35 Years Old Ghurani Doll! New 6 weeks Post Op pics!

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Hello! I've been lurking on this site for the past...

Hello! I've been lurking on this site for the past few months researching BBL's. In 2011 I had a consultation with Dr. Miami (before he blew up) because he had performed a BBL on my friend and her results were amazing! I was going to put down my deposit when my husband convinced me otherwise and opted not to do it based on how I can tell he seemed insecure about it. We were not married at the time. Fast forward 5 years later and an additional child....I'm more ready than ever. But Dr. Sale is booked up and i no longer want to wait. After having my second baby I got stretch marks and my whole entire body feels like it's falling towards the ground. I used to have a bomb shape and now I feel like a sack of potatoes. I will upload pictures later today of how I look now and maybe some throw back pictures as well. I'm trying to lose weight so I get the results I want. I'm currently 5'5.5" 193lbs. I want to lose about 20lbs before surgery. I feel I look my best when I'm thicker so my ultimate goal weight after surgery is 155-160. I will going in for a consult with Dr. Okoro here in Atlanta. I want a very curvy hourglass figure similar to how I used to be shaped. My AVI is my wish pic. I'll upload it as well. Any other ladies going to OKoro. Would love a buddy! Any tips and help for recovery would be helpful.

My Before Pics

So I'm uploading some pics of what I look like today. I will be dieting and exercising to lose an additional 20 pounds to be closer to my goal weight. I don't want to be far off so I don't loose too much projection after surgery. Ugh...I hate how my shape looks now :(


Would love to lose the bra roll and cinch in my waist. My waist used to be small :(

25 Year Old Me vs 35 Year Old Me :(

I found an old photo of me and god what I wouldn't give to go back the 25 yr old me. If I can get back to that size I swear it would really do a lot for my self esteem and make it a lot easier to get back in the dating game. I'm newly separated so I'm not ready yet but I definitely want to be confident when I get back out there. I'll post the old photo and blur my face and also a current pic of me with clothes on.

Weight Loss

So I'm trying to lose weight before surgery so I can the BEST results possible. I look smaller than I weigh but I'm very heavy for my height. I lost a couple pounds over the last couple days. Here are some pics I took this morning. I will post weekly weight loss pictures so I can thoroughly document this journey.

Getting Smaller????

So I woke up feeling smaller today. It may be in my head. I don't get on the scale daily because I've learned that the number means nothing for me. So this is me in leggings and a more fitted shirt. Looking to really snatch in this waist and get way more projection than I currently have. I want to go as big as possible because I plan on losing quite a bit of weight afterwards.

More Wish Pics!

Consult is tomorrow with Dr. Okoro

So tomorrow is the day I go to see Dr. Okoro! I'm excited and nervous at the same time. I got a call from Erica today just giving me a quick run through about how the appointment would go which was really helpful. I'll take a tour of the facility, take pictures and then meet with the doc to tell him what look I'm going for and then he will say what he recommends. If I put down my deposit that day then they will also do labs and schedule a date. She said the deposit is 20 percent down. I'm really big on experiences so I'll update you ladies afterwards to let you know how everything goes!

Consult Details for Doctor Okoro

So today was my consult with Dr. Okoro. It did not go as planned which was disappointing but I appreciate honesty. First and foremost...the doctor has the sweetest disposition ever! I really liked him and his energy. He actually had the best personality. Very welcoming and warm. Loved that. There was a girl at the front desk who was also very sweet. Smile on her face when welcoming me for my appointment. She offered me a breakfast bar and water which was nice. There was another woman who was walking through the hallway who smiled big and welcomed me and offered me chic fil a. Lol! I passed but it was a nice gesture. After a short wait I was given a tour of the facility. That went ok....it felt really rushed and dry honestly. They showed me where the surgery would take place and I got a chance to see Dr. Celestin... and she was nice and also welcomed me warmly. After that I met with another woman...can't remember her name...but she took my photos. She was amazing! Nice upbeat personality. Absolutely loved her. She made me feel comfortable because I was honestly having second thoughts about choosing another surgeon because I wasn't blown away. When meeting with Dr. Okoro I immediately felt comfort again. He kept it real with me and gave his honest opinion on what I should do. I'll talk about that in a second update. So loved the doc and when it was time to talk pricing I spoke with Erica. She was really nice. Honestly everyone could have also been in a sour mood over this whole Trump thing but all in all it was an ok experience. I would say the staff needs work but the doctors and managers are really really nice!

Mini Tummy Tuck before BBL!?

So instead of getting my BBL first I will be doing a mini tummy tuck with lipo to the abs and waist first. Then I will go back for a BBL using fat from my back. Looking at photos of mini tummy tucks he's performed i feel I will be really happy with the results and ultimately will be happier once my BBL is complete. So I put my deposit down! It's official. January 12th will be my date!

Change of Plans...and Doctor!

So after tossing and turning all night and reflecting on my experience during my consult with Dr. Okoro, I've decided to cancel my surgery with him and wait for Blinkski. For one...my experience was so underwhelming and if I'm going to spend 10k I want to be happy. I love the work of Dr. Blinkski. Once the deposit I've paid is refunded back to my card, I will pay the deposit to reserve a date with Dr. Blinkski. I really didn't want to wait almost a year but I rather wait a year and be happy forever than get it done in 2 months and regret it. I've seen plenty of women get BBLs without Tummy Tucks and look amazing. So I will trust my gut instinct. If I need a tummy tuck afterwards then I will get one. For now...I'm sticking to my original plan. I'll update again once I've secured a date and put down my deposit. I know I seem all over the place but this is such a big decision that I don't want to rush it. Lol

Phone consult with Dr. BBL/ Dr. Balgobin today!

So I'm so back and forth and all over the damn place! Lol. I really want to go to Blinkski but there is another doctor that is doing amazing stuff name Dr. Balgobin. He's in MN which is way out but loving his work. Considering I was told by Dr. Okoro that I needed a tummy tuck I've been looking for surgeons who do great work with women who have similar features to me. He has tons of pics on his Instagram of women who have not gotten TT and they look great! So I'll keep you ladies posted. He's booking for March 2017 so maybe I won't have to wait that long after all! I'll attach some more of his work in a moment.

Dr. Balbgobin's Work

Dr. Balgobin it is!

I had such a great conversation with him today. He was down to earth. We laughed....we talked about expectations and what he can achieve for my body type. What I loved is that he didn't push a tummy tuck. He let me know that I may have loose skin or I may not depending on my skin elasticity. He told me that if I'm losing weight to continue to do that so he can snatch my waist in as much as possible! Yaaaass! He took the time to listen to my questions and throughly explain the procedure to me. I didn't feel rushed at all. I've been still waiting to hear back from Blinksis coordinator. However after having this conversation I think I will be officially booking with Dr. Balgobin. If you haven't already take a look at his Instagram. He has over 65k followers. His work is awesome. I think I found my Round 1 BBL surgeon. For round 2...yes round 2...lol...I'll go to Blinkski to refine and further snatch and add more if I need it. I may only need lipo going forward if I'm happy with projection. Excited! Still waiting on my refund for my deposit from Okoro tho...that's $1900! Oh by the way...deposit for Dr. Balgobin is $1000 which is pretty standard. It's non refundable tho so I need to be 100% sure. I would hate to lose that. But I'm pretty sure about this. Quote was for $8995...all inclusive including compression garments, booty pillow and anesthesia. I think there is also a lymphatic message as well.

My Mother is Concerned

So my mother has been concerned about me traveling to Minnesota for surgery. Her biggest concern is he flight back....not the surgery itself. She's all for me having the surgery. Lol. She's been asking me if there are any surgeons in Miami that I like. Which there is. Of course Blinksi is my top pick. Ugh! I hate he is booked out so far. It would have been nice to be bikini ready by the summer. I don't want to spend another summer covered up. So I'm looking for a plan C. Lmao! Ladies...if you have any other surgeons who can give me that wow factor without killing me...please drop names below. In the mean time...posting some results of some Ghurani patients that I like.

Booked Ghurani for 03/13/17!!!

I've finally made a decision on my surgeon and I'm going with Dr. Ghurani! I'm sticking with him and not changing. This is the first time that I feel 100 percent about my decision. I've paid my deposit which was $500 and locked int he date for March. I would go sooner but I will be paying cash and need to make sure I have all the money saved up. My husband I have been working on our marriage and he is back home. He offered to go with me so I won't be staying at a recovery house. I'm so excited to get this transformation started. I know it will be a long road. I'm ready for it!

40 more Days!

I've been missing on real self. I've been more active on Instagram. But I love the community here. It's a lot more supportive and I don't see much negativity here so I'm back. Lol. I've posted so many pictures and inspiration on there but I will post some before pics since I'm nearing my date. I've lost some weight with Phentermine. I'm shooting to lose another 10 before sx.

5 days until I'm Officially a Ghurani Doll!

So I fly out on Saturday night to head to Miami. I'm so ready and excited to do this surgery and start the recovery process. I've been buying supplies since I booked. So I'm sooooo ready. Here are my official preop pics. I have lost about 20lbs to get ready for this surgery. I wanted the best foundation so Ghurani can slay me. Lol. I will post postop pics as soon as I can.

Post op Pic

So it's very hard to do post op pics because I'm in a faja all day long but I wanted to quickly post something so you ladies can see. I am VERY swollen in this picture because I was out of my faja for 7 hours. Really long story. I have a message scheduled today so I will take better pics immediately after I'm drained. I LOVE my results. I'm 150 percent happy and this was the best thing I've ever done!

Some more post op pics

After message pics


8 days post op

12 days Post Op

My skin is not as sensitive anymore and I keep getting smaller daily. After taking my faja in that helped me significantly! Compression is the most important thing at this stage. The fat in my left hip did not survive so I lost some volume and it's a bit lopsided. I'm still super happy with my results. It's the best thing I've ever done for myself!

13 days!

Love My Results

Feeling so grateful to Dr. Ghurani. My confidence level is through the roof! Everything I wear looks amazing. I feel comfortable naked. Lol. I just can't thank him enough. I have come such a long way. Everyday is better than the last. I still have some pounds to lose but I feel great just as I am. This just gave me the boost I needed. I totally recommend him. He is the sweetest person and so genuine.


Still trying to figure out this compression. It's not easy to line up the foams. Thinking about getting the wrap around. Skin still sensitive a bit.

Still happy

Booty measures 48.5 inches!

6 Weeks Post Op and LOVING IT! ????

Miami Plastic Surgeon

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