5'5", 115lbs, 10.5 BWD, breastfed 2 kids, Mentor Ultra High Profile 400ccL/350ccR

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Booked my Breast augmentation with Dr Stanley...

Booked my Breast augmentation with Dr Stanley Okoro for mid-October... So excited!!

This was my first of 3 consultations. I also considered Dr. Gordon & Dr. Connors. But I feel good about my decision. Would love to hear from others that had a Breast augmentation with Dr. Okoro.

Any advice or suggestions of things to purchase to prepare for my procedure is greatly appreciated.

3D image

My husband got very excited when he saw that this was ME! Crazy to think it will be in a little more than 2 months

Wish Boobs

2 months from today! Getting excited!! Here are some wish boob pics

2 weeks to go!

I am feeling so excited and nervous all at the same time!

I had my pre-op yesterday. it was the first time my husband went with me. We were both surprised how much paperwork there was to sign. Between that and making the final payment it took an hour and a half before we actually saw Dr. Okoro. My husband was glad he got to meet him and was impressed with him and his office. We reviewed the Vector image they had taken previously and he took some more measurements and we discussed size. His recommendation since my frame is so small and my left breast is significantly smaller than my right, is 400 cc on the left and 350 cc on the right Ultra High Profile. I'm pretty sure my eyes bugged out of my head when he mentioned the Ultra part... I hadn't heard of anyone getting those before and I think I freaked out that they might look too large on my body. I really want to be a full 32C or a 32D at the absolute most... I'm having nightmares I will end up with 32F!? He explained that the UHP look better on a petite frame and I will need an implant that is more narrow. He says I will still have a little bit of side boob but not too much. I keep telling myself that he is the professional and I need to trust his judgement but of course i keep thinking about it and searching Real Self for 400 cc UHP and some of them look huge and others look normal. This is all very facinating and I am seeing how there really is an art to this. I'm sure when I am in surgery he will decide the right size for my body. I would love to hear from others with UHPs.

1 more week!!

I keep thinking this isn't really going to happen... In a week I will know differently.

So as hard as i tried to stay healthy of course my preschooler brought home a cold and decided to share with me. My nose won't stop running... This had better clear up before surgery. I am washing my hands, using antibacterial soap, drinking immune support tea, lots of water, E-merger-C, and eating super healthy. HOW DID THIS HAPPEN!?

My birthday is this weekend and Victoria Secret keeps sending me $10off coupons to wish me happy birthday so when I received a third one I just had to go buy a new bra (I'm keeping tags on and will
Exchange it for a different size if I need to) I didn't realize how thrilling Buying a 32D sports bra when I'm not pregnant was! Made me super happy & excited for next week!

I think I'm doing well on my supplies. I might need a couple more things but I think I have most of it :) And trying to get myself organized because I'm sure next week I will be too nervous to think straight.

For the car:
Trash can
6 bottles of water
Small towel & blanket

Beside the bed:
Water with bendy straws
Facial wipes
Back scratcher
TV Remote
Wedge pillow
Heating pad

In the kitchen:
Freezer meals
Cans of soup
Protein Bars & other healthy snacks
Canned Peaches
Smooth Move Tea
Extra ice packs in the freezer
Plates & Cups down low

This is really happening!

This past week really has felt like a nesting period... Got the house completely cleaned & organized, laundry done, kids are all set and just dropped my dog off at camp for a few days. Now I am On my way to my surgery! Wish me luck!!

Wanted to upload a quick photo of myself in a bikini that used to fit me and now I hardly fill it at all. Looking forward to seeing how I fill it out after my BA. Can't wait to have my boobs back!

Made it to the other side!

Sorry I didn't post yesterday. My head was a little woozy from the meds :)

I was unusually calm and didn't have any last minute guessing. The nurses, doctor and anesthesiologist were all amazing and made me feel very comfortable. My surgery was at 11:30 and I was home by 2:30. The ride home was a little rough but I didn't need to use the trash can i put in the car so that's good news. I have mostly just been sleeping in my bed, propped up by a wedge pillow with a heating pad under my shoulders/upper back (where I am most sore because of the breast strap) and I have been icing for 20 minutes at a time with the gel ice packs you use when you are breastfeeding and super engorged. That's exactly what this feels like... Heavy, hard and engorged... Just like when I was breastfeeding minus the letdown.

Because my BWD is so narrow (10.5) and I was so small before we stuck with the Ulta High Profile Mentor Silicone Under the muscle. 400cc in my left and 350cc in my right.

Day 4

They are still sitting high & tight. My right one is more swollen than the left but that is the side with the smaller implant. I keep reminding myself that this is not how they will look when they drop & fluff... But waiting for that to happen is going to seem like Forever!!

My surgical bra has a built in strap but it's super annoying. I went bra-less for about an hour and a half while I washed and dried it. That felt REALLY good to have it off for a longer period of time.

A TMI side note is that I finally had a BM this morning. I was so bloated and uncomfortable and tried stool softeners, Smooth Move Tea, peaches and lots of high fiber foods and nothing seemed to work.... Well maybe they helped a little but that was just AWFUL! Trying to not take any more of the pain killer and just stick to IB Prophen.

One Week Post Op

This time 1 week ago I was dropping my dog at camp for a few days and my son at daycare for a few hours and on my way to my surgery.
My muscles are still a little sore and tight but they get better and better every day that goes by. My husband went back to work today so I will be hanging out watching Movies, reading books and coloring with my 3 year old today. Trying not to over do anything. He might be a little bored but I'll try my best.
My Post Op appointment is tomorrow morning so that will be my first time driving. Feeling a little nervous about it. Hopefully they will give me some massages & stretches to do so I can drop and fluff sooner rather than later. My left is still frankenboobish and pretty discouraging. I know I had a significant difference in size between my right & left boobs before and I can't expect perfection... But obviously that is what I was hoping for!

Soreness After Massage

I am one week and one day PO and today I had my post-op appointment with my doctor. He says everything is healing nicely and I should start massaging to help them soften and drop because they are still pretty high. As he was showing me how to massage the right breast he pushed pretty hard and it definitely hurt. He said to keep massaging as much as I possibly can and work my way up to a firmer massage. On a scale of 1-10 start at a 2 and work my way up to a 10. So I have been massaging throughout the day and tonight my right breast is SUPER sore. I tried heating pad and ice pack and neither helped much. I have been off of the pain killers since day 4 PO but am seriously considering taking one to relieve the pain. What do you think? Has anyone else experienced this?

2 Weeks Post Op

I wanted to post a 2 week update real quick before I go to bed. I have had such a long week and am complety exhausted. I am basically back to normal except I get tired so easily and need to take a nap in the afternoon to make it thru the day which is not normal for me. I really miss working out but I can tell that my body is just not ready for it. I became sore just from carrying 10lbs of candy to the car for my kids Halloween party. Trying not to push myself and to allow my body to fully heal. My right breast is feeling better!!

I'm starting to wonder if they will always be this high!? I want them to drop so badly!! And the left one (on ur right in the pic) is still smaller than my right. I wish we had put fewer CCs in the right so they would be more even.

3 weeks post op

I'm not seeing much of a difference but I will still keep posting weekly anyways. I tried on some old bikini tops for the fun of it and also took measurements and I am measuring at a 32C which is exactly the size I was hoping for... I tried on this Victoria Secret Sports bra in a 32D and it fit me perfectly so I must be a very full C or small D?

4 Weeks

1 month and feeling good. Trying not to get too discouraged when I see so many women at the same stage as me but have dropped so much more than mine. Must be because of my small BWD (10.5) and UHPs. Focusing on the positive that my incisions are healing so nicely (glue still hasn't peeled off get) and they are getting squishy!

5 weeks

What a difference one week has made! Starting to see a little drop and a lot more squish!!

I had my 1 month post op apt yesterday and he peeled the glue off and I got to see the incisions which are placed almost perfectly in the crease and just look like a bad scratch under my boobs. He told me I need to be a LOT more aggressive with my massages and to not be afraid of hurting the implant or incisions they will be fine but I need to get them moving a lot more to be sure to break up the scar tissue. Since my left is still a little higher than my right he wants me to keep wearing the surgical bra with the strap that is attached (the velcrow is really wearing out by now) and he wants to see me back in 1 month to check up on me.

6 weeks

No big changes this week. I have been aggressively massaging as well as massaging the scars and they are starting to soften more.

Hoping the gap between them closes in a little bit .

Love my new Tata Tamer III by Lululemon and bralette by H&M. Both are very comfortable.

2 month update

Figured I should take a couple weeks off since I was having a hard time seeing the progress in my weekly updates. Now I will continue to do them once a month.
I can finally say I really do love them and this was absolutely worth every penny and ounce of pain! I feel great and love the way they look with my clothes on they aren't noticeable at all which is what I was hoping for. Since I was wearing the Bombshell bra before my BA no one knows any differently... My husband and I love that it is our little secret! Seriously not one single person has asked me and I was so nervous it would be too obvious. At this point they really just feel a part of me and not at all foreign.


Wanted to show a little comparison of before and afters.

Went from 32A/B to 32D with 350cc in the left and 400cc in the right Ultra High Profile because of my 10.5 BWD

3 months post op

Comparison before & 3 months after

Great suggestion by the fabulous NewDr.VathFan2015

5 month post op

Haven't been on RealSelf in a while but wanted to give an update because I know how much I valued this community as I researched pre-op and as I went through the first few tedious weeks post-op.

6 months PO... No one knows I had a BA

6 months post op with Ultra high profile implants... Went from a 32B to 32D... Just got back from a week family cruise with my parents and my sisters family and I thought for sure they were going to ask me if I got a boob job but no one ever asked or said anything. I got a curious look once from my sister but that was it. I was so nervous before the trip because only my husband knew about my surgery in October and never felt it was anyone else's business so I never said anything and worried 6 months later I would have to explain why I did it and why I didn't tell them and feel all judged or what not. But that never happened!! I almost feel like I got away with murder, LOL... Not really but it is just this really big secret that only my husband and I know about. A little bit thrilling. I always wear fairly modest clothes in public so I'm not super surprised but I thought for sure my sister or mom would notice when I was wearing a swimsuit!?!

Anyways... I love them and that's all that really matters. I used to be depressed everytime I looked in the mirror and saw 2 uneven saggy concaved breasts due to breastfeeding and wanted my old body back and now I finally do :) Our sex life has been turned up a notch too which is really fun.

Not sure if anyone reads my updates... I probably won't post another update until my 1 year post op in October. But if you are reading and might be considering Ultra High Profile I say go for it! I was scared before but now so glad they really are the right fit for my body and I'm glad I trusted Dr. Okoro. And I'm glad I was patient through the Franken-boob period in the begining. Patience is key!!!

Feel free to message me if you have any questions at all :)

6 month PO pics finally uploaded

I loved all of the staff in Dr. Okoros office. They were very organized and made me feel very comfortable. Dr. Okoro took time to answer my long list of questions.

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