10 weeks postop bbl & 2 weeks arms and inner thighs lipo.

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Hello ladies of bbl world....I have been thinking...

Hello ladies of bbl world....I have been thinking of having this procedure for over a year now. While doing my research I came across this website and I've been addicted every since. I decided to go with Dr. Okoro. My two kids really did a number on my body and now it's about time I get body back I've waited long enough. My plan is to get bbl w/fat grafting (lipo of upper and lower abs, flanks lower back) and also lipo of inner thighs, bra rolls, and axilla. I had my in office consultation on Feb. 28......I was very impressed so I went ahead and scheduled surgery for April 23. I'm super exciting!!!

It's getting real.....4 weeks til surgery and I'm...

It's getting real.....4 weeks til surgery and I'm soo excited. I'll post before pics at two weeks. I am so addicted to RS.....reading about everyones experience has been such a big help. So good luck to those still waiting like me and happy healing to those that have acrossed to the otherside!

Three more weeks.....can't believe it! So ready to...

Three more weeks.....can't believe it! So ready to get my bigger and more shapely butt and body. I'm reading how recovery ain't no joke....got me a little nervous I have to admit. But this is something that I really want to do for myself .....I've dieted even had a personal trainer for six months. I did lose some weight also built a lot of muscle but for some reason the fatloss stop and I started bulking up don't know what I was doing wrong but it lead me here. Hopefully I'll get great results that I can maintain or continue to improve thru diet and exercise. Well my pre-op is next week 4/10 I plan to post before pics and let you know how it goes.

OMG!!! I can't believe it.....only 2 more weeks....

OMG!!! I can't believe it.....only 2 more weeks. Well I had my pre-op w/Dr Okoro today and everything is all set. Actually my potassium was a little low so he prescribed some potassium pills to take up until surgery date he said it should be fine by then. I was so anxious glad my husband was there with me he's been so supportive. Oh I also decided to add arms last minute. All the staff were very friendly and encouraging kept saying how nice I was going to look.....which I needed to hear cause I'm kinda nervous. Dr. Okoro was really nice and very detailed.....lol he even drew on me to give me and my husband a visual of what he'll be doing. They measured me for my garment which will be custom made. Well it's going down in 2 weeks.....can't wait!

My pre-op measurements: 5'7" 207lbs 36-40-47 -...

My pre-op measurements:
5'7" 207lbs
36-40-47 - 40inch waist measuring from belly button. Would love for that to be 10inches smaller.

OMG....one week away from the new me! I'm sooo...

OMG....one week away from the new me! I'm sooo excited....seeing so many great results on RS has me very anxious.

Today is the day.....I'm so excited. My surgery is...

Today is the day.....I'm so excited. My surgery is scheduled at 1pm. I had a headache all day yesterday and throughout the night....I started feeling much better around 6am. Well in less than 5 hours I'll be on the other side....wish me luck!

Finally ....I made it to the other side! I got to...

Finally ....I made it to the other side! I got to the surgery center @ 12pm my signed some extra paper work. They gave me xanx for my nerves while I waited for Dr Okoro to finish another surgery. He came in around 1:45pm marked me up and I was ready to go. They gave me anesthesia helped me to lay down on my side and all next thing I knew they were waking me up telling me how good I looked. Only sad thing is because he was so aggressive on my abs, waist and back he reached his limit so I have to go back for my arms and inner thighs. Well I'm really not that sad cause I'm sore as hell and couldn't image not being able to use my thigh and arm muscles to get up and down. Last night I was sooo groggy and weak and this damn garment is sooo tight I could hardly sleep. Sleeping better today off and on. I've been getting up walking for 10 to 15 minutes. And that female urinal ....that's what's up I'm going to the bathroom on my own. Haven't had a bm yet though. Getting sleepy again .....I'll update more later.

Three days postop.....I'm feeling so much better....

Three days postop.....I'm feeling so much better. My incisions are healing nicely not much pain either. I am totally loving my shape....Dr Okoro is the man hands down....did exactly what I asked for: small waist rounder hips and upside down heart-shaped butt. I'm getting a four day package of lymphatic massages starting next Wednesday after my one week followup appt. I hope it really helps with all the swelling in my stomach. I'm currently wearing my stage 1 garment with foam underneath and an old squeem that I bought two years ago it fits pretty snug. Would love any advice on how to get stomach flatter. My husband has been the greatest ....helping me in and out of garment, showering, making sure I take my meds....I love this man! My kids are helping a lot and my mom helps when she can....I'm so blessed to have such a great support system.

Added a couple of postop pics. So happy with...

Added a couple of postop pics. So happy with results now....gonna be hell when the swelling goes down.

So I had my one week postop visit on Tuesday......

So I had my one week postop visit on Tuesday....Everything is as expected still some swelling, stiffness and soreness. Bruises are starting to clear up. Had my second lymphatic massage with Tiana today......she is awesome! I swear she has magic hands before I would bout jump out of my skin if anything rubbed against my back. I really notice a difference since yesterday. I still have two more appts left with her. Hopfully my abd board gets here since so I can continue to work on getting my stomach as flat as it'll get. I also schd one my smoothshapes at Dr. Okoro's office next week.....can't wait to see how that goes. Anyway.....I'm still loving my results and I'll update more later.

Had my last lymphatic massage with Tiana on...

Had my last lymphatic massage with Tiana on Saturday.....she is just awesome the way she gets in and breaks up the lumps and bumps aka scar tissue. She comes to you so you don't even have to leave the house. You don't need anything: she brings a massage table, two large pillows so your butt doesn't touch table when laying on your back, she used coconut oil on me which was really nice but you can let her know if you prefer she use something else. I will def be calling her back soon. If you are in or around Atlanta area please give her a call you want be disappointed: WEBSITE: WELLNESSSANCTUARYINC.COM PHONE: 678-856-3864 NAME TIANA. I live one hour outside of Atlanta so she doesn't mind traveling. I am going for my first smoothshapes with Dr. Okoro tomorrow can't wait to see how that goes. Two smoothshapes are included in his BBL package and also a exillis treatment. I'll update tomorrow on how is goes.

So I had my first smoothshapes today......it...

So I had my first smoothshapes today......it really wasn't so bad. I laid on my back for the first time which was really weird....felt like I was on two balloons. Lol! The treatment on my stomach and lower back felt really good but my upper back was bit painful still a lot of swelling. I think getting those lymphatic massages last week made it easier to take also. Another one scheduled next week. I moved down a size in my garment ....really excited bout that.

Well it's been 3 weeks since I had my BBL........

Well it's been 3 weeks since I had my BBL......still loving my results. Haven't lost any volume. Less and less swelling everyday and that numbing sensation is also easing up. Still can't bend and touch my toes yet without feeling like something is tearing in my back. Getting my 2nd SmoothShapes tomorrow. Have my 1 month postop next week. I schd my sx for lipo of inner thighs and arms next month (June 17th) kinda nervous. Anybody had inner thighs and/or arms lipo?

One month postop

Had my one month postop appt today.....Dr. Okoro says everything was looking good swelling going down nicely. Still a lot of swelling and tenderness in my bra roll area.....I think I'm going to call Tiana back for some additional lymphatic massages. Talked about getting a tummy tuck if I wanted a flatter stomach but going to wait until I'm six months postop to decide if I really want/need it or not. Also had my first exilis treatment today which is a skin tightening procedure ....which actually felt really great it was a warm massage.....I almost fell asleep. I go back next week for another one. I'm getting lipo on my inner thighs and arms on June 17th.....excited and anxious. Overall I'm still loving my results!

New pics....one month postop

New pics

new pics

6 weeks postop and pics

Well.....it's been six weeks since surgery and I'm still loving my results. I actually started sitting around four weeks postop and I haven't lost any volume. It's still not comfortable lying on my back so I'm still sleeping on my stomach and sometimes my side. Still not happy with my stomach, would love for it to be flatter.....but then it's still early. So I've been seeing Tiana twice a week for massage which is really helping with swelling and lumpy feeling....will continue to see her up until couple of days before getting my inner thighs and arms done (June 17th).....then I'll call her back to help me out with that also. Anybody in Atlanta area needing a lymphatic massage should really give Tiana a call....she's great (info mentioned in earlier post). Well happy healing to those who have crossed to the other side and good luck to all who's waiting to get there!

8 weeks postop bbl.....had arms and inner thighs done today

Well i'll be 2 month postop bbl tomorrow .....still loving my results. I have not lost any volume on the booty so I'm definitely happy about that. But my tummy is not flattening as well as I'd hope it would.....it's still better than where I started from but to much loose skin sooo I'm sure I'll be scheduling a tummy tuck soon. Other than that I'm loving everything else

Ok so I had my arms and inner thighs lipoed this morning ....took it like a pro with only local sedation so I was awake the whole time. I could feel the tugging but it was tolerable. Procedure stared around 8:15am completed around 11:15am....It went by so fast. I was a little groggy but still able to get off operating table with a little assistant and help with putting garments on. My experience was not bad at all. I was starving afterwards they and was given apple juice and a granola granola bar. My ride home was good....was awake and talking most of the ride. Got home had to walk up two flights of stairs was able to do without assistant. My daughter placed bed liners on the bed because there is a lot of drainage. Pain is still very minimum like you've over done it in the gym

10 weeks post bbl & 2weeks lipo on arms and inner thighs

Still loving my bbl results ....haven't lost any volume. My clothes fit nice. It's funny how some clothes I try on makes my butt look huge but it's really not that big just shaped nicely. Had three lymphatic massages last week with Tiana....she did an awesome job as usual. My thighs and arms were so lumpy and swollen and sore but after my last massage I could definitely feel a difference. Oh by the way Tiana is now affiliated with Marena Comfort Wear for discounts and more info check out her website www.TheWellnessSanctuaryInc.com.

Well I got my complimentary Smooth Shapes yesterday was kinda nervous but it ended up not being so bad. It was a little painful in the beginning but was tolerable. Also graduated to a medium stage 2 garment which is tight as hell.
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I wanted to find someone close to home. And I feel comfortable with Dr. Okoro and trust he'll give me the best results for my body.

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