17 Months Post-Op! 32A to 32DD - Silicone 375cc and 350cc High Profile Implants

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I just stumbled across this website last night -...

I just stumbled across this website last night - wish I would have before my surgery! It is great to read other people's journeys. I got Mentor Silicone Gel High Profile, under the muscle 375cc right and 350cc left. I am 5'1" 103lbs and 22 years old. I was a 32 A/B and desired a Full C cup. Before my BA I was slightly larger on my left side. My PS suggested the high profile implant because of my narrow chest. I am so far very happy with my results! I go back on Aug. 26 for my second post-op visit. I started slowly and softly massaging them yesterday. I will be given instruction on how to actually start massaging them at my next visit. It's so hard to be patient when I am so excited about my new boobies! ;)

2 weeks post-op!!

The past week has been good. Every day has progressively gotten better, no pain or anything. I still can't quite lift my arms all the way above my head yet, but I'm almost there! I can see just a little change in my breasts, they seem to have dropped just a little bit judging by the pictures last week to this week. I don't like the way they look from the side right now since they are still sitting so high, but I know that will go away once I drop more. My back is still in a lot of pain. I feel like I look hunched back because the implants have pulled my shoulder muscles forward. I have been trying to sit with my shoulders back in the evenings during commercial breaks when I am watching tv. I hope this will start to help because this back/shoulder/neck pain is killing me! My best friend said hers did the same thing and it went away. She said just to be patient and as my muscles stretch and relax it will go away. I sometimes forget I even have them now since I am feeling back to normal again (minus the stupid back pain, lol). Right now I am just eager to see what they will look like in a couple of months! I am SO excited to go bra shopping for the first time again!! :D I will post more pics at 3 weeks post-op. Thank you everyone who has left me comments!

3 weeks post-op already?!

Can't believe it has already been 3 weeks since my surgery! I am feeling great now. I started working after one week post-op. Luckily I work from home so I could take a break or end my day early as needed. I have a custom embroidery business and a custom insulation products business and use my arms/upper body a LOT with both jobs. It was hard at first because there were certain things I had trouble doing because of the pain and lack of strength. Now, the only thing I sometimes have an issue with is the lack of strength in my arms/chest. I would say the most annoying thing I am experiencing now is that I can't sleep on my side! I am a side sleeper and have woken up several times the past few nights because I was on my side. It does NOT feel good at all and it is driving me crazy that I have to sleep on my back all night! Anyways, it is so exciting to see the difference between week 2 to week 3! I can really tell that they are starting to drop now! My skin is still shiny and pretty tight. The tightness has very slowly gotten better, but is definitely still there. My original bandages over my incisions still have not fallen off yet. I called yesterday to make sure that is okay and the nurse said it was normal. At my last post-op visit I think my PS made it seem like it would fall off sooner and that's why I was worried. I have to wear the waterproof bandages over them until 3 months post-op and just replace the bandages every time they fall off (he gave me a roll of it at my last visit) until then. I want to go try on some real bras in a few more weeks just to see what they look like on. :) I am not allowed to wear a normal underwire bra until 3 months post-op, but just want to see what they look like in one! :) I feel like I am forgetting something I wanted to say on here, but I can't remember. If I do, I will update this again. I will post more pics next week!!

4 weeks post-op! :) :)

I MADE IT! :) I didn't actually think I wouldn't make it, but I am excited that I am already 4 weeks out! Time has just flown by ever since I have started feeling better. I'm still not quite used to these new additions yet. I think I am a little self conscious of them right now. I feel like that is normal though, because I have to get used to my new body and how my new boobies will be fitting into my clothes now. I'm not at any point where I want to "show them off". I still think they are sitting too high to wear certain things and I just don't think I am mentally ready yet. I normally wear a t-shirt everyday, although I have found some cute shirts I do wear sometimes. Anyways... My boobs are feeling a little softer now. They are still shiny though (hope that goes away soon!) and always feel tighter in the afternoons/evenings. I'm guessing that's just cause I am working the muscles during the day? I go back to the doctor on Monday afternoon and will finally be given the actual instructions on how to start really massaging the implants. I have been doing it a little everyday, but was never given full/clear instructions on how to do so. She just said I can move them down, up, and in as long as it didn't hurt. I am anxious to get the instructions so I can begin to really massage them! I don't want them looking crazy or anything!! ;) LOL. I'm not really worried about that. Dr. West has been doing this for almost 30 yrs and I'm sure he knows what he is doing by now! (stopping with the awesome jokes now..) I stopped by my work the other day and no one seemed to notice anything different about me which is nice. My mom's best friend came over last week and the first thing she said to me was, "OH, those don't look bad!!" I just looked at her funny and said "They aren't supposed to!!!" and she just laughed and told me that they look great, aren't too big and are the perfect size for me. I completely agree! I think they are perfect for my body. Everyone who I have showed them to thinks they look great and aren't too big (which is good because I wanted them to still look like a natural size). Last night was the first night I could semi-comfortably sleep on my side. I couldn't do it for very long, but it was nice to actually lay on my side for a little bit. My boyfriend has been great through all of this. I think he has been more excited about them than I have (until recently)!! I love the way he looks at me. I have never actually felt sexy or anything, but the way he looks at me now.. WOW, I actually feel sexy! It is such an awesome feeling. I know he liked the way I looked before, but I think he likes what I look like now a lot better! ;) but that's okay, because so do I!!! I actually feel like a (almost) 23 yr old WOMAN! A WOMAN!! That feels damn good because I have never felt like a woman before. Being so little AND having little boobs does not make you feel very womanly.. I hated it. But now I don't have to worry about that! :) This past week has made me SO excited for my new look! I know as they drop down more and fluff out, I will love my new look more and more. It's such a relief and just an overall wonderful feeling. I think I have rambled on enough for the day. Thank you everyone who reads my updates! Have a great weekend! :)

Just my before side view I forgot to add

Time is flying by!

Can't believe I am already at 5 weeks post-op! This week has been good. I had my 4 week post-op appt on Monday. My PS said everything looked great! I can wear any type of bra now, but he said I should probably wait until I am 3 months post-op to get sized and spend a lot of money on new bras. I was planning on doing that anyway, because I don't have the money to spend on a ton of new bras right now! I got the okay to start getting back into workouts - nothing too strenuous though of course. He said to slowly ease back into everything. I had a wonderful 23rd birthday on Tuesday! :) Got some new cute tops to wear ;) and a gift certificate to my hair salon to get my hair done.. the boyfriend heard me talking to one of my friends about how I didn't have the money to spend on my hair since I got my boobs done - he's the best!! Speaking of my boobs.. they feel and look great! :) I love them more and more everyday! I have started massaging them more and they are starting to feel softer and have dropped more too. I went to Khol's and tried on a couple bras, 34C and 32D. I live about 5 mins from Livi Rae's Lingerie (the store that has the TV show called "Double Divas" on Lifetime) and plan on going to get fitted for a bra there in Oct! I was so excited looking at bras in the larger sizes! I didn't feel embarrassed or like a little girl for the first time!!!! :)

6 weeks and loving them! :)

6 weeks, 6 weeks!! :) I am SO happy with my boobies! Over labor day weekend my boyfriend and I went to Alabama and went camping with his parents. His parents didn't know I got this done and never noticed!! :) I think it's nice that people don't notice that they are bigger, because that makes me feel like I didn't go TOO big. Anyway, we went out in the boat and I even kayaked! It didn't hurt or bother my boobs at all! I was thrilled! I love going kayaking so it was awesome to do it again and it not even bother me! :D Did I mention that I can sleep on my side again??!! :) :) THANK GOODNESS because I was going crazy! I don't see a huge difference in my breasts between 5-6 weeks. They do feel a little softer though and I am really trying to massage them as many times a day I can. Next week I will take a close-up of my incisions. I just reapplied my tape so I don't want to take it off again. I meant to do it yesterday, but forgot! I'm kinda glad that it is going to be getting cooler soon. I think going through winter I will really get used to having my new boobs and will be comfortable wearing more revealing (and I don't mean like super low cut tops or anything, just normal summery tops!) tops again next summer. I think it worked out perfectly because I am not really ready to show them off yet. I feel like some might think that's weird? But I don't know.. I love them though and I am SO SO glad I was able to have this done now, before I had kids.

Forgot a pic!

WOW, what a difference!!! :)

7 weekssss!! :)

Here we are, 7 weeks later! I went to Victoria Secret yesterday and was fitted for a bra. I can't believe what I was measured as.. a 32DD or 30DDD. WHAT?! I guess so much for wanting to be a Full C! HA! I was VERY surprised when she said that. She said my band size really is a 30, but they only carry to a 32 in stores, but if I did buy a bra online, to get the 30DDD... yes TRIPLE D!! :O I guess the bra size doesn't really matter. I don't feel like I am a double/triple D and that's all I care about. So the bra that I have a picture of this week is the 32DD lightly lined, but not padded bra. Part of me is a little bummed that I got high profile implants now. I like the look of the boob hanging off the side of the body (I attached my favorite wish pic from before my BA). I am really happy with my size though, and I am liking the amount of side boob I have! :) Haha, I'm sitting here topless as I type this update cause my boyfriend took my pics a bit ago. He just walked by and said "Damn, your boobs look f***ing good from this angle!" hahaha, I don't think I will ever get tired of those compliments! ;) I didn't realize how pale I am until I saw these pics. Too bad summer is about to be over! lol. I need to make this review short cause we have to get ready for the Texas A&M / Alabama game! GIG 'EM!

forgot that wish pic..

Here is the wish pic where I liked how the boob kinda hung off the side of the body. This girl got 425cc silicone mod plus profile. I wish mine hung off a little like hers does.

Some more pics I wanted to post..

Slacking on updates.. :(

Sorry girls! I have been a busy woman here lately and haven't found the time to get on here and give an update! I even forgot to take pictures the past 2 weeks! :( My boobs are getting SO soft and squishy now! I am loving them! I'm almost 10 weeks PO now! Can't believe it - I think I say that every update, but I still can't! I just took some selfies before this so sorry for the bra marks on me! :) I still have a lot of nipple sensitivity and pretty much from my nipples down to my incisions I have very very little feeling. I hate the nipple sensitivity, sometimes even my shirt or hair brushing against them hurts! :( I can't wait until they are back to normal! Not to mention my boyfriend can't really play with them.. Speaking of the BF. He is still crazy about them! I love the way he looks at them and tells me how sexy I look. I recently felt them bounce for the first time as I was running down the stairs!! haha I was like WOAH! Never felt that before! hahaha :) Now they can move around and and squish easily! Like REAL boobies! :D Another thing I don't like the feeling of is when I get the chills and I shiver. My chest muscles tense up and I don't like the way my muscles/implants feel. Anyone else get that weird uncomfortable feeling? I am not looking forward to this colder weather that is coming because I will be shivering a lot! :( I know there are things I am forgetting to mention.. I am bummed I haven't updated more regularly. Oh well, I will add on if I remember. :)

Just a few pics..

I know I did the compare picture backwards, but I'm too lazy to fix it! :) I don't really like how my nipple area kinda bulges out like that (you can see it in my side view). They did it before I got my BA and I thought it would go away afterwards. I have always thought that I have inverted nipples, but I'm not sure..

Loving them!

Hey y'all! :) I'm really starting to get used to these bad boys. Bought some lingerie yesterday to surprise the boyfriend. I've never felt "sexy" enough to wear lingerie before my BA, but I am so happy with my new body now so I figured I would try it out! He was NOT disappointed! ;) LOL I didn't know if it would be inappropriate of me to post pics of me in them on here.. so I didn't! My nipples are still really sensitive and like others on here, I don't really have any feeling from my nipples down to my incisions still. I go back for my 3 month PO check up and my PO pics in a couple weeks!!! I can't believe that time is already here and I can't wait!! :) The only thing I am not happy about with my new boobies are my areola/nipple area. I don't like how the whole areola kinda sticks out.. I know that it is pretty normal (I guess?) and it didn't really bother me that much before my BA. But now after my surgery, I feel like they are really noticeable. I can't wear a shirt without a bra because you can see the entire outline of my areolas sticking out! I HATE it. I feel like that it's not normal.. at least not to me. I feel so self conscious about it. I was excited about not having to wear a bra with certain shirts, but because of this, I won't leave the house without having one on! It's so frustrating.. oh well.. I posted a couple of pictures of me in a tank top. I love the way I look and fill it out! :) The boyfriend told me I looked goooooood ;) and that made me feel even more confident! Just took a break to take a few selfies. :P lol, My incisions look SO much better in person than they do in the pictures!!


Has anyone else had hard "lumps" at their incision site?? I just noticed this lump on my incision on my left breast. It's hard and I haven't been massaging my incisions, I was never told to though. Is this normal?? I go to my PO in a week.. Are you supposed to massage your incisions? And if so, how do you massage them?? Thank you! I posted a pic too!

I love the new me!

Hi ladies! I am doing great! I have been awful at updating this thing and I apologize! I am LOVING my breasts! They are getting softer (although I wish they were a little softer still..) and they are starting to shape up nicely! I was afraid the side view would stay "fake" looking, but now they are starting to slope nicely and look very natural! My only "complaint" about them now is I wish they were just a little softer and my nipples weren't so damn sensitive! I can't wait for that to go away.. Other than that, there isn't really much to update about the boobs. I'm stressing out about school. I took the semester off to figure out what the heck I want to do. I have gone from Special Education to Business Management and now I'm second guessing that! I shadowed in the local ER doing ultrasounds to see if that might be something I'm interested in and it's pretty cool, I just don't know.. and that's the problem! I DON'T KNOW! My parents and boyfriend are pressuring me and that doesn't help. How do I figure out what I want to do with my life? I just don't feel motivated and I know that's my problem. I'm 23 now and it's time to figure all of this out. I should be graduated all ready and honestly, I'm sick of school but my boyfriend says I need a degree. I feel like if I don't get one, he won't want to be with me.. (he's said things that make me feel that way). All of that doesn't help my situation either. I'm just so confused. But... it feels nice to get that off my chest. If any of y'all have some advice for me I would love to hear it even though it's not about boobs! ;) Thank you ladies!!

New bra pics!! and a Question!

Just wanted to post a few pics of my new bra. It's a 32DD VS Dream Angels bra I believe. No padding, but it's more lined than the VS Nakeds bra I have. I really like it! And what are these "scar strips" I keep reading about on here? I just have some vitamin E oil I rub on my incisions (when I remember...) and if a scar strip just stays on me until I am supposed to take it off or whatever, that might be better for me. What are y'all using on your scars?? Thanks!!

4 months PO!

Hi everyone! I needed to update with a couple of new pics! I am still in love with them! I have noticed that my left one (the larger boob with smaller implant) is settling more than my right one (smaller boob with larger implant). I can feel a crease starting to form under my left boob now, hiding my scar very nicely! Now my right one just needs to catch up. :) My nipples are still SUPER sensitive and I'm so ready for them to be back to normal. This cold weather isn't helping either. Shivering still doesn't feel too nice with these implants in.. I HATE the cold. My boyfriend is still in love with them and still tells me everyday how beautiful or sexy I look. :D That really boosts my confidence. Out of all of my friends, only one thinks I went too big. All my other friends (mostly have small boobs too) think they look great! :) My grandparents, some friends, and co-workers still have no clue I got this done either! It doesn't bother me at all that they don't notice (or at least haven't said anything) because I think that means they look natural enough to actually be mine! :) I still haven't figured out my life/school/career thing and that is really the only stress in my life right now (but it's a big one..). I really need to figure things out so I can either be looking for classes, or a real job.. Oh well, I need to start dinner now! Hopefully I will remember to have the boyfriend take some pics of me after dinner that I can post (besides my selfies). I think I want to do another comparison pic!

5 months PO update!

Hi ladies! I just wanted to post a couple of updated pics of me. I know it's been about a month since I had last updated and it has been long overdue! I am feeling great and still loving my results! I can tell I am starting to have feeling return to my nipples, but they are still pretty sensitive.. Just not quite as bad. I'm still wearing a 32DD. I just returned from Texas for Christmas and stayed with my boyfriends family. No one seemed to notice my new additions! :) I now understand why most women can't wait to get out of their bras at the end of the day! LOL! It feels so nice to take it off. I can notice that my left has dropped more than my right. My left is forming a fold and is hiding my scar perfectly. My right still has not formed and crease and my scar is more noticeable because of that. I feel that's understandable though because my right one is the one with the larger implant. I can't really think of anything else to update about. I mainly wanted to update my pictures! I hope everyone has a wonderful new year! And sorry for any typos. This is my first post on the iPad..

Just a pic..

I thought I looked good in this top! :)

I am SO sick of this cold weather in Georgia! My poor boobs ache after shivering all day! :(

New bras at 6 months post-op!

I just wanted to post some pics of my 2 new bras I got! I went to Livi Rae's Lingerie and got fitted by them! If you've never heard of them, they have a tv show on Lifetime called "Double Divas" and they are about 5 mins from my house! I was measured there at a 32DD as well! I got a sexy bra for the boyfriend ( since he said he was gonna pay for it!) and it was pricey... Like $82 pricey.. Then I went to Victoria Secret and used my coupon and got a sports bra there for $25.. So it was pretty much half off! :) I got a 32D in that though just cause I felt it was more secure than the 32DD. and I LOVE both bras! I thought I would share some pics of them with y'all before I left for work this morning!

Selfie I just took haha

So sometimes I look at myself and I'm just like.. Damn I look good right now! Well I just said that to myself as I am getting ready for work and took a photo! Haha :) I usually wear this little bra to bed cause my nipples are still too sensitive to not wear a shirt at all like I usually do to sleep. This bra is super thin, but it keeps my nipples from being irritated. I just thought my boobs looked really good in it this morning..

Look what I got in the mail today!! :)

So I received my before and after photos from my PS office today!! I feel so official now!! :D I can't believe the difference! The picture shows me before and after at 3 months post-op.

Photo from above update..

I guess my photo was too big so it didn't upload!

More Before and After Photos from PS Office

I wanted to attach all of my before and after photos I received from my PS Office. I'm honestly not really liking how I look in the straight on after photo though. I feel like in the photo, they just look too round and fake. BUT! I don't think they look that way in real life, so it doesn't bother me too much.. I'm still getting feeling back in my nipples, sometimes my boobs will be itching like crazy around my nipples and down around my incisions, but I know that it's just my nerves waking back up or whatever you call it. So that makes me happy! I would say the only thing that I am still unhappy (and have always hated and probably always will..) about are my areolas and my nipples. I have always felt that my areolas are "puffy" looking and my nipples don't really stick out like normal ones do. You can see what I'm talking about in some of my side-view photos (like the "6 weeks and loving them! :)" Post and the "Just a few pics.." post. Most women's areolas seem to stretch a little after a BA, but mine didn't at all and now they look even more puffy to me. I will never wear a shirt without a bra outside of the house because you can easily see them and it bothers me. Now I feel more self conscious about that than I did before my BA which is a bummer. My BF doesn't care though and still thinks they are perfect. But oh well!! I am still really reaaaallllyy glad I got my BA and I would do it again! I still feel a hell of a lot more confident than I did before it. :)

Surprise for Valentines Day! ;)

So I bought this super sexy corset last week to surprise my BF on Valentines. He's going to freak! :) I can't believe how good I look in it! Before my BA I would have NEVER bought a corset! Now I can fill one out and it looks damn good I think! LOL. It's hard to take very good pictures when your trying to be sneaky about it so the BF doesn't see you! I found a great website to buy bra and pantie sets/ lingerie that actually have a huge selection of my bra size and for good prices! At VS I feel limited because a lot of theirs are push-ups and I don't need that, so I'm pretty excited about this new place I found! :) Some of y'all have probably heard of it, adoreme.com. Anyway, I was just wanting to post the pics on here cause I'm super excited about it! :)

Long Overdue Update! Almost 10 Months Post-Op

Hi ladies! It's been awhile since I've been on here. I feel great! :) I'm at almost 10 months post-op! I can't believe it! I will say that sometimes around my nipples will hurt. I still don't have complete feeling back though, so I am just assuming that it's my nerves around my nipples acting up. Other than that though they are perfect - absolutely 100% perfect. I am SO happy I did this for myself. I feel sexy, womanly, and so much more confident.

Anyway, I have been having the WORST (I wish I could make that word bold and 20 sizes bigger) time finding a swim suit top that doesn't scream, "HELLO LOOK AT MY HUGE FAKE BOOBS!" .. I swear this season is all about push-up swimsuits. haha I've about given up. I found one at target, but it was orange.. and I can't do orange.. I'm too pale. lol, What I have enjoyed though is not having to wear a bra! I just throw on some pasties and can wear all the cute backless shirts and dresses I want! :)

I have uploaded some updated pics I took. My scars look so pink in the photos, but they aren't in person! Oh, I just realized there is one other thing about my boobs, my scar on the right breast is not hidden very well like my left one. It bothers me, but my BF said he doesn't notice it and doesn't care.. My PS said to come back at one year post-op if I wasn't happy with it, so we'll see what happens. I'm not gonna worry about it though. :)

17 month PO Update! :)

Hi everyone! I haven't updated this in several months. A lot has happened over this time and I just kind of forgot. I had my boyfriend take a couple pics just now so that I could post an updated pic. I'm SO happy with my boobs still. They feel like they're apart of me now completely. I would say the only negative thing is that my left nipple is still pretty sensitive to the touch.. It's annoying. My PS said that it would take probably a year or two to "hopefully" return to normal. I'm still hoping it does. It has gotten better, but I still don't like it touched.. it's that sensitive. I found a pic of me in one of the swim suit tops I bought. I will say that I had to alter it though to fit me.. like I mentioned in the previous update (at 10 months), I had THE hardest time finding swim suit tops! It was the WORST! lol I'm just glad I have sewing skills and was able to fix it myself. :)
Marietta Plastic Surgeon

I am so happy I chose Dr. West and his staff to guide me through this journey. I have wanted a BA since high school and was finally able to do it. He and his staff were so nice and made me feel very comfortable. I called and emailed numerous times before my surgery and they were always happy to help me and answered my questions in a very reasonable time. Dr. West answered every question I had with detailed, easy to understand explanations. I can't wait to continue my recovery process. I know my results are going to be just what I wanted to achieve.

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