My girls are 7 weeks old.

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I am a 44 year old woman with 2 beautiful children...

I am a 44 year old woman with 2 beautiful children. I was never big-breasted prior to having children, I was a 36 barely A cup. I nursed my first child and experienced having significant cleavage for the first time. It was awesome! ???? I had a reason to wear a bra! When I was done nursing, I had deflated B cups ????

I had back-to-back pregnancies and struggled to lose my pregnancy weight and it was depressing to see the toll that my pregnancies took on my body. I decided that my reward for losing my weight was a Mommy Makeover. I scoured the web for information on the procedures and stumbled upon this website, which is wonderful. I came across a woman whose tummy tuck took longer than anticipated and so the BA was not done and scheduled for a later date. I have similar luck and if anyone was going to have something not to go as planned, it would be be. In addition, I can't take 2 weeks off from work to recover from the tummy tuck and liposuction. The BA is a higher priority for me so I started my research.

I narrowed my search down to 3 surgeons. I met the first one, Dr. West, and he has a wonderful bedside manner. He took the time to explain everything in detail. I felt so comfortable with him that I did not schedule consultations with the other surgeons. The staff are wonderful as well. The MA that worked with him, his patient coordinator, and the nurse that did my pre-op visit were very professional and put me at ease. They also shared their personal experiences with BA which helped me make my final decision to chose silicone implants.

My husband is extremely supportive of my decision to proceed with surgery. He came to my consultation with me which helped ease my anxiety since my husband has a great sense of humor. His patient coordinator recommended that I bring some photos of what I would consider the perfect outcome and some photos of what I do not want look like. I did my homework and brought my photos. I knew I was going to go through with this so when I scheduled my consultation, I scheduled my pre-op and surgery date. I had to give a deposit for the surgery that would have been refunded to me if for some reason I did not bond with Dr. West.

After Dr. West spoke with me and my husband, he took some measurements and I was given some sizers to try. I liked the 600cc. My husband requested I get what I want plus a little more ????. I am 5'5" and weigh 177 pounds. Based on the pictures that I brought with me and my anatomy, the 600cc sizes were possible. I then had a 3-D picture of my body taken and I was able to get an idea of what I would look like with my new boobs. Dr. West had a final discussion with us after the 3-D imaging and then I was off with the pre-op nurse.

The pre-op was very thorough and I have a truckload of prescriptions to fill! Now I'm counting down the days, beside myself with excitement!

2 Days Left

I picked up my prescriptions today and my anti-bacterial soap. I didn't read the instruction packet until last night; I forgot about it. I was supposed to start using anti-bacterial soap last week. I'm sure I'll be fine. The instructions say to wash my hair the morning of the procedure. I have really thick curly hair and was planning on drying it the night before to make my life easier since I won't be able to wash it on my own for a few days. I guess I'll get up early and take care of my hair on Wednesday morning. I have my full body wax scheduled for tomorrow so I won't have to worry about my legs and underarms for a few weeks. The house is in order so now I'm waiting for my big day. It's like waiting for Santa Claus!

They're in!

First let me tell you that there is nothig that can prepare you for the pain. It's like labor, until you're there you have no notion of what to expect and I have a high tolerance for pain.

Last night after bathing I took the Xanax and scolpoline patch as prescribed. I am glad I took the Xanax because I had a good night rest. I got up, showered and dried my hair since it'll be a ew days befor I can lift my arms. I took the second Xanax, Pepcid and the muscle relaxant. The pre op proces was seamless. My husband took me home at 1:00, my surgery was at 11:00.

My breasts are oviously swollen it hurts to do any up and down movements. This is quite normal. What I wasn't expectin was the soreness of my forearms. In addition to general anesthesia, the surgeon injected Marcaine into the tissues so that I would be more comfortable today. I was given one percocet before laving and I took another one when I got home because it hurt so bad. I also took the muscle relaxant and THAT was asweome. That alleviated my pain within a half hour.

I have on the surgical bra and there are no drains. I'm taking Keflex, the muscle relaxant and I hace Zofran for nausea if I need it.

Post Op Day 1

Last night was not too bad. I took my muscle relaxant and Percocet as prescibed. The percocet itself does nothing for the pain. The muscle relaxant is the powerhouse in that regard. I went to bed at 9:00 and was up by 2:15. My body knows whent he next dose is due :-). I took the muscle relaxant and 2 percocets and I woke up much more comfortable. I've been walking around the house and I did my first round of arm exercises that Dr. West told my husband I should do. I was surprised at how far upI could get my arms up. The range of motion sideways is little less than forward range of motion. I can't remove my compression bra or shower until afer 2:00 per the surgeon.

Right now I feel very tight, kind of like when your milk comes in after having a baby only I can't pump to relieve the pressure :-) All in all, I can't complain.

It feels good to take a shower!!

I have religiously taking my pain meds, muscle relaxant and antibiotics. I was up and about today and did my arm exercises. My appetite is slowly coming back. I finally got to see my new breasts! The nipples are faily symmetric now. The left breast was a liitle larger and that nipple drooped more; that side got a 550 cc Mentor Smooth Round Moderate Plus Profile Gel and he did something internally on that side to raise the nipple. On the right side he lowered the incision a bit so that the nipple could match the position of the nipple on the left side. I went to put onthe sports bra recommended by the pre-op nurse. She warned me that they run small so I bought it 2 sizes bigger and it did not fit. Yeah for big boobs!!! My seet husband went to buy me some bras since the surgical one is in the wash. Today I feel better than yesterday, I'm walking around more and staying awake more. Things are going as anticipated.


Post-Op Day 2

I feel pretty good today. My boobs still feel extremely tight but this is normal. I have to go to work tomorrow so I plan to be up and about as much as I can tolerate. I'v been taking the Robaxin, Keflex and Percocet every 6 hours. Since the Percocet doesn't seem to do much to alleviate the pain, today I'm going to try the Robaxin alone since I am getting less and less groggy after taking the meds. If I'm not groggy that I know I can take it tomorrow while I'm at work. I'm keeping up my water intake and have been drinking my herbal tea. If I don't go to the bathroom today, I will have to break down and get a stool softener. The arm exercises are getting easier and worth doing so that I'm not so stiff. All in all, I'm pretty happy about how things are progressing.

I made it through post-op day 2.

I was able to keep the discomfort at bay with the Robaxin and 400 mg of ibuprofen. The percocet was not helping at all. I still feel tight as a drum, but this will pass. My tea did the trick so I don't need a stool softener. I went for a walk at a local park to get my wiggles and my giggles out. I did not take any naps today nor did I lie down to rest because getting up from a lying position is painful. I don't think the swelling has changed significantly from yesterday. I was able to shower and put my clothes on without my husband's help thanks to the arm exercises. I should be fine at work tomorrow morning.

Post Op Day 3

I had to go to work today and I did well. I was a bit sore but I could move my arms. My implants are still very high and tight. I'm anxious for them to drop. It's reassuring to see others' pictures and see that this is normal.

Post Op Day 5

Getting up from the semi-lying position is getting easier. I tried sleeping without my wedge, that's not happening yet. My arms are almost above my head- yeah! My nipples are getting super sensitive in the shower. But, I'm feeling pretty normal during the day, I'm not tired, just sore for all the obvious reasons. I'm still taking the muscle relaxants every 6 hours as well as the ibuprofen; my boobs are quite ready for the next dose of meds by 5 1/2 hrs since the last dose. Thanks to one of the women on this site I found a comfy bra which makes a world of difference. I had to buy the XL; I've never had an XL anything when it came to my boobs. Woo Hoo!!!

Post Op Day 5 - first full day back to work.

Today was a full day and I felt it. I forgot to take my muscle relaxant and the morning boobs today were rough! I had tingling in my nipples all day and my boobs are numb. I haven't slept through the night yet because of the discomfort so this probably contributed to my feeling tired. I'm headed to bed early and hopefully will sleep through the night.

Post Op Week 1

It's hard to believe that 1 week and 1 day ago, my journey began. Things have certainly gotten better: I can get up from the bed without any pain, I can raise my arms above my head, I can wash my hair, I can get my bra on and off :-). I'm still quite tight and sore and I'm still not sleeping through the night yet, but no worries since nothing lasts forever. I have a post op visit tomorrow.

1st Post Op Appointment

My visit yesterday went well. My first visit was delayed because of the availability in my work schedule, not the doctor's schedule. I am on a normal post op course. I was cleared for walking only because of the continued risk of bleeding until post op week 3. I can wear whatever bra I want but no underwire bras, as if I could bear one right now :-). For wound care, he said let the tapes fall off on their own and when they do, I was given nude color paper tape to put back on the incisions and to change them as needed. He said this has resulted in the best healing incisions in his experience. He gave me Lortab to combine with the Robaxin and Ibuprofen to see if I can get consistent sleep throughout the night. All in all I was happy. Today I feel GREAT. My boobs are minimally sore and the swelling is considerably less. Woo Hoo.

Post Op Week 2

I LOVE MY BOOBS! I should have done this years ago. The swelling has decreased significantly so I am not as sore. I have a lot of sensitivity especially around the nipples. I like the Old Navy low impact cami sports bra for daily wear. I use the Hanes front closure sports bra when I go on my walks and I use the surgical compression bra to sleep because I am much more sore without a bra on. I no longer need the wedge to sleep but I still have to prop up my 2 Sleep Number pillows since I can't lie flat yet. I'm a side sleeper and I can't sleep on my side yet. The Lortab and Robaxin took care of my pain but I still couldn't sleep so I went back to the Melatonin 3 mg tabs that I got from Costco and that works like a charm. I've slept the entire night for a week and boy does that make a difference. The Morning boobs are not as bad. I still cover them up because I still have the square boob look since they're still riding pretty high. All in all, I'm HAPPY!!!

Post Op Week 3

It's hard to believe that it's been 3 weeks! I love my boobs and I am feeling so much better. I can now sleep on my side so I don't need medication to sleep. My initial tapes fell off of my incisions and they are healing well. I put fresh pieces of tape on the incisions as instructed my doctor. The implants are still pretty high but they are getting softer. My nipples are very tender and hypersensitive so I have to keep a bra on most of the time. This is all normal and will take time to resolve so I roll with it . No regrets :-)

Post Op Week 4

It's hard to believe that I've had the ladies for 4 weeks!! They are slowly dropping; my Sponge Bob Square Boobs are softening :-). I can sleep on my side so I sleep well. My nipples are still very sensitive as well as the skin on the sides of my breasts. One of the other ladies on this website who had surgery 7 months ago just got all of the feeling back in one of her breast so I'm not too worried. I still have to use very soft bras because of the sensitivity but I'm not complaining. I can still hide the ladies in my tops at work which is fine. I have a post op appointment this coming Monday.

Oop! Got trigger happy.

Here are the photos.

My girls are 5 weeks old.

I'm feeling almost back to normal. I say his because I'm still aware that I have breasts. The nipple hypersensitivity is still there but is not as intense; it's just there all day. I had a post op visit and was given to do whatever activity feels comfortable and wear whatever bra I want to. With the hypersensitivity, I just want a nice soft bra. The Hanes bras and Old Navy low impact sports bras do the trick. I sleep without a problem. They are getting softer and are dropping so the Sponge Bob Square Boob look is decreasing :-). I've doing my massages and they are definitely helping them drop and fluff.

Here are the pictures from Week 5

7 weeks out.

My girls are doing so well. Last week I had significant dropping and fluffing but I was on vacation. The nipple and side breast hypersensitivity have given way to numbness. They feel so much softer and look more natural; no more Sponge Bob Square boobs!!
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