that it loosens. She was correct bc it is not as indented as day 1. Goin to buy me a new CG tomorrow and I can't wait to work out. I rush home from work to shower bc it feels so goo to my back!! Loving that tomorrow is Friday! Happy healing ladies and yes, I still say it is worth it!!!

3 weeks down

My my, where has the time gone? I went I yesterday for my follow up and dr removed all tape and it looks grt! I thought it looked Frankensteinish last week, but what a difference a week makes! I told him I was planning on heading to gym to walk and he says ok but I doubt you will get much done there, so I listened and did not go. He asked me to wait one more week and then go. I agreed and told him it's not that I am pain but I get winded so easily and he says exactly why I want u to wait one more week! I did my first week of work and it wasn't to bad and I am standing up more straight. Each new day brings greater joy and healing! He told me I could wear any bra I choose now bc scars are healing nicely although I am still in sports bra, not ready to put on my Vickie's!!! If I do to I much, by belly cramps and breast ache but for most part, recovery has improved significantly!!!y sleep is great and any time I receive aim it's nothing a lil aleve won't fix!!

Week 4

No real changes! I went to gym, started walking for an hour on treadmill and did VERY light weights. I feel good, no major changes other than no pain and swelling the same. I don't get as winded and I can sneeze!!!! Yay!! I wore a regular bra and it was a good D cup, no double D!! The scar under breast looks really good! Will post I my week 5 post! I try not to let my mind overtake my body for workout. I did not go over 3.0 but gonna call dr and ask if I can go up in speed next week!
I can also hold my 2 year old now!!! I still sleep with bra and binder. Don't need bra (per dr) and slept without one night and I was conscious. Still sleep with binder, just not as tight as I have in daytime. I also have binder on at gym. Only time it's not on is shower. Yes, I look boxy like sponge bob, but I don't care! All a part of my road to fineness! I have found watching Beyonce videos and listening to her songs while workin out is SUCH motivation!!! I'm flawless!!!
Lata other flawless ladies!!

ohoh - over did it

Ok, perhaps I may have over done it. I bathed my two year old today...and nothin else. I had a nagging pain on my stitch and I thought it was the binder sitting too low but b4 ,my shower, it was still hurting so I removed tape only to see blood, pus and water in the air that was aching. Called my Dr at 9pm and the on call Dr said to put Bridlington on and come in the morning. So I will! I hit 5 weeks tomorrow and I thought I was in the clear...NOT!!! Please take it easy all and I will post a pic tonight and my doctors orders after my visit. Rest easy!


Dr advice

Ok, so called the dr and they said no, I may not have over done it but remember to take it easy!!! I was advised to keep neosporin over it with gauze and watch for draining and redness/painful to the touch. If I remove bandage tonight and it is still draining, come in tomorrow. So with that, I am fearful to go back to the gym but if i do, I will walk only!! I also asked when I may take a bath and was told after all incisions are closed (ie, this new one that opened). The nurse stated it is probably a stitch pushing it's way through. Until tomorrow, happy healing pretty ladies!

Went to dr

And he said it is healing nicely. Sometimes there are small pockets that poke out but it's nothing to worry about. It needs to dry out and after that, it will scab and close up. No infection! He said at 5 weeks, there is nothing I can do aside from heavy lifting which will disturb my stitches or cause issues with healing. With that, I will relax and start back walking! Other than that, my boobs are great and tummy still numb from surgery! A little itchy but all is grt!!

Week 6-great times!

Hello ladies! Made it to week 6! Not much to report other than open sores are closing up, I don't get winded as easy and walking more upright! If I eat top much, I can tell but not extremely noticeable. I stopped all exercise with openings last week. I actually had 3 little openings but all scabbing over and healing! So on Sunday, I walked for an hour at 3.0 and today, I will walk for another hour but at 3.5. Going to walk some, jog some. I don't think it will be so bad. I am planning on doing a 5k in march, so I gotta get on it! I will be 3 months post op by then. Do you all think that is doable? I start back with crossfit 1 April. I miss it but scared to start back. Any other crossfit junkies out there? I notice the incision site is hard, lumpy kinda. I did not do lipo so I know that this last little bit is me. The incision above pubic line is a little sore last few days, so I removed tape. I think my hair is growing into skin and a hair bump trying to make way. But I can't shave yet bc of incision still healing. I may try at week 8.

What else, I can bathe and hold my two yr old. When I do too much in a day, I tend to walk a little hunched over. I am still wearing binder from surgery. I wear all day tight and very loose at night. I bought another CG, but don't wear much. Honestly, it's work to get over my thighs and I'd rather not. I should buy another but honestly, I don't want to and I have started trying to take it off a few hours in day, but a must while exercising! I feel a little pain in AM on breast but it soon goes away. I wish my breast sat up more but hey, my b4 kid booby days are a thing of the past! I prefer this over saggy boobs anyday! They sit up and give grt cleavage! I am not on any meds routinely, aside from a Motrin 800 here and there. I have swelling in hands and feet and tummy but honestly, I think it's just fat! I ate and drank at Super Bowl party but I still can't eat too much. I still get full off a few bites and that is a great thing. I don't get on scale much but my weight seems to stay between 192 and 195. Heavy I think but I am a beautiful, healing work in progress. I don't like getting on the scale rather judge how I feel and fit into clothes. Although i haven't done much weight training, I can still see muscles in my arms, GO CROSSFIT! My hubby loves looking at me but touches gently as he thinks he will hurt me. I tell him, I am fine! As long as no pulling or grabbing, u can't hurt or tear anything. He will come around! Happy healing ladies!!!

One more

My little pudge! It's first thing in the morning. I can deal with that!!! Much better than b4 and I forgot to mention, tummy still numb and hard! I still have indent in middle and can feel abs underneath...great job dr west!!!

8&9 weeks

Hello all, ok, it's been awhile; however, life happened and there u have it. Today I am at 9 weeks and I am still so very happy with my decision to complete the surgery! Last week, I started Shawn T, T25, and let me tell u, it is a workout! You think, oh, it's just 25 minutes, but man, u sweat and work every single minute! Being that I was just getting back into a real workout, I followed the modified person and it was still a workout! On one day, after my workout, I went and walked, jogged outside with kids and rode scooters! I am feeling grt, but trying to wean myself off the binder, but when I do, I get so winded!!! At dr office now and will inquire about that. I also still have tenderness on my abs and infrequent pain in breasts! I can't sleep on my tummy comfortably yet and still sleeping with 6 or more pillows. I hate my little pudge on left side and wish I had lipo to get rid of it, but oh well! My scar is flat and I am putting no creams on it, only tape per dr instructions. I don't see much change other than my skin is loosening and my indention isn't as profound, but oh well! I feel boxy but I know in time, it will improve and I am still happy with my decision. My hubby is afraid to touch thinking he will hurt me and I constantly remind him that I am good! I haven't had any sores (suture opening) in the past few weeks. I did not place tape over those areas, rather I put gauze and neosporin on it for a few days and then let it air dry and scab over. That works for me. I will add 8 and 9 weeks photos! Be grt and happy healing all!!!

Pics week 8

8 and 9 wk pics

Just leaving dr office and he is super pleased with my results and I told him about my pudge that I hate and he stated that it is swelling and should go down but if I do not like results to come back in 2 mths and he will see what he can do to correct!!! So I made apptmt just in case, u never know! All in all, I am pleased and cleared for everything and he took pics and all is grt!!!!
Dr. West

I originally received my consult at another practice, but then I went to Dr. West. He was so patient, had, an impeccable resume and wonderful pics, so I went with him. I wasn't going to do it unroll 2014, but my hubby took time off in Dec, so I did it and his coordinator was very accommodating, I scheduled! I loved how he took the time to explain everything during my consult and he had no idea if I would be choosing his practice. He did not try to talk me into anything extra, only what I wanted and what was best for my body with realistic results! A friend of mine went to him a few months prior and she looks great, so that sealed the deal!

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