22 Days Post Op. Loving the new Girls!

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I have been thinking about having my boobs done...

I have been thinking about having my boobs done since I was 16 years old and shopping for prom dresses. I remember trying on dresses and saying to my mother, "I wish I had boobs!". Another woman in the dressing room next to chimed in "no you don't!" Well now I am 29 and I have not changed my mind. Afters years of going back and forth and not really being able to afford it through college, I decided to go for it. It was a big decision to me. It wasn't just something I woke up one day and thought, I'm going to get my boobs done. I thought about it and contemplated it for years. It was hard because I didn't want to be vain or spend all that money on something that seemed so superficial and, I loved my body, so why mess with it? I have a loving boyfriend who loves me for me and I actually like my boobs now. But in all those years of contemplating and going back and forth, wanting bigger boobs, not wanting bigger boobs and loving what I have, it never left my mind. Every time I looked in the mirror, every time I tried on a shirt, dress or swimsuit and every time I wanted to feel more womanly or sexy there was always something missing. Yes I agree your physical appearance should not and does not define who you are and one should be comfortable in there bodies. I can honestly say I am a confident person and I love my body. In fact I have gotten many compliments on it throughout the years. I work out and try to stay healthy and I am a very petite person, by way of genetics, anyway. I am not insecure and I know who I am, for the most part. I believe people learn new things about themselves all the time, and continue to develop. So, I am glad I am making this decision at 29 and not 16. I wanted to give myself time to fully develop and grow. And if the boobs do give me a little boost of confidence or what not, there's nothing wrong with that! I also tried other things, breast massages, padded bras, push up bras and trying to pull every ounce of boob and skin I had to just accomplish a little bit of cleavage. If the bra or swimsuit did not have some type of padding I couldn't wear it. Well, lets just say nothing really helped. My boobs never really grew up. I still always had hope because my mom is a C cup. I actually enjoyed the time every month when my boobs swelled up and got sore, because then I could fill out bras a little better and I actually new something was there, that I had boobs! My mom told me she was always small and her C cups did not come until after she had kids. Well, lets be honest, I am 29, I am not getting younger and who knows when or if I will ever have kids. I was tired of waiting and tired of all the push up bras, boob pulling and not being able to wear certain things. And not to mention how the bras and swimsuit tops open up when you bend a certain way if you can't fill them out all the way and there's your nipple! I wanted to be able to feel sexy and like a woman, I wanted boobs! I look very young for my age anyway, which I am not complaining about . I have a little booty on me so I think it would make me look more proportional to have boobs. Now I am all about any type of boob! I love small boobs and I def do not think all people with small boobs should get implants. I actually love the way small boobs look. It is a very personal decision for each individual person! I think I choose a reasonable amount of time to wait. I think 13 years of thinking and waiting is pretty good! So about 3 months ago is when I really started to do my research and make the decision to have breast implants. Believe me I did tons of research, my boyfriend probably wanted to kill me! I wanted to know everything, types of implants, incision, risk, side effects, what happens during the procedure, saline vs. silicone, busting, looking natural, sizes, shapes, future risk, breast feeding, e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g! I looked at so many before and after picture I am so tired of looking at boobs at this point! It still wasn't an easy decision for me. On top of learning about everything, there's choosing a doctor and then there's the reactions and opinions of the people around you. But who cares what others people think, right? Well lets be real here, everyone, in some way, cares what someone else thinks or values someone eases opinion. We live in a world where everyone is judging everyone whether you are doing bad or good. Everyone is guilty one way or the other. Anyway, more of that later. Time to choose a doctor. Wow this was so overwhelming! There are so many! I tried to narrow it down to a few and I scheduled 3 consultations just to get different opinions and to see what they had to say. I only went to 2 of them because after my second one I decided to go with the first doctor I had my very first consult with. I really likes his resume, experience and knowledge. I felt comfortable with his office and his staff was really great to! Any questions I had I just emailed the surgery/patient coordinator and she got back to me right away! That is important in my book. So I went ahead paid my deposit and scheduled my surgery. The toughest part is over. Now back to the letting other people know. You'd be surprised about how many people have opinions about breast implants. First you have the older generation where breast implants were so dangerous and causing all these diseases, especially silicone ones. Well it is a new day people and they are back on the market and good to go! Then you have the people with bigger boobs saying "oh I hate my boobs: or "I wish I had smaller boobs". Well I don't see them jumping up to get a reduction. They don't understand what it's like to have small breast so I don't think they should even have an opinion. And unless a person has really massive breast that are really affecting their daily life, the majority of women with bigger boobs like the fact that they have boobs. I honestly do not see what they are complaining about. And then you got the people who think you have some issue, like you are insecure, you want to look like a whore, or you are doing it to please others. The ones that tell you over and over again you are perfect the way you are and you don't need bigger boobs! Well, I already know I am perfect the way I am, and the majority of the things I have or get are because I wanted them, not because I needed them. I do honestly appreciate others opinions but I have gotten to the point where if you are going to be negative about it, then I don't want to hear it or talk to you about it. For example: While my boyfriend and I were out at dinner one night I mentioned to them that I was having my boobs done. The guy didn't care obviously, but his girlfriend, who I thought was my friend, just turned her head towards him and gave a weird look. Did not say one word, no congratulations, or that's good or nothing. I am not sure why she reacted that way, when I had talked to her about it before and another one of our friends had just had hers done and she was all about it! Anyway, I actually have not even told that many people just for these reasons alone. Not that I care what others think or say, but just because it is a personal decision that I made for myself, and at this point no one can change that. I hope every woman that makes a decision like this does so for herself and not to please anyone else. If it makes you happy do it. I am happy with my decision and all I want is support at this point. I am so lucky to have a very supportive boyfriend who loves me for me. He had no influence on my decision, he does not care one way or the other. He's not fighting me on the issue by any means or telling me not to of course! But I know he loves me, and he fell in love with me the way I am. I also have very supportive and understanding parents. I am so lucky to have them. They are the most amazing parents! We did not always have a lot of money or could afford everything we wanted but both of my parents worked very hard to give us what we wanted and were always there! If they had to work 2 jobs they would, if it meant them not being able to have something so we could, they would go without. They were at every sporting event, recital, play, everything! And I couldn't ask for anything more! My mom is actually very happy for me and told me if she could afford it she would pay for it for me. It helps having supportive people that support you and understand you. My loving boyfriend is taking a day off from work to be with me the day of surgery. My best friend is coming to stay with me for a couple of days after to help me and take care of me. And my mom even offered to come, she just lives far way and is not used to driving through Atlanta, so I don't want her to come unless I absolutely need her. Sooo, now that I am done with my long rant, my surgery is literally 4 days way! I can hardly contain my excitement yet I am completely nervous and anxious. I just want to get it over with so I don't have to think about it anymore! I am having a hard time with the size. I am very petite, 103-105 lbs., 5' 2". I want to be a full C so I was thinking about 325 -350 ccs high profile or moderate. I will just have to see what my Doc thinks. Right now I am a 32/34 A can fit some 32 B cups but don't fill them out all the way. I live in Sandy Springs, Ga. and chose Dr. Musarra at The Plastic Surgery Center of the South in Marietta. I love reading post on here and appreciate any comments or advice. Reading post on here has really helped an inspired me to post my story as well! I am really nervous about recovery and going under, not being satisfied and the small chance something could go wrong! But excited I will have boobs! I will post updates about the rest of my journey and will eventually post before and after photos.


I know it is way to early to be stressed. I just had my surgery today. My left breast is a little bigger than my right and it sat a little lower (pre op). I was looking at my Mentor card and it looks like he put 350 high profile in my left and 300 moderate plus profile in my right. Now I am wondering would the bigger CC go in my right since it was the smaller one. But the left was lower. The nurses said the looked good. But I am really worried. Did anyone have this experience or can anyone give advice!?


The stickers on the back of the card both say 350. But what was written on the front says 350 and 300? Could someone have possibly Mister written. But my left one does look bigger right now.



Before photos. Left Brest is a little bigger and lower.

2 days post op

Doing alright so far. Had my surgery Tuesday and it was not bad at all! Even after I got home I felt pretty good. Wednesday was not great probably will be the worst day. Today, Thursday I am up and moving a motley more and have less pain. Just very sore nd swollen. Still a little worked about the the CC difference and the profile difference but hopefully they will turn out awesome! So far they look equal nd the same. The sides up under my arms are very swollen. Is it OK to put ice packs there or just keep them on top? If lacks are my best friend right now!

sorry if there are typos. I am doing this on my phone and i auto corrects.


5 days post op

Well I am 5 days post op and doing pretty good. No real pain just discomfort,tightness,burning and itching. The burning sensations can get pretty strong and very uncomfortable and the tightness is a lot worse in the morning. Today was the first day I washed my hair I have just been rocking a bun. I don't have a full range of motions in my arms yet and I don't want to push it. I went to my first post op Friday. I drove there which wasn't to bad. He said everything looked good and I should have a very good result. He said he used 350 cc in the smaller breast and 300cc in the larger one. That still seems to be a big difference to me but he said they would turn out to be very similar and lo the same. In my right smaller breast he used 350cc moderate plus profile because that breast needed to be wider. He used 300cc high profile in my larger left breast because he said that breast need to stick out more. The difference in the ccs and the profile difference has really been stressing me out but I jut have to trust him. I wanted 350cc and I kind of wish he used it in both but as long as the final result is good I don't care. So far they look pretty similar and pretty good so I am just going to have to wait until they drop. The right breast,the one with the bigger I many, is a tid bit larger or wider but my doctor said they would both turn out the same. I mean he is the one who got to see what they would look like in the OR and I am sure he wouldn't sow me up if it wasn't right. My biggest concerns are that once they drop they won't be as big as I wanted and the cc difference might show. I don't want to wish I went bigger. But my doctor said at first he was concerned that what he used what going to be to big but he thinks they will turn out good. I am very petite so hopefully what he used will be big to me. I just hope they don't get to much smaller when they drop. So far I have no signs of dropping. I have to wear my be for another week and see him again this Friday. I can't wait until I can see some progress towards the final result. So far this was worth it. I go back to work tomorrow so hopefully that goes well. Any opinion or similar experiences you guys may have had I would appreciate your post and comments. I will post more pics as well.


Pics 5 days post op

Happy, worried and still waiting for drop and fluff! (2 different cc and different profiles in each!)

Work hasn't been to bad. It seems like all the doors are a little heavier and harder to open with my implants. So far I do love them! I think 350cc was a good size for what I was wanting to achieve. My only concern is still the 300cc he put in my left. I keep trying not to think about it. The more I read on here all the people with different ccs in each breast are only within a 25-30cc difference, not 50cc! Also I have the 2 different profiles which I am also concerned about. It stinks all I can do is wait and see how they turn out! On top of that it seems that these babies are not budging much! I hate to keep posting pictures because there is no change really. Hopefully they will start dropping soon and hopefully they do not get smaller. I have my second post op with my Dr. on Friday. Hopefully I can finally take this god awful bra off for good. It is so tight and so hard to cover up in clothes. I also hope he takes my steri strips off of my incisions. I just feel like I don't want to wear anything. It feels so good when I take this bra off but I can't really wear any normal bras or tight clothes because they are still very awkward shaped. Anyway, I can't keep away from this sight. I am always looking at similar stats to see what theirs look like and to find someone with a similar experience as me regarding different sizes and profiles. I will probably not post again until after my 2nd post op. And I wont post anymore pics until I see some real changes! LOL!

Anyone have two different cc implants AND 2 different profiles used on them???

350cc in my right, moderate plus profile. 300cc in my left, high profile. Left breast was smaller and sat a little lower. I wanted 350cc but I guess he decided i needed that 300 on my left in the OR. That just seems a little much to me. Why not 325cc. That along with the different profiles worry me. I am sure he knows what he is doing and I do trust him just worried. He does have over 30 years experience!

Breakdown, Work, Scar healing tips? Boobies!!! (8 days post op)

I had a break down last night when my boyfriend got home. Just starting crying. I have been stressing myself out way to bad about this cc difference and profile difference. I just keep having this image in my head about one boob being completely different than the other or two different size boobs! My boyfriend is great, and honest and just tells me everything will be OK and that they look good. Which they really do, but I can just see it more than others probably. I notice the small things and I know what is in my body is different. I am sure they will turn out great though! I am trying not to think about it until Friday at my next post op and I do feel better after the cry. I just don't want the doctor to feel like I am questioning him and his work when I express my concerns. But the bf cooked dinner for me and told me if anything was wrong and I wasn't happy he would personally go and talk to the doctor. Haha! How sweet! This is only the 3rd time I have cried since I got them done, LOL. I think the other times were just from frustration, pain, discomfort and lack of sleep. I had a hard time sleeping the first two nights and days.

Work is going well. I don't have to do any real strenuous things so that is good. But i think it is helping me to move around a bit. I think some people have noticed but no one has said anything yet. It is very hard to cover up this surgical bra so it is hard to dress for work. I have been sticking to baggier blouses and things that camouflage. This bra makes me look like I have 2 nipples on each boobs and they are still very high so it doesn't quit look right when I wear tight shirts. Today is the first day I haven't warn anything extremely baggy.

I took more pictures this morning and felt a lot better. I am very ready to get this bra off and to have my steri strips and tape over them removed. Very anxious for them to drop as well. I think the right one has dropped a little! Incision area is kind of itchy these past couple days. Hopefully that is just the healing process. I am anxious to see what the incisions look like. Has anyone ever used the silicone strips or tape for their scars after there incisions were uncovered??? Any other scar healing tips would be helpful too!!

All in all, after all the pain, discomfort, lack of sleep and stress I am very happy and excited to have boobies! I can't wait to go shopping and try on new things! I attempted to try on a biking bandeau top yesterday but they are still not quite ready. Still to high for that! Thanks for listening/reading! Love this site! Yay for Boobies! (Lets just hope the turn out beautiful, full and very close to symmetric! - My pessimist speaking :) )

Just for fun!

I put this swimsuit of mine on just for fun and to see what it would look like. Obviously these babies are still way to high and this is a xs VS top. 9 days post op. I miss working out! Feel blah....

12 days post op, bra size, incision care and feeling better!

I am feeling a lot better since my surgery! I have been so stressed about nothing. My breast feel a lot better just still tight. Friday I had my second post op and my doctor made me feel so comfortable. I am feeling very great about his work and he really is great at what he does! That is after all why I picked him! I got a chance to discuss my concerns with the different sizes and profiles and he explained everything. I also called him with another question I forgot after my appointment and he called me back within an hour. He took my steel strips off and showed me some massages I could do to release some of the tightness and help them drop. I have to go back in two weeks and if they are still really tight and high he will give me a compression strap. Let's hope these babies work with me a little bit. I went to the mall and got some other bras, wireless, because I don't have to wear my surgical bra anymore. It is very hard to find a real or cute looking bras with out wires so I just ended up getting some CAMI type bras. I am beginning to finally be excited about having boobs. I got sized and right now I am a 32 d/did to a 34d. Wow! I don't know if that will change much when they drop. I have been keeping band aids on my incisions just so they don't get rubbed or irritated. He said next weekend I can start using the silicone strips for scars if I wanted to, but in the meantime should I be putting neosporin or something on them? I will post updated pictures soon!

11-13 days post op incisions.

Dr. Took sterile strips off today. He put a band aid on them. Can I put neosporin on them until I can use silicone strips or scar treatment?

incisions, bras (13 days post op)

More pics of incisions. Can u wear underside if you put a barrier such as a band aid between bra and incisions? Do you have to sleep in a bra at this stage?

22 Days Post Op, Still Healing, and a little bit of everything! Loving the new girls!

Hello Everyone. I haven't updated lately but here we go. I am enjoying my new boobs although I don't yet feel like they are totally mine or apart of me. I still get aggravated with them sometimes but I know once they fully heal they will be amazing! And I have to keep reminding myself I am still really early in the healing process, I mean it's only been 3 weeks since my surgery, even thought it feels like longer! I can tell they have dropped some and softened just a little but. I feel like the right one has dropped more and the left one is still a little harder and higher, but I am left handed so maybe hat has something to do with it. I am still hoping as it drops it will also spread out to match the right a little but better. If you look at my pics, which I will post after I write this, separately, you can tell. Although they look way more asymmetric in the pics than they do in person or just looking in the mirror. Probably has something to do lighting. Anyway I had a lot more progression pics but my phone got stolen so all was lost. Someone got really lucky! I am also having trouble sending the pics to my email from my new phone so I will have to post the pics on here straight from my new phone. Anyway, no pain anymore. My nipples are very sensitive and my breast are tender, kinda feels like a raw skin feeling. I still have numbness in both but not completely. I have been doing my massages but sometime I get worried I will push them to far, so I am not sure how I feel about it or if it is really helping. My incisions are healing very well. In one of the pictures they look dark because of the shadow but they are not dark and I think I will barely have any scarring. I have not started using the scar strips yet because I don't feel like they have healed all the way and still had very minor scabbing. I think by this weekend I will be able to start using them. As far as the incisions they are really thin, but I do have hardness under the skin which is normal and will go away. I am putting cocoa butter on the girls to avoid stretch marks if any. I am not putting it over the incisions. I don't think I would have or will have any stretch marks, but it is just a precaution, plus it feels and smells so good and will help the skin stretch! I can pretty much do anything as far as range of motion but I do notice when I reach up really high and stretch I can feel a small pain and pulling under my breast, near my incisions. My doctor said I could pretty much do anything I wanted at 3 weeks, but I have not attempted to do any working out or strenuous things. I have lifted things at work that weren't to heavy. I am not wearing regular under wire bras yet and I have been to the pool but only go waist deep. Lets see, what else. Oh, I am very excited, but also nervous about starting to workout again. I am going to start off slow and hopefully everything will be fine. Not sure exactly when I will start trying to work out though. Like I said in one of my post I measured at 32D/DD. Kind of exciting. But they don't look too big or huge! I love the way I am looking in clothes and can't wait to try on new swim wear! I am sleeping on my side a little. Only minor discomfort doing that. My doctor said it was OK but I still try to sleep mostly on my back. I am not even going to attempt stomach sleeping yet even thought my doctor said I could with a pillow. I am still sleeping in a bra. At this point BA was worth it and I am satisfied. I know I still have a lot of healing and progressing to do and they will keep changing over the weeks. I will say it hasn't been a terrible journey but not completely pleasant either physically, mentally or emotionally. There have been ups and downs, but the worst is over, I hope! I am just praying for no complications and all will be well for years and years! I have my 3rd post op this Friday so I will let you ladies know how it goes and what he says! Hopefully I won't have to wear the compression strap. Does anyone know if it is something you have to wear at all times, or like just at night?

Thanks Ladies! Enjoy your boobies!

Pictures coming!

Finally some updated pics. (22 days post op)

The left breast still looks kind of high. Hopefully it will drop and spread out a little to match the right. You can see how the bottom edge of the left breast is a little more narrow that the right.

1 Month PO Updates. And some things I left out so far.

Hello Ladies! So far so good! Today is exactly 1 month since my surgery day! Girls seem to be dropping slowly but surely. Still a little tight but that will all pass with time. I have not started using the scar strips yet. I had to have a very small part of a stitch that was sticking out, clipped off at my last post op. It left my right incision a little irritated and left a small scab so I wanted to wait until it went away to start using the silicone scar strips. But i think I am going to get some this weekend. Can anyone recommend any good brands? No pain, just nipple sensitivity and still a few zingers here and there. I have started wearing an under wire bra but I don't wear one everyday. I found a New Balance sports bra that is just soooo comfy! I think I have some pictures. If not I will post some. My emotions are doing better and I am starting to feel more comfortable. I wanted to tell you guys some about my surgery day and Dr. and staff experience since I really didn't go into that much in my previous post. (For those who may want to know about surgery day experiences.)

My surgery was supposed to be at 11am, but it got pushed back to 12:30. I showered, dried my hair ad took 2 muscle relaxers right before leaving the house. They said no makeup but i did put on a little powder and I usually wear contacts but had to wear my glasses. It took about 30 minutes to get to the doctors office. I signed in and my boyfriend and I sat for a few minutes and then they called me back. My boyfriend came back with me and they put me in my recovery room. She had me go ahead and change into my gown, footsies and gave me something to put over my hair. I had to take everything off except for my undies. She asked me some questions and explained somethings. She went ahead and hooked up my IV, at which my boyfriend wanted to go ahead and leave. He hates hospitals and I think seeing me like that bothered him, bless his heart, so we kissed and said our "I love you's" and he went for lunch. I think he was more nervous than I was The nurse was so nice she got his number so she could call him when I was done. I was actually so cold that she could not get a good vein so she brought me some warm blankets and put a heater under me. :) When I warmed up she went ahead and hooked up the IV for the antibiotics and pain. Then the doctor came to see me one last time before I was hooked up to anesthesia. I showed him some last minute pictures and we talked about what I wanted and how I wanted to look. He said he was going to get me as close to what I wanted as he could. He left and then the nurse introduced me to the anesthesiologist. My nurse and my anesthesiologist were so nice and funny and helped me relax. They talked to me a lot. My nurse actually told me that I won't remember much but I would actually walk to and from the operating room from the recovery room on my own, and I would be talking to them. I still wonder what I might have said. LOL> Probably something like I want big boobies lol. But i have no recollection. I know they gave me something to start me off and then maybe the anesthesiologist did her thing in the actual operating room, I am not sure? So the anesthesiologist did her thing while I was still in the recovery room, maybe? I briefly remember talking to her and then the next thing I remember is waking up in the same recovery room with the nurse asking me if I wanted some water. I was not cold or shivering or freaking out. I woke up very well! They already had blankets on me and everything. They said I was one of the best patients they had. The girl who came out after me, I could hear her shivering and it didn't seem like she was feeling to well. I was still a little groggy. My boyfriend came in, the nurse gave me some pain medication and some crackers just in case I got nauseous. But I never got nauseous and I wasn't in any pain. And the nurse actually told me she had already put my pants back on, and I was "oh, you did". We had a laugh. I was feeling pretty good I can't lie. I had boobies, and the nurse said they looked good. She handed me the bra I wore there, 32A, and said you won't be wearing that anymore. Haha! I found out my boyfriend had actually came back before I was done and he waited in the waiting room. I guess I was in there for a little longer than expected because he went around to the back, where they told him to park after the surgery, and banged on the door to see if I was done. I was not done yet so he went and waited in the waiting room again. I stayed in the recovery room for about 30 minutes and I was very carefully and very slowly, and with some help, able to get up and walk to the car to go home. The doctor told me when I got home to take some more pain meds and lay down and go to sleep and keep my arms by my side. I took my pain medication and I laid down, with my back propped up, and tried to go to sleep but I couldn't. I figured I would pass out with the medicine. So I just watched TV and waited on my friend to get there. My boyfriend had to go back to work the next day so i had a good friend come and stay for the rest of the week. I still felt pretty good. We chatted and watched our tv shows. That night I finally went to sleep, I didn't sleep that well and I woke up at 5am and thought OMG! Why did I do this!!!! I guess all my anesthesia ( he also gave me shots in my chest locally), and my pain medications and everything had warn off. I could barely get out of bed. I had to wake my friend up to come help me. It was so bad! But i took some more pain meds and a muscle relaxer and drank some water and laid back down. The rest of my post explain the next week or so but it wasn't easy and I had a few breakdowns lol. But all in all I think my recovery has been pretty normal. I t was not easy like I said but it wasn't terrible either. I made it through the worse parts! I waited 2 days to shower. That was pretty difficult for a while. And not being able to lift my arms or do normal things was annoying. But it is a lot better now! Had my 3rd post op 08/09 and he said everything looked good, still tighter than he would like to see but that will just take time, and to keep massaging and come back in 2 months!

Anyway I wanted to share that with you guys. I had a great doctor and the staff there are very, very, very good! And the anesthesiologist is great! I do not, or haven't had any major problems or complications yet. My incisions look good. Here's hoping for more happy healing!

Here are some photos, I will try and get some better ones and some with my very comfy sports bra, and maybe some clothes or swim wear! And I will try and get some good pictures of the incisions before and after scar strips.

Almost 2 Months Post OP!

Hello All! I have not updated in a while but I am doing and feeling great! I just had my 30th birthday! My boobs are finally starting to feel like my own and I love them. Sometimes I think they are to big, but they are perfect! They have dropped and changed dramatically from a month ago and have gotten a lot softer! My scars are looking really good. I have been using scar away silicone scar strips and the scars are soft and flat and slowly starting to fade. I love the scar strips because they are reusable, they stay in place, they protect my scar from my bras and you can make them last longer by cutting them to the size of your scar! Even though they are fairly expensive I would recommend using them. The only complaint I have found is that sometimes it can get kind of aggravating when you shower you have to take them off and you are supposed to wash them and let them dry before you can reuse them, but you can put new strips on and rotate. I was doing really well at first but I found sometimes I don't have the time to wash them right away so I have skipped some days. You are supposed to wear them for at least 6 hours a day for 8 weeks, I think. It is also hard to keep up with them and the routine on trips. But I still have a few left so I will continue using them. When they run out I may switch to a scar cream or gel I can just apply everyday, through out the day. Def no more pain, I still get a tingle here and there and I pretty much have all the feeling back in both breast with minimal nipple soreness. I am still fitting in to 32DD and 34D, although I found some 34D's that can be to big in the band and to small in the cups, esp with strapless bras so I think I need to stick with 32DD. We will see as things keep progressing! I will post more pictures soon and make a progressing picture! I still love reading and looking at everyones stories and progression!

Over 2 Months post op! So Crazy!

Hello all! Today I am 69 days post op, so a little over 2 months! I have more pics to show! I covered the nipple in most of them. It is so crazy how they have changed, and it's almost like I didn't even have surgery! I swear they look different everyday and so far I am loving the results! One day one looks bigger, then the other, then they look the same then they look different again. This all part of the process of them settling and changing and it took me a while to just relax and let them do there thing and not worry about it. So just remember the will change everyday! My incisions are doing great. Still a little pink but they look like they are healing nicely. There are already very smooth and flat. Nipple are still a little tender but not nearly as bad as before and still have some numb spots, but most of the feeling is back! No stretch marks, but I did notice some dry skin on my nipple probably from the skin stretching and sometimes I do forget or don't have time to lotion up! I love Cocoa Butter lotion. I use Palmers, I love the way it smells and it is thick but when you put it on it is not to greasy, it's perfect! But it could be due to the fact that my skin is on the dryer side! I may not update for a while just post pics. I also made a collage of my progress so you could see how greatly they have changed! Oh yeah, they just keep getting softer and squishier! Yay! I love the way they look in clothes. Oh! And no more at all! I am still disappointed I have not really stated working out yet. But that is mostly due to my procrastination.I hope to start this week! Last time I tried to run, probably, about a month ago it was kind of weird and almost painful. I need to make sure I have a very good sports bra!.

4 Months and 9 Days Post OP. 32DD Fits best.

Hello All! It has been a while. I just had my 4 month post op. Dr. Musarra said he is very pleased with the results, as am I! They feel pretty good and have gotten a lot softer. Not as soft or mushy as real breast, but hey, they aren't real. I still have a little numbness, mostly underneath the breast and the nipple. My incisions are looking great, just still a little pink. At first I used the silicone scar strips, but that was kind of a hassle. I am going to start using Vitamin E oil now. They pretty much feel like a part of me. Still feel weird at times. I am sleeping fine. I sleep on my side a lot, and try to stay off of my stomasch. I have slept on my stomach though with my arms tucked under next to my boobs, so that i am notl aying flat on them. Hopefully this isn't hurting anything. I can still see very small differences but over all they are ery symmetrical. I can wear a 34D, but 32 DD fits best. I have not tried a 32D yet, but I want to. I am excited to get new bathing suits for the summer since most of mine do not fit anymore. I am anxious to see how they change, if any, over the next couple of months. I don't really thingk they will change that much. Some times I wish they were bigger, but I am happy with the size. I am very petite so if they were bigger it might look a little weird andi think you would be able to see the implant more. Maybe in the future I will go bigger but we will see. My boyfriend loves them and thinks they look sgreat! Before my boob job I worked out a lot. I took a month off after the surgery. After a month I tried to run, and it felt to weird. Not really painfull I just felt like I or the girls were ready yet. This month break has led to 4 months. I am about to get a new gym membership and I am very excited to start working out a lot again. I probably won't do many chest workouts, or push ups. I have done some researcha and learned that extensive chest workouts can displace the implants and the muscle will push them out. Like a lot of the women body builders. I am also concerned that they fall to the side to much when I lay down, but then again, I am not sure how real breast my size would fall. My boyfriend says they look good from that angle. I can't think of anything else to add right now. I have posted some updated pictures! I do apologize, most of my pictures are nude. People can tell a lot more about your results. I know it helped me when I was looking at this site.

More Pictures - 4 Months, 9 days.

Falling to far apart?

This is laying down flat. I am not sure how real boobs are supposed to fall vs. fake breast or if mine fall to much to the side. It feels weird just because I am nor used to it, but my boyfriend said they look good from his angle :)

6.5 Months post op and atill doing good.

I am 6 and a half months post op. I love my boobs and they are doing great. I am feeling better about the size and profile difference. I can still tell an very minor difference but nothing serious or unnatural. I do notice the muscle on my left breast wont let me push my implant in as far as my right. I will post pics. I am still wearing a 32DD and I can wear a 34 D or a 32D depending on the bra. I still have a small amount of numbness in the bottom outter side of my right boob and atill some nipple sensitivity. Scars are fading well! Using vitamin E oil on them now. But over all happy happy happy!
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