BBL Slow, Painful Recovery. Marietta, GA

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I am 5 weeks post surgery. I've read countless...

I am 5 weeks post surgery. I've read countless reviews, talked to medical staff about what I should do during the healing process, I'm now that I'm now 5 weeks post and still not able to carry on my normal activities without doing so I'm pain, I'm a little shocked that no one has mentioned that this awful feeling that I've been experiencing from the first week until now is part of the normal healing process. I was told and I had read that you stay swollen for 6 months up to a year. I remember hearing that the worst day would be the second or third, riding would be difficult and it would be hard doing everything on your stomach and standing up, so I knew that. I read that having lipo could cause numbness in certain areas and there would be itching from the inside as it heals. I knew you had to massage yourself sometimes. To this day, I am not sure if something is wrong, but my doctor says according to the photos, I don't seem to have an infection and that this is normal, so I'm just grimacing when I move, until I get better. Only one person wrote that you feel like your skin is being torn from your bones. This is how I feel going into the sixth week. It's horrible. Yes, I massage myself and it helps make it bearable somehow but in a way the massages freak me out more than anything and always have. I was told to do this three times a day at first and to continue it. I tried. I really did. I felt sick to my stomach the second week, as I touched my own dead, swollen skin on my abdomen and back. I guess I had a phobia. I knew I wasn't massaging enough at first, because I hated the feeling so much, but there was no one with me twenty four hours to massage me every time either. It was the strangest feeling ever but I tried. The garmet I wore was killing me and rubbed a raw place on my side. It is much better, but still there. After three weeks, the feeling in my abdomen came back in certain areas. My sides became to sensitive and that was unexpected too. It felt like a bundle of nerves on each side. Hurts to massage. When the feeling started to come back in certain areas, I felt human again and not just a numb piece of flesh. I was glad and my rub downs got better. Still, my back is still completely numb and swollen right above where it was lipoed. It's very painful to run myself. I don't know if the swelling causes me to hurt and feel this miserable or if it's because the tissue is just growing back. Now, I have all this, along with a tightness that I can't describe. It's terrible. It hurts so bad to move after not moving for a little while. Even then, it's still a constant feeling that even makes me short of breath. I get very tired easily. Needless to say, I may never get lipo again anywhere, now that I see how this really is. I wanted it under my chin and arms but not now. Sounds like a nightmare. I can't believe people that people are told they can go back to work in 2 weeks. I had to take two more weeks off. I have returned to work but every day is a challenge. Will I be able to make it without a pain pill and will it be tolerable the tightness sometimes just feels like it's affecting something on the inside that makes me have to take a deep breath in order to get air. I wonder what is next in this healing process. I have grandchildren and an elderly mother that I don't feel like going to see, because of the way I feel. I want so badly to start feeling normal again. I didn't expect it to be like this.

Catch Up Story(BBL)

I remember asking the anethiologist when I would go to sleep and he said "about now". That's all I remember. It seemed about 5 mins. No dreams. I woke up and felt great. My husband had gotten a motel across the street. We were going to stay the night and go home the next day, after seeing the doctor. On my belly, i squirmed and tried to get half way comfortable, although we were only going across the street. I had a fear of blood clots so I made myself get up through the night, every couple of hours. I had thigh compression stockings but I wasn't sure if it was necessary to wear them all the time. I was afraid it was too much sometimes but there was so much I didn't know. I didn't know how I was going to manage taking these on and off by myself, when the husband couldn't be with me. I could not bend down to do that or anything else. I truly felt handicapped. I thought that it would be a temporary thing but it lasted much longer than I expected. In fact, I'm 6 weeks and it still hurts to pick things up and bend over. Although it was numb at first, it was very tender feeling. It's just a different feeling now, after 6 weeks, than then. Worse in some ways, because the whole area that was lipoed is tight and feels like it does not want to bend. When I force it, it hurts, but it's the only way to keep functioning. The first night at the motel, I hobbled over to the laundry room with my husband. My garmet was soaked with blood from the drainage and had to be washed. Also my binder. For four hours or so, i didn't have either on. Put it in dryer. Big mistake. It would not fit when I tried to put it back on, so I brought it with me to the Drs office to see if I could get another one. I ended up buying another one, because not only was the first one too tight, I had swollen some during the time it was off. I got in the back seat with no seat belt and on my stomach, tried to brace for the trip. My abdomen hurt so bad to lay on and I was afraid of blood clots on the four hour trip. I could not stretch my legs out and was very uncomfortable. We agreed that I would stay and he would return home to work. I had an appointment in a week and I couldn't see making another trip and back then too. I got the room for six more days and said bye to my husband.

I was afraid to take my garmet off for a shower or anything because I knew if I couldn't get it back on. There would be no one to help me. I took care of myself the best I could. My husband had left me food, gotten my medication and other items that I didn't know whether I would use or not use. Just guessed at the most necessary things. Needless to say, I brought too much. I took my blood thinner shots which I hated, but it helped me be less afraid of clots. I slept on the stomach but hated it. I'm not a stomach sleeper. I can't breathe like that and can't get comfortable. I knelt on a pillow side of the bed when I wasn't on my stomach. I didn't have much of an appetite. I was able to hobble down to the dining room and get a free breakfast but eating was no fun when you have to do it standing up. I would go outside the motel every day to get some sunshine and air. Also a little excersise. I thought I needed it. I didn't hurt then. The biggest problem was bending over and getting exhausted easily. Abdomen and back were numb but my knees were sore from kneeling and my neck from cramping from the awkward position I would be in when I was on my stomach. I feel like I was stronger this first week, regardless of everything. I knew if I could lay on my stomach for 2 weeks, I maybe could get some relief after that. I didn't massage myself that week. Didn't even cross my mind. I was just trying to make it by myself until my one week appointment day. It felt gross to touch it, especially then, although I'm sure I needed to. My sister came the day before last. It was wonderful to have some help. I took a shower and even though I didn't want to ask for help, I was calling her before it was over. Being discreet went out the window. I couldn't even manage to put the garmet and binder on myself. The shower felt great though. Oh yeah, until the last day at the motel, I did not have a bowel movement because I thought the garmet wasn't made with the opening that far back. When I could have done it, I didn't. I was afraid to take the garmet off when I was alone so I just didn't gave a bowl movement. Got impacted which wasn't fun either. Husband came back for me. I was feeling pretty good and was pretty sure with a pain killer , I'd make it home okay on my belly, in the back seat. First to the doctor for my one week appointment.

I was very swollen. I had a smooth shapes. Didn't seem to really help my swelling or tenderness. A good massage always feels good and it's supposed to help it heal better and smoother.

Before we left town, we stopped to eat. I had to dine standing up. My legs and back was tired but the food was good. I tried so hard to be independent as I could and do normal things, because I was a trooper at that point and thought things would steadily get better for me. Boy, if I had known then the truth, I would have laid down and dug a hole to get in. I will follow up with after I got home.


Two weeks before I would have to make that trip again. Thank goodness. It was great to be home and gave everything unpacked. I rested on my stomach a lot but just couldn't get right. That was my biggest issue during this time. Just pure exhaustion from not being able to sleep in a comfortable position. You'd better be ready to sleep when you go face down because it is too hard to see to do anything else. For me, what to do with my head was a big issue. My poor neck tried to hold out but one day when I fell asleep with it turned to the side(the only way to get air), I woke up with a crowd neck on my right side. It hurt badly for the next two weeks. I swear u think I still feel that some anyway, I found a spot on the recliner to rest and I moved there for the next couple of weeks. That way, it wouldn't be flat and would be easier for me to get up. It was better, but still had a neck problem. See, it's the fact that you don't want to sleep on your hood either, because there was work done there too. That means ALL the way on my stomach and not even a little on my side. I'm a side and back sleeper. I suffered. I got a massage and it was alright. It's needed more than anything. My abdomen still felt tender and swollen. Also my back. Above the part that was lipoed on my back, there is a swollen section that goes all the way across. Still trying to protect my butt, even in the massage table. Boppy pillow too big so. we finally just rolled towels to put under my legs. The lady who massaged me let me take a table home so I could have somewhere to place my head. There I'd a device that you can put on the bed, where you can lay your head face down, whole bring massaged. This was sooo sweet of her. The bed was soft and I used it s lot , mostly during the day. It was comfty for my stomach. This is the first time mentioning this but this but during this whole adventure, I had a memory foam pad for a bed. I had gotten a twin size, thinking I could make a cushion out of it later. I'm do glad I brought it on the trip. I used it in the car, in the motel(on the bed), and now everywhere I try to sleep at home. It is very comfortable for my stomach and feels really soothing. One of the better things. One night, after sleeping for 3 or 4 hrs on the massage table, with head positioned straight and level with body, I woke up and my head and every sinus I had was congested. I was do stopped up. Even my eyes were swollen. Oh goodness. I knew I couldn't get a nights sleep on that. I was still getting up every 2 or 3 hrs anyway. Still trying to prevent blood clots. Shill wearing stockings. Still miserable. I rubbed cream on myself and husband helped me. It felt so weird and I hated it more than anything but I forced myself to do it. I didn't want lumps and I thought it would help with the swelling, which it didn't. Oh yeah, I was swelling so bad when I got back home, I weighed 145 pounds. Before all this, I was 134. I continued to weigh over for the next 3 weeks. I did not feel like I was really any better by the time my 3 week appointment came. Took that trip again with my foam pad. Took more pictures and got my second smooth shapes. Swollen and tender. Still mostly numb everywhere. I showed the dr an indentions in my butt cheek. I had gotten weak a few days before my appointment and tried sleeping on my sides some. This may have caused it. If it doesn't get any worse, I'm not worrying about that. Back home until I go back for my 3 month appointment I'm supposed up get an skin firming treatment then. My three weeks had came and it was almost time to return to work. Things were looking better. I had one more week because thank goodness, I took a whole onto off and not two weeks. Still, I didn't feel ready. Oh well.

Now(6 weeks)

I am sleeping in my own bed again. I still use the memory foam pad under me when I sleep. I am allowing myself to sleep on my sides. It doesn't seem to be affecting my shape, so I guess it's okay. It's heaven. Well, it would be except I hurt much. My back is still swollen and numb. Not as much ,but still swollen. I have gotten a little feeling in certain areas of my abdomen. To me, it's much easier to touch when it is not completely numb. Much if it still has no feeling, though. My sides, for dome reason, have a lot of feeling and I even feely tickle spot. All of these areas are terribly painful for me now. Ever since week 5, I've had a tightness that just seems to be getting worse. Right under my breast, in the center of my abdomen, there is a spot that us the worse. When I try to stand up straight, it feels like it's pulling flesh that doesn't want to go anywhere. I have to try and take deep breaths sometimes and just feel the pain because I feel like I'm not getting enough oxygen All of these areas hurt tremendously, when I try to move. When I'm laying still, it doesn't hurt. Just when I try to move. I've been somewhat stiff, before week 5. A massage with lotion usually eased the feeling for a few hours. Now, this is different. I actually moan and verbally grunt. I know my husband is tired of hearing it, but he's been do good through this. I keep telling him that I didn't know it was going to be this bad after this long and that I would do more to help out if I could. I just want to feel better. Work gas been hard. I mean really hard. When this extreme stiffness started the other night, I had to leave work and I never do that. I guess this is normal and after some comments from other people going through the same thing, I'm not gonna freak out or go into depression. This has got to get better because it can't much worse. I dread going back to work tomorrow. As for my results do far. I will post some pictures when I can. I had a big butt at first, like everyone else. It gas gone down but if it will stay like it is now, I will be satisfied. Not much projection like it was before but it's a cute butt and I like it. I've never had one before. It's not very big anymore but at least I have one now. I'm going through hell for it, so I'm hoping that what I have now will stay. Oh, please stay. I still have a few indentions,ore in one than the other one, but nothing worth going through this again. My abdomen is not as swollen and I like the way it looks-no fat. I will be so happy because I know my clothes will look better on me. I'm tired if wearing this garmet, but I don't think I'm ready(especially now with the tightness ) to take it off much. Still wearing binder but tired if that too. I just want to wear clothes that will fit onto my regular size without going on top of all these other things. I will let you know when this phase has ended. Somehow, the itching phase hasn't happened yet. I dread that. That must be awful. I have a feeling that's coming up. My doctor mentioned that to me when I was 3 weeks, so I thought it would be sooner.

My Personal Experience-Info Tidbits

Everyone has a different experience, but I believe many of the same things happen. Hoping this will help you to feel more prepared ,in case you experience the same. I'm sorry I don't have much helpful information. I just kept thinking through this whole thing how frustrating that there were no products that bbl patients could buy to help them through this. I had no complications so that was good.

Week 1:
Wearing compression garmet
Have to lay on somewhat tender abdomen. Only hurt when I tried to get up.
Need arm and chest strength to get up.
Might be hard to stand up straight.
Tire easily
You can have a bowel movement with garmet on. Just be careful.
Never dry garmet in the dryer
Do not take off garmet for hours during the first week. You will swell.
Knees and legs will get tired from kneeling and standing.
You will be tired from getting up every few hours and trying to see about yourself.
Some feeling coming back in abdomen and sides. Lots of numbness still. Back numb still.
Eating standing up is no fun.
You will miss riding in the car, sitting up like a normal person.
I had to rub lotion on myself a couple of times a night. Just a little tightness and this helped but not for long. Hassle taking garmet and clothes off to do this, but I had to.
Tightness and stiffness increased and makes it hard to stand straight. It HURTs and this is going into week 7. What the heck?
Made myself an ugly pad that I sit on at home. It's from the memory foam. Buy one to sleep on and make chair cushions with.
I wish, even now, that I had something like a stick with an end on it to pick up things. I REALLY needed this. Buy something. You will be glad you did.
Your behind is overfilled a lot Mine went down and is still numb and swollen on top even now. I like it though. Hope it stays.
I should have bought the device that helps you put stockings on. I can't remember the name if it but it's a metal device. You put the stocking in , put your foot in, and pull the metal part up which helps you pull it up on you leg.
I know nothing about anything that helped me with swelling, besides the garmet.
My arms and legs swelled and ached the first 3 weeks.
Find out exactly what kind of compression stockings you should buy. Don't wait until you get to the store like I did. They will probably have to measure you and order them for you at the store, do you need to give the Drs office time to get the right info back to you from the right person.
Wish I would have known what to expect when I did this. I would have still done it because it was important to me, but I had and still have no idea what to expect in this recovery. Maybe it's my age or dome other factor I'm unaware if, but it looks like it's a long, hard ride. For me anyway.


The last one was not long after it was done. The before picture is there too. My butt is not as big anymore but I still like it.

Almost 7 weeks and getting better

I had a breakthrough today. I woke up and although I felt tight, it didn't hurt much. I can tell that it's getting better. I'm still swollen but I feel so much better than I did. This is this first time that I have felt this good since I had this done. I can tell I am healing. I just wanted to let everyone know that sometimes, women have a hard recovery and can't just hop back up and continue life as before after two or three weeks. It could be my age(I'm 53) or something else. That's in case you are like me and want to know all the possibilities when you go I to something. Okay, just wanted to bring you something positive.

Butt going down

im so disappointed. After trying to be careful and going through pure hell trying to do it, it is going down anyway. It could be because at four weeks I had to sit on cushions because I had returned to work and I was driving again. Also I allowed myself to finally sit on one at home, too because my poor back was beginning to hurt too much. So, I was beginning my fifth week and allowing myself to use a cushion when I sat down and drive. I limited my sitting but it was not realustic for me to continue my life and not be able to sit down. Besides, I have s bulging disk in my back and I'm surprised I was able to live on my knees for as long as I did. At 6 weeks, I allowed myself to sleep on my side. It was so much better. My butt was still holding on and looked nice, although it wasn't big anymore. Well, now I'm losing my volume in one cheek completely. Almost looks like it did before. The ither one is still swollen I believe, and will go down too soon. I do not want to have lipo ever again anywhere, so I won't be going for a round 2. I had hoped so much this would work. The lipo areas made me have a shape so the butt doesn't look as bad, but I could just cry that it doesn't have much volume anymore. It has only been 7 weeks. My back is still numb. Not sure even how to tell if I'm swollen, but I believe I'm still swollen in my abdomen. It's really bad around my C section roll. The fluid has collected there from the beginning. I think it's fluid anyway. Either that or fat or scar tissue being formed from the healing. I don't know exactly but I'm pretty sure it's swelling. I've tried rolling and massaging it out. Nothing works. Why does it collect there? The only thing that hurts me is s tender back(still swollen) and the tightness that goes along with this. If I don't rub myself or if I sit or lay still for a little while, it will hurt a lot. Anyway, it's not unbearable anymore do thank goodness for that. I'm just ready to be like I'm going to be and to be without this pain. I can't let myself worry about my butt so much, at this point. It's down now. I feel like I suffered all for nothing. It is good having a figure and being slimmer but the butt was part of my shape and I'm sick over it. I just can't live on my dyomach and knees. I've been taking s cushion everywhere I go but I'm ready to just gave a normal life, without a sexy butt I guess.

Almost two months and still hurting.

False alarm about the breakthrough that I thought I was having with my healing process. My back has been swollen since the beginning. It swelled bigger through the day and my c section roll that has collected fluid, has gotten tender. Both of these areas are bothering me a lot. Mostly my back. It hurts when I lean back.i have tried everything I can think of to make the selling i these areas go down. Nothing works. I rub myself every day. I've tried a basketball and rolling pin. Also, the tightness on back, sides, and abdomen still causes a lot of discomfort and pain. Wow. I was hoping I would be better. There's so much I still don't feel well enough to do and it all involves my family. Oh yeah, my butt is shrinking. No volume in one cheek at all. I hope this will get better soon. My daughter will be having a baby soon and I have four small grandsons already. You can imagine how I want to get better.

A little better. Still no picnic

Im 10 weeks(2 1/2 months) post op. I still get tight under my skin and it makes it hard to move after I am still for a while. It doesn't hurt as much on my abdomen and sides, thank goodness, but still hurts. Just not terribly as ur was before. I still have to rub myself down with lotion and massage myself to feel better when I get real stiff. I can tell I'm healing. My sides are not as sensitive anymore. I'm a pro now at taking my garmet on and off. I still wear surgical pads underneath a small sleeveless shirt, so that my garmet will not be so hard on my skin and rub another raw spot, like before. My garmet goes over that shirt. First the pads on my sides. Then a sleeveless shirt to serve as a barrier between my skin and garmet. My garmet goes on next. I also wear two pads in the front where it fastness. A regular shirt gies over this or whatever I'm wearing. Still swollen. Tender on back and abdomen c section roll still because if swelling. Feels worse on back. I asked the doctors about this on real self. I posted pictures. I still wear my binder, probably about half the time. Clothes do not fit well with that and everything else I have on, but if I start to hurt much, I will wear it and it seems to help some. I sleep on my sides and sometimes I am a good girl and turn all the way on my stomach, but not completely flat as before. I'm still scared about putting too much weight on my butt. I sit on a dog cushion because it's soft. I sometimes find myself in situations when I have no cushion. I sit anyway sometimes and no one knows that I'm hoping it's not messing my butt up. It has gone down a lot but I'm very satisfied. So much better than before. I realize there isn't much projection and there is a dent on one side. Actually at this point, one side is bigger than the other. I still like the big side better of course. I don't think it's real noticeable. I hope it stays like it is and I will be happy. Just don't want it to shrink. My mind doesn't even think revision after the expense and because of what I have gone through. Not unless something happens worse than this. I will never have a butt that turns heads. Mine is more subtle, which is okay too. I would have liked to turn heads but Im just so glad that it looks like I'm slowly getting better, I have no more fat rolls, I have hips, and I feel out my pants better.

More photos

i like Dr Okora. He's funny and a great surgeon. I'm pleased with my bbl. Surgery was actually the best experience of all of this, since I slept through it all.

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