Silicone Subglandular Revision for Capsular Contraction with Subglandular Mentor MemoryGel Smooth Round Silicone - Marietta, GA

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I have a problem you may be able to help me with....

I have a problem you may be able to help me with. I am 62 and I had the Dow 185cc smooth round silicone at 30 years old and the Replicon 385cc silicone/poly covered at 40 years old until 12/19/2013. I do not know my profile. I have to replace them due to capsular contraction. I am 5"5" 145-150lbs, subglandular, no children, and have Replicon 385cc round silicone/poly covered. The problem is I have seen 2 docs and I told them I like how I look and I want them about the same. I had 385cc so that isn't the problem. One doc likes to use high profile on his patients and he will be doing my surgery but he will use mod+ if I want. The second opinion doc says mod+ is what he uses on his patients and high profile for mastectomys. I have had the subglandular for 32 years and 22 years ago they said I couldn't switch to under the muscle because it stretches your skin and I would just have loose skin hanging off. I shouldn't have to agonize over this decision. It's hard to find subglandular patients who have similar circumstances. The 2nd Doc suggested I might want to go down 35cc so I would sag more and look more natural and I would have fewer problems in the future. They are bigger than I originally wanted but I am use to them. I don't were bras and I am going to sag anyway and why would I want to speed up the process. The docs on this website say take a picture to the doc for a consultation and they will decide what you need. I took them myself to look at, feel and measure and I don't know what I need to approximate what I am . They tell me what their personal preferences or what they use on most of their patients. But, they will go with what I want. The 2nd consultation didn't help me make a decision. I have been agonizing, researching and asking docs on line for help. I have to order them on Monday 12/16/13 for my surgery on Thursday 12/19/13. I have prescriptions for Mentor MemoryGel Smooth Round Silicone 400cc (my idea) high to help fill the loose skin and 375cc mod+. I may need 375cc high and find the doc to write the Rx on Monday but the difference is so small I doubt it would matter. I have already paid the hospital and physician. My good and affordable health insurance is cancelled as of 01/01/2014 thanks to ObamaCare. It is being replaced with more expensive insurance with less coverage. So, it's now or never. My insurance company is paying for the removal and I pay for the new implant part of the surgery. The blue background photos are my post-op in 1991, 22 years ago. The others are now. Any help would be appreciated.

Got food poisoning Dec 16th

Got food poisoning yesterday. Couldn't even hold...
17 Dec 2013
1 day pre

Got food poisoning yesterday. Couldn't even hold in or down a sip of water or cracker. Got neighbor to pick up medicine and Poweraid and it helped. Still having problems, but I have to be well so I can take the antibiotic the doc is giving me after my surgery which of course gives me diarrhea. Got my implants Mentor MemoyGel 400 cc high profile ordered yesterday for overnight delivery. Not excited about surgery because this is my third set over 32 years. It is strictly for capsular contraction. I like how I look and they have become a part of who I am. I am tired of being hurt. My husband is disabled and when I was sick yesterday it was like a trial run. I usually look after his needs and he has limited capabilities to help me. I'm screwed. I have done it all by myself before but that was 22 years ago. He is only 49 but he can't drive. We have to take a cab and arrive at 5:30AM on Thursday. I almost threw up already today and I have so much to do to get ready, even mow the grass. Trying to keep some liquids down. I have to get well and hydrated by the surgery time. Insurance paying for removal.

Got sick, had to reschedule.

Got sick, had to reschedule. Schuled for Thur 12/19. Had nausea and vomiting starting on Monday. Thought I would be OK by Thursday. I was still very sick and dehydrated on Wed. Couldn't even keep sips of water or a cracker down. Went to acute care and they kept me in the hospital overnight giving me IVs and med. (By the way, according to ObamaCare I have inferior health insurance & the plan is discontinued. Then, why did all that care only cost me $60 for a much less monthly premium?) At home, weak and can only drink clear fluids. Have to reschedule. Too bad, because it will cost me more after 1/1 with my "better" new insurance plan with the same company.

4 days post-op subglandular revision due to capsular contraction

Had surgery 2/20/14. 63 years old now. 5'5" weight 155, no children, post-menopausal on hormone replacement therapy. Used Mentor Memory-Gel silicone, smooth round, high profile, 400cc sub-glandular. The surgeon took the ones I had for 22 years out intact, removed the capsule, and replaced. Had pain but it wasn't too bad. Took 3 Dilaudid and 2 Aleve the first day. Took 2 Aleve the second day. No pain med since. Swelling is continuing to go down. Didn't have big elastic bandages, just the bra. I wanted to look like I did before the surgery. I was use to them and only had surgery because of the capsular contraction. When I look at the new ones, I think they will come close to what I had. The old pictures are under "Silicone Subglandular....... You can see the capsular contracture is gone. Here are my 4 day pictures.

Pre-op vs 4 day Post-op Subglandular Silicone 400 cc revision

Easier to see photos together.

8 day Post-Op, Saw Dr today and tape removed from stitches

Itchy and surgical bra very irritating. Finally, figured out I could put a tank top on and the bra on top of it. Helped so much. Doc says I can start gently massaging now. I have had my implants replaced twice over the past 22 yrs due to capsular contraction. I actually think I will look smaller because the capsule was removed and my breasts are soft now. It felt weird at first because I wasn't use to them moving around. I don't mind them being smaller because I was bigger than I meant to be. I weighed 20 lbs less when I got them and I was top heavy. I was flat chested and just always wanted to look average. Was OK with how I looked before this surgery and I wanted the same. I think the Doc did it. The swelling made me look so huge (and my body swelled up too) I am relieved they are getting smaller everyday. Was more scared of how I would look than the surgery. I just want to look a good average and like I am wearing a good bra because I don't wear bras. I only have the surgical bra, so I will have to go buy one. I didn't want to try on bras because I didn't want to expose myself to getting an infection. Now, that I know I can wear a tee shirt, I will go shopping. Spring is coming and the Doc says I can work in the yard putting out pine straw and carrying 40 lb bags of dirt in two more weeks. Right on schedule. I work like crazy in the yard in the spring and fall because mother nature has her own schedule. At, least I got my martin bird house cleaned out. They had pecked threw the back of one of the cells/rooms to make a back door. My dog has bad allergies and she chews her paws bloody. Been fighting it for 4 years. I have to get her off the Prednisone or it will shorten her life. Her hair has started to fall out. Had tried every kind of commercial food. Ran out of options. Been doing a lot of research about home-made dog food and supplements. Started her food transition and she loves it. Reducing prednisone and so far so good. She is eating healthier than I am. If it doesn't work I will have to keep her in a cone which she doesn't mind. It keeps my mind off myself. Thanks, Linda (I will post more pictures soon.) Thanks for listening.

The BILL came. Rant Alert....

The hospital sent me a bill for $20,257. I almost fell over. I requested an itemized statement. They charged me $4,000 just for the implants. WRONG. I had bought mine directly from Mentor and they were shipped to my surgeon. The billing office says their going to check on that. Heck with that, I got the Fed X tracking # and Mentor is going to call me back with my serial numbers. I'm sure Mentor will give me an itemized statement with the serial numbers on it. I have a card from the hospital with the serial numbers that I am currently wearing. I asked them what $8,000 was for and they said it was the surgeon's fee. WRONG. I didn't use their surgeons. I brought my own of that too. I asked them why they didn't give me credit for what I had pre-paid for anesthesia. They said anesthesia does their own billing and they will give me credit when I get my bill. So, you mean I'm getting another bill. WRONG. Well, then what is the $2,217 for anesthesia on this bill. I really didn't get an answer on that one. They gave me the number of the anesthesia billing office to get rid of me. That's why you get an itemized bill. Because, they expect it to go directly to the insurance company and nobody is any the wiser. My insurance company is paying to have my old implants removed. I am paying to have the new ones put in. The hospital was suppose to give me the discount they give my insurance company. If I subtract my pre-payments, the insurance companies discounts and the invalid charges on my bill, I should owe about $200. I was in the OR a little longer than had been predicted. If a hospital can get $20,000 for 5 hours, it's a good thing I didn't have to spend the night. I had my own businesses for 20 years and they are not going to get rid of me. I will take care of business and they will get it straight. Good thing I had all this time to recover. It doesn't seem like Mr. Obama had the positive impact on the health care system I had hoped for. Not on this hospital anyway. It should get interesting. I have a new hobby. By the way, the breast are doing good. I can massage my breast and incisions already. I will get new pictures. Thanks.

Post-op 19 days

Doing fine. Like results. Itchy hard incision (I get bad scars) and capsular contracture. Have to massage breasts and scars everyday from now on starting on day 7. Incision discomfort will get better faster if I massage them vigorously. Will probably take 6 months to a year to fully resolve. That's normal for me. Will massage breasts forever. ..... Hospital bill is all messed up. I got my invoice from Mentor day before yesterday proving I bought the implants directly from them and they were shipped to my Dr. The serial numbers on the invoice match the card I got from the hospital proving he used my implants and not theirs. They are billing me $4,074 for using the hospital's implants. My insurance company is paying for the implant removal and I am paying for the new implant implantation. It is confusing everything. If I had gone through my 2nd opinion Dr. and paid it all myself, it would have cost me $9,000. It's worth going through this hassle to save money. It was suppose to cost me $4,728 in December when I was scheduled and got sick. But with my reduced benefits in January because of ObamaCare and additional hospital costs, I don't know how much it is going to cost me. I got good care, my implants are the same and they look good. The worst part of the surgery is going dealing with the business office. Most insurance companies will not pay for the removal. My last revision about 1990, all (removal & implantation) of it was paid for by an insurance company because it was considered a medical necessity. I am 63. If I had waited until I was 65 for Medicare, I would have had a very hard time finding a Dr. or facility that would accept it because of the low fees Medicare pays and it takes them so long to get paid. Medicare can change their rules at anytime. As I understand it, they have already stopped paying for screening pap smears for women over 65 because of new American Cancer Society recommendations. I will pay for my own paps and mammograms if Medicare stops paying for yearly screenings. I know I'm going to die, just don't want a painful death. I've already outlived most of the women in my family so I figure I have about 10 more years. I don't feel old. I work in the yard all the time and can carry 50 lb bags of sand. I even cut down trees using a chain saw last summer. Husband is 49 and permanently disabled starting 6 years ago. He can't drive and he couldn't help me much after my surgery. I do it all. I was suppose to go first. What's the point in marrying a younger man if it turns out this way? The new breasts are just maintenance. They won't be able to go out to play.

Post-op Day 20

Increased the massage pressure on my incisions and surrounding area 4 times per 12 hour period nude at top using Cetaphil Cream in Jar not lotion for maximum absorption. Massaged breasts with a lighter pressure. They are very soft and that is new to me. The shape is much better too. Went without bra totally naked breast and it felt so much better. E-mailed Dr. if I could go braless from now on. Only discomfort are the incisions and braless makes it go away. They are healing great. The Dr. is trained to do micro surgery on hands. The incisions are the best I have ever had. I know this isn't the final shape and size but they are great and are continuing to get better everyday. Got to get pictures. Can work in the yard and lift 45 lb dog on the 3/14 (changing her to home cooked diet and I have to weigh her everyday to adjust calorie intake) She eats better than I do. All human food. Husband wants to taste but doesn't like the brown color because everything is pureed. It's easier for her to digest to get maximum nutrients. Told him it might as well go in brown because that's how it comes out. It has cured her itching in 2 weeks. Have battled for 5 years. Tried every kind of dog food, taking prednisone continuously and wearing cone. Parrot is cheap and easy. Either dead or alive.

Post-op day 23, May have slight deformity from 2 sub-glandular capsular contracture revisions

Sub-glandular placement is more likely to have capsular contracture. They have to remove the scar tissue during the revision. I have had two revisions. I could have the implants removed and be over with it or live with it. I will live with it. I will probably get it again. I kept the last ones for 22 years. A contracture could happen 3 months to never. My Doc just e-mailed me that massage is the best thing to do to prevent capsular contracture and they may be healing at different rates. He didn't say if wearing a bra would make my chances of getting it again better or worse. I am making too much out of this thing. It's not going to affect my life one way or another. I hope they will outlast me. I can put something in one side of a bra to make up the difference if I want. It's irrelevant when compared to other things in my life. I have never seen a perfect person according to the standards set by our society. My self-esteem was always so low, but the breast implants helped. But there is nothing that can be done on the outside to fix the inside. For me, it was a temporary respite to make me feel better. It was like make-up. It really wasn't me. As I get older, I am moving further away from the pursuit of an unachievable perfect standard. It would just be delaying the inevitable. When, you get to be 70 or 80, does it really matter if you look 10 years younger? I don't want to be ugly, but I don't want to be ashamed about how I look. I am starting to feel like the pursuit of youth is for the young. Most people don't know how beautiful they were until they look at old pictures of themselves. I wish I had known how to feel beautiful in the moment. Anyway, my husband's lab work came back bad because he eats junk. The human food that I feed the dog is so healthy that I am going to add stuff to make it pasta sauce. I will just leave a pot of it in the fridge all the time. I burned up a blender last night making the dog food and of course the food processor arrived from E-bay today. I had to open the doors to air out the house so the fumes wouldn't kill the bird. It got to be 50 degrees in here (put bird in toxic free warm room). We would probably kill ourselves with toxic fumes if wasn't for the bird. Will post pictures soon. Was going braless (OK with Doc on day 20) but I wasn't use to having soft breasts that moved around or hung over and touch my chest wall. It felt weird. The bra helped. Now I feel like there just things attached to my chest I just have to deal with. Liked it better with the capsules. They didn't go anywhere. This is like putting my arm in a sling so it won't hang down or move. Maybe, I'll get just enough capsule to act as a natural bra. I don't need to have them up to chin.

1990 revision, 2014 pre-op, 2014 revision post-op day 4, day20 (progression of change 1990-2014)

1990 2nd set of implants. revision of capsular contraction. the same differences appear that are showing in this revision. I will arrange the pictures by profile to view the progression.

Sub-glandular Revision, 1990 revision, 2014 pre-op, 2014 revision post-op day 4, day20 ( right side progression of change 1990-2

You can click on the blue picture to make it larger. You can see that it was the same in the 1990 blue picture, the 2014 pre-op picture on the left the post-op day 20 picture on the right. As the swelling started going down, you can see that it reverting back to the old shape but just without the capsule. Its hard for me to tell much difference from the before and day 20. It surprised when I looked at the 1990 blue picture that the shape change had already occurred from the 1979 original implants. Will look for those pictures.

Sub-glandular Revision, 1990 revision, 2014 pre-op, 2014 revision post-op day 4, day20 (LEFT SIDE progression of change 1990-2

LEFT SIDE VIEW. You can click on the blue picture to make it larger. You can see that it was the same in the 1990 blue picture, the 2014 pre-op picture on the left the post-op day 20 picture on the right. As the swelling started going down, you can see that it reverting back to the old shape but just without the capsule. Its hard for me to tell much difference from the before and day 20. It surprised when I looked at the 1990 blue picture that the shape change had already occurred from the 1979 original implants. Will look for those pictures

Silicone capsular contractor revision deformity, went into shock from pain and had to stay in hospital overnight in 1990

The deformity occurred between 1979 and 1990. It appears in the 1990 post- op pictures. I hadn't noticed from 1990 and 2014 because I had no reason to look at my breasts in such detail until this surgery. Oh well, I guess it's one of those things that falls into the category "what you don't know can't hurt you". Wrong, but your just not aware that your being hurt until you find out and then it may be too late. It's that "living in a fools paradise thing". I want to get the address. So, this is a relief, it didn't matter anyway. I went to two PS and they didn't notice either because the scar tissue was there. It could have been that the 1990 PS took out too much tissue along with the scar. In 1990, they had to keep me in the hospital overnight because my body went into shock from the pain. I had no family to make the decision, but I had signed a document giving the Dr. permission to make such decisions on my behalf in case of an emergency. The deformity has become more apparent as my breasts have sagged. I'm not going to ever do anything about sagging unless I have surgery another revision. I would never do that unless I get a contracture. I'll just wear a bra.

Pictures, Day 26 Post-Op

Pictures, Day 26 Post-OP

Pictures, Day 26 Post-OP

Pictures, Day 26 Post-OP


As you can see my breast are very close together post-op and pre-op. My 1990 surgeon did that to make me look like I had more cleavage without discussing it with me of course, he also made me bigger than I wanted. I could have gotten Symmastia but I didn't. However, it may have made me more at risk this time because my new surgeon didn't have much room for error. I think I don't have it. I have been scaring myself so much during the healing process, I just want it to be over. I have been massaging my breasts since day 8 post-op, and going braless on and off since day 20 post-op. All with my Dr.'s permission. Got busy and went braless all day yesterday. The top of my cleavage and top of left breast started burning. When I put a bra on, it didn't stop. Any bra pushes the cleavage so close it touches most of the time. So of course I looked it up on the internet and found out about symmastia. I don't think I have it but I got a tip just in case. I got my sports bra that has a very narrow back. I turned it around so my breast stuck out the armholes (where my back would normally be). It left a narrow strap that went perfectly between my breasts. I rolled up a sock and put it behind the strap between my cleavage. It made a very tight fit. The burning instantly stopped. I put my bra on over top of it and I felt much better. E-mailed my Doc and he says I will be swollen for about 3 months, but if I want to I can come in for him to check me. He reminded me to keep massaging so I won't get capsular contracture (or at least slow down the process for another 23 years). No need for me to waste my time going to see him. Nothing can be changed and it will heal correctly or not. It'll probably be OK. My cleavage is very tight, especially with the swelling and wearing any bra pushes it together. I was afraid this could be or make me vulnerable to symmastia. I massage my breasts. The lady on the internet who has it a little, said most women are told too massage them in a way that will push them towards the center and that we should massage them away from the center. I do it all the way around but I will make sure I give the center more attention just in case. As long as something isn't harmful, I always choose to error on the side of caution. I expect I will keep getting smaller and the shape may keep changing. I'm not too picky as long as I don't look deformed. My nerves may be waking up because when I turn certain ways I can feel it burning and pulling, especially on the cleavage. The cleavage is a little achy and itchy. I'll just keep wearing my sock to keep the implants apart and compression on that area so the implants don't migrate closer to the center. Doc said I could start working in the yard carrying pine straw and top soil as of last Friday. I think I am going to wait a while on that. Dog doing great on new human food. Down by 2/3 on prednisone and it is amazing. She is shiny, has more energy and not itching. Ground turkey, salmon, vegtables, sweet potatoes, and supplements. She might live longer this way. The turnover rate of doggie staff members is too high.

30 days post-op

They look OK. One breast a little harder than the other. Will have to massage it harder. I want it to be over with. Never want to do this again. Know a lady at trivia who may need to have a chemo and a mastectomy. She is afraid. She probably knows I have implants but I haven't said anything about my surgery. What I am going through is nothing in comparison. She talked about she is afraid of loosing her hair. It's easier to talk about that part. I told her that her hair grows so fast it won't be gone long. I was so depressed I didn't make it to trivia. I don't know what her Dr. said.

Day 34 Post-op. I'm fine so far and the bill isn't.

I can go braless OK. The breasts are starting to get firmer. I will massage them forever. Right now, I have to walk a thin, between how hard and how light handed to be. I will post more pictures soon. I can live with them like they are. I don't care if I get smaller, just so I am not deformed. The Dr. says it will take up to 3 months for the swelling to go down and 1 year before I see the final result. The hospital bill is still over $20,000 and they have not deducted the $4,074 for implants I didn't get from them. I sent them proof. They billed the insurance for all of it and it said miscellaneous for each individual charge. I got an itemized statement. The recovery room charged me $14.75/ minute. My husband likes to chat with Dr. and nurses. He should go to a Psychiatrist or to one of those sex hotlines. It's cheaper. I'm getting bills from other Dr.s individually too. I have no idea who they are and what they did. They are being sent to the insurance. I am taking a wait and see attitude. Maybe the whole system is that screwed up that it sorts itself. Insurance is suppose to pay to remove them and I pay to put the ones I bought directly from Mentor in. Got to do taxes. Don't have time to deal with them. Spring is here and there are deadlines for things I have to do in the yard. Mother nature waits for no one. She has her own schedule and I am behind. Got out of bed from depression and ate a real meal. Got some things done. I feel better. Soy bars can only go so far. I feel overwhelmed and irritable. I am post-menopausal, but it is like super PMS and I don't even want to be around myself. See Dr. again on 4/4. They haven't paid him yet either.

Final Dr Visit / Hospital Bill

He took final pictures at 38 days post-op. Dissolvable stiches but less. I look less distorted than before or after. Taking pictures for this web site really got me down. I don't know when I got old. Now, I've lost interest in how I look. I haven't even colored my hair 6 months. Guess, I should be proud to have dark roots. The hospital bill of $20,000 is working out. I might even get a refund. I'll believe it when I see the check. So far, my total is $3,145. Plus $150 for the second opinion Dr. with the plush office $9,000 quote (could still be additional charges). I came out good unless they do more creative accounting. Relieved but not convinced. Have to finish taxes. So far, with the premiums the medical deductions are >$16,000. Not including boobs. My husband is disabled. I stocked up on everything before Obama Care 1/1. That could have been one heck of a vacation. Hooked on E-bay. Needed ten silicone earring backs. Got 200 for $0.99 with free shipping from China. Dog takes her last prednisone Thurs. I feel better when I work in the yard. Just too depressed to get started. Thanks for listening. I will get pictures.

Day 42 Post-Op..Implant moved out of position.

THIS WHAT I E_MAILED MY DR> I have been going braless since you gave me permission 20days post-op. Friday, my breasts felt like they were hanging off my chest overlapping 6-7cm & uncomfortable. The upper pole was flat. When, I hold my arms above my head, the skin looks wrinkled vertically from my nipple to armpit. They overlap my chest about 5-7cm, soft/moving around. Laying on my back, both breasts moved sideways. The left one collapsed leaving a 6cm skin flap in 1 o'clock position from bottom of sternum diagonally terminating at a 3-4cm diameter (about the size of the top of a shot glass), 1cm deep indention where my thumb would be while massaging. The skin was stretched. I could see the edge of the implant as I lifted it into position. I put on a sports bra. Both breasts feel better but that area is softer than the other side and burns. They don't overlap the chest or sides & cleavage is 8cm deep and 11cm long with the sports bra. I had been up for 39hrs working on my taxes. I'm 2days post-op. Will this resolve itself? Do you need to see me? Thanks.

CORRECTION . It's Day 52 Post-op, surgery done 2/20/2014

52 days post op not 42 on 4/12/2014. After being up 39 hours working on my taxes. I took Xanax and slept for 5 hours. Wrote the doc the email. Took more Xanax and slept 7 more hours. Can't think straight yet. Scary to think that some Dr.s have to pull such long shifts early in their training. I was scared to drive after only 30 hours. Hope everyone is doing well.

Post-op day 59, saw Doc yesterday

My breast look OK when I am vertical. When I lay down, it's scary. I look like chucks were taken out and skin is stretched to cover it up. The Doc said that is what's going on. This was my 2nd revision for capsular contractor. A lot of tissue had to be removed. Also, I had been massaging too hard and by not wearing a bra so everything was too loose. The pockets were not hardening enough. I started wearing my surgical bra all the time, I've gotten use to it and it has helped. The Doc said it takes about 1 year to heal. When I push the side of the implant towards the center, the gaps are filled. We are at the height of the allergy season and my dog is doing great. Haven't been able to sleep. I asked my neighbors to trim their trees in 2010. They tried to get me arrested 3 times for felony criminal trespassing (handcuffs, jail) because I cut some of the branches hanging on my side. Which is legal. The police calls involved "inaccurate" allegations that I easily disproved. I agreed to give them time to cut the trees. It had been 3.5 years. I had the trees cut 3 days ago and I have been expecting the police. I have kept a documentation package beside my door since 2010 for when the police comes. They also built a fence in 2010 on my property. Which makes them guilty of felony criminal trespassing and property damage. They are going to have to move it. I just wanted a little of the trees cut back. They were not willing to give an inch. It was all or nothing. Now, their tress are cut in half. It escalated from me cutting 8 little branches to taking out half the trees. Now, I have the fence to deal with or they own that part of the property in 7 years. It's all so stupid. Still don't know how much the surgery cost.

Postop 14 wks ?

I got very depressed and the medicine the Dr. gave me made me gain 10-15 lbs. I weigh more than I ever have. I got upset when I saw my pictures in the fall. I looked old and fat to me. I always had a good body or at least the thinnest in the room. I was usually the best of my peers and many people younger than me. Now, I have gained even more weight. Maybe I was just delusional to think time and wear and tear hadn't caught up with me. By not having children, I skipped some of the natural passages of aging. I went to a different grocery store last week and the lady asked me if I get the senior citizens discount. I feel the same as when I was younger and I am proud to tell people my age because I made it this far. The $20,000 hospital bill is in limbo. They say I owe nothing for " NOW ". I don't like my new breasts. The other 2 surgeries healed better and I was proud of them quickly. I take no pride in these breasts. I try to cover myself up. I still have to wear a sports or surgical bra because when I lay on my back I look like somebody used a melon scoop on me (at least from my angle). I had a lot of scar tissue removed. If I don't wear a bra, they flop around and get sore. The Dr. says it takes a year to heal and wear a bra that will support the sides and push them towards the center where I have missing tissue. Soon after the surgery he told me the opposite and I didn't have to wear a bra. I just feel gross and the more I feel gross, the more gross I become by gaining weight. I have changed psychologically because before I wouldn't eat from anxiety. Now, I have become an anxiety eater. I am so down I didn't even color my hair for 6 months and I got it done last week. I usually do it myself but I didn't have the energy. I guess I have finally become a normal American woman of 63 years old and I don't like it. I need to post pictures but I just haven't felt like it. It makes me feel better to read about the excitement other people feel about their procedures. I hope everyone is doing well.

Singular and Vitamin E orally helped.

After 1 year, I still had discomfort in two areas on my left breast. This is the one where I previously had the worst capsular contracture 2 surgeries ago and now. The combination of the Singular and 2,400 (6 x 400mg caps) helped and the discomfort went away. I'm not sure how long I took it. I injured my self and had to take an Hydrocodone for a while. I started having double vision and they had to do an MRI (very expensive on Obamacare) because they had to rule out a stroke. It was a combination of the medications. I discontinued the Singular and Vitamin E and the double vision went away. The ER Dr. didn't figure it. They discomfort returned but not as bad maybe because more time had passed. I recently saw another plastic surgeon and he said you shouldn't take the Singular over 6 months because it can be hard on the liver.

Gel vs Liquid Silicone Sub-glandular (above muscle)

I hate the gel. It feels like I am wearing a bra (even though I don't) and feels much heavier than the liquid. They feel like a heavy attachment on my chest. My body/mind never assimuated them as part of my body like the lighter weight liquid. The Dr. doesn't seem surprised. No body told me they were heavier. The women getting them for the first time have nothing for comparison. The gel is suppose to be safer but my liquid implants were still intact after 22 years. I developed capsular contracture and with my advancing age I thought I should get them replaced because surgery is more dangerous in old people. I may be starting to get the capsular contracture again. I expected I would. I will post new pictures eventually.

Sub-glandular (above muscle) 2.5 years post op 65 years old

I am 65 years old and on my third pair of silicone over the muscle. I live in the US and under the muscle seems to be the standard now. My story is under KIWI6. It will be more than a year before you see your final result. They will also change as you gain and lose weight. My first two sets were the old kind of liquid silicone. The first set felt heavy to me and it took my brain a while to adjust to them. They eventually felt like a normal part of me. The second set was larger but still felt normal. This last set are the gel silicone and they feel very heavy. I don't like them at all. We only discussed size. Nobody told me they would be heavier. They feel fake to me and I am always aware that they are there. They feel like I am wearing something heavy on my chest and I wish I could just take them off for a break. I use to go braless all the time. But, with these breasts, it feels like I am wearing a bra all the time. They are uncomfortable with or without a bra. I wish I had been given the option of the liquid silicone. I have started developing CC but I expected it. Original surgery at age 30. They told me they would last forever. They just didn't know. It is a lifelong commitment and will probably require more surgeries in the future. Nothing else could have boosted my self-esteem more. I was totally flat chested. I felt inadequate. I didn't want to be big, just normal. At 65 years old, it is obvious that I have had something done or wear a fake bra. I don't care. I will tell anyone who asks that they are implants. I have gained about 35 lbs since my first set and the breasts appear softer than when I was young because I have more natural fat. I use to lift weights and they didn't hurt until I had very little body fat and my muscles got very tight. I had CC and it was painful. Not severe just uncomfortable. My last set had obvious CC but they didn't feel as uncomfortable or foreign as the silicone gel. The only way I can get relief is to cross my arms and hold them. I'm still glad I did the first 2 pairs but I might have not had the last surgery done if I had known how they would feel. They had CC but they weren't uncomfortable. They were still intact. After 2.5 years, my brain would have incorporated the weight as part of my body if it was going to. I can only describe it as if you were holding your arm straight out to the side and you can feel the heaviness and are aware of its presence. When I hold out both arms, the sensation of heaviness is about the same from fingertip to fingertip all the way across my arms and chest. I can let my arms down and that heaviness goes away. But, I can't do that with the breasts.
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