Best Decision I Have Made This Year - No More Fanny Pack - Marietta, GA

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I am a pretty active woman with one adult child. ...

I am a pretty active woman with one adult child. I have had a pouch or "fanny pack" in my lower abdomen since the birth of my child 31 years ago and over the years - it has always bothered me. Well recently, I had started to gain weight and the pouch started to grow - again in the lower abdomen area - just enough for me to look like I was about 4 months pregnant. All of my dresses clung to the pack and in my jeans - the muffin top started to look like a soufflé - going down only when I lay down. I decided to have Liposuction on my Upper and Lower Abdomen after doing some extensive research and seeing Dr. Okoro on a local television show last year. Looked him up and saw that Dr. Celestin had just joined his practice. I procrastinated a bit, but then decided to go see her (this year). Boy, oh boy! Best decision I have made this year. I am not a vain woman and I don't have a unrealistic sense of what my body "can be" even with a lamp and 3 wishes. However, I did want to feel more confident in my dresses without my fanny pack making me look like a tourist in Target. So I did it. Boy, oh Boy, Best decision I have made this year. Dr. Celestin did the damn thing!

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Hey there, I posted yesterday. No material changes to my post - just edited it a bit. I can tell you today is the 4 week anniversary of my procedure and I am remain committed to my decision to do this; it worked for me. I have had minimal to no pain or complications and the garments have become a necessary evil so I don't mind them nearly as much as I did the first week. I am planning to get back on regime of running this weekend and will start exercising in mid-September. I have changed my diet and I am committed to being a better me. This was an emotional journey for me; not a physical one. I didn't go in a perfect specimen of a woman and I have not walked away from it a perfect specimen of a woman; breasts are still lopsided; C-section (vertical) scar is still a hot mess; thighs are a little bit lumpy and butt is starting to sag a bit; but I feel good in my dresses (70% of my wardrobe) and that is what I wanted out of this. Good Luck to all of you who are contemplating having a procedure and to those of you who decide not to; that is okay too - do what is right for you.
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Dr. Celestin - where do I start. She is a beautiful, brilliant miracle worker. She is very thorough in her explanation of the procedure, the process, and what to expect. She provides you all the time you need to ask questions and feel good about the decision you are contemplating or have made. I never felt rushed and oddly enough - never felt embarrassed, even when sitting in front of her butt-ass naked in all my glory. The day of the procedure I was having second thoughts - BIG TIME! But for some reason, when I saw Dr. Celestin and she began to "mark me up" - I felt calm and reassured. My procedure took about 1.5 hours and when I woke up - my hubby was standing ready to take me home (with my meds; prescriptions already filled). I was swaddled like a newborn in my garment and binder. The pain was minimal - Once I got home I slept for a long while and when I woke up, I was hungry. I won't kid you - you will be sore for awhile - your body is numb from the anesthesia - but you "feel" like something has happened to your body and for a couple of seconds you think "what the hell have I done?". The garments that you have to wear for 6 weeks are uncomfortable as HELL and the design of it sucks - the straps are on edge of your shoulders which make them visible in sleeveless dresses or tops. But 6 weeks versus years of Spanx is totally worth it. Also, after 3 weeks - it gets better - much better - you can do 12 hours in the garment 12 hours off; right now I feel most comfortable wearing mine all the time (can you believe it?). Can't tell you I look forward to always being naked when I go to see the doctor for follow up appointments and having my photos taken (1 week, 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, and 1 year) and for the SmoothShape massages (help to reduce swelling after the procedure), but hey, me and the staff are on a first name basis now - had to be with them always taking commando photos of me. I am so pleased with my results; she did a really, really good job. So good in fact, I even asked Dr. Celestin: did you take too much out??? I think it was separation anxiety - me and the "fanny pack" had been to together so long,and now she was gone and left no note or anything to remind me she had been there; even the scars from the procedure are disappearing." Now, I don't have the body of Beyoncé by any means - but for a 52 year old woman - I look and feel pretty doggone good. I am in week 4 and I still have some swelling and a little soreness so I don't know my waist size but I still can't believe what she was able to do; the fit of my dresses and my jeans are unreal. For me - it was the right thing to do and I don't regret it ONE BIT!!!! NOT ONE BIT!!! I referred a friend to Dr. Celestin and she too is beyond thrilled with her results. If you are in the Atlanta area and you are contemplating lipo, go talk to her. You don't have to commit to anything. She has technology, videos, literature and other tools and resources to help inform you make the right decision for you. There is a $100 appointment charge (I balked at first, but you know how some people book appointments and don't show up - for businesses, the loss of potential business is a serious thing so I get it). I can't complete this review without speaking about the staff of Georgia Plastic. They are FANTASTIC! They are a professional group of women who are passionate about their patients being well. I never waited more than 10 minutes for an appointment and the follow up is amazing. (I didn't meet any men so if they are there, I am sure they are too). You will have to sign your life away and any child born after your procedure (the paperwork is ridiculous) but that's America right? Again, this is not for everyone, but it worked for me (and my friend). Do your research and make the decision that is right for you. If you decide to go see Dr. Celestin as a result of this review - tell her the Fanny Pack lady sent you. :-) Best regards!

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