30 Year Old, Used to Taking Care of Everyone else but ME! Time for a Change - Marietta, GA

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Sooooooo, I take care of people innately as well...

Sooooooo, I take care of people innately as well as for a living. I am a health professional (I only treat women for a living and I will leave it at that). Well it's now time to take care of me. I have one kid via C-section and the scar/scar tissue to prove it. Not sure if I can or will have more kids in the far far future which is why I am staying away from a mini TT for now because that would really be a waste of $$. SO i opted for a BBL. Never had much hips/but but I guess those things got even smaller after my belly got bigger lol. So i told Dr. Okoro that I wanted BBL he said he could do it and I would be flat but not super flat aka perfect. And that I would have some loose skin and in order to prevent this, I would need a mini TT. So there were two problems with that. 1. Way more $ for TT and BBL and 2. After BBL u can't sleep on but and sleeping on belly after a TT I KNOW will be gruesome. They say TT is 10x worse than C section and when I had mine a few years ago, there is NO WAY i could've slept on belly, way to uncomfortable. So KUDOS to the women that are beasts enough to endure these procedures simultaneously. Okay so what i'm saying is as long as i'm flat, I don't mind loose skin, again AS LONG AS I AM FLAT!!! I reemphasized that because I have seen some women after lipo that look the same as when they started and this really scares me. So I haven't heard any bad reviews for Dr. Okoro, felt really great at consultation and he has great pics so I am trusting him to snatch this body. I am new to all of this and would love any suggestions or advice especially from any of his prior patients. I will be getting upper/lower abs, pubis, flanks/bra rolls lipo and fat into hips and but. Not crazy bit but much bigger than wha I have now!!!

My before/ Now PICS!!

Sooooo here she(my body) is. Man its hard to look at how far gone I've gotten from my size 4 body but hey life/age/kids happen!! I'm here for a change and nervous/excited about this journey but glad Real self gives people an outlet to share there realness! FIX ME DR OKORO!!! and STAFF!! :-)

Blood work, check, Pre op appt, check!!

So I've done all the bloodwork and had my pre op appt today. No turning back! Surgery paid in full and I have to say any concerns/ questions I've had, Dr. Okoro and his staff have answered/addressed so far. I feel confident he will do a good job and he just gives me this real safe/cool/professional/insanely smart vibe and thats what speaks to my gut, literally! Surgery on Tuesday May 3! Excited/ Nervous. Stay tuned.

I made it !!!

So my SX was yesterday, I am officially one day post op. Everything went smooth. Dr okoro and his staff, I can't say enough ab how great,understanding and knowledgeable they are. Now onto the pain. It's real. Whoever said it was just soreness....ummm no. It's pain everywhere and ive been staying on top of my meds but it is only day 1 so It's to b expected. Buts bigger and belly flatter but lots of swelling as u will c on pics. I know but will get softer and smaller and garments will
Help with belly swelling. Stay tuned. Will post periodically.

6 days post op

Okay the struggle was and is real. I will admit I'm in less pain. Stopped taking hydrocodone yest Bc it made me so constipated which made me so uncomfortable so I'm sticking with iboprofen. Butt is really sore no itching as yet but back and belly is super tender and painful to touch and my belly and vag is super swollen. I can actually see my waist now though and hips. Butt is still hard but softening and fluffing out day by day. The worst is the dumb garment, real uncomfortable and sleeping on stomach is horrible. I can't find any comfortable position and i miss sitting so much. First post op appt tomm. Will keep u updated! Will schedule lymphatic massage after 2week.

Its been a while

So i haven't been on here since I've resumed work and since I'm a business owner its been hectic but i wanted to share some pics in no particular order as i haven't been documenting well enough and i apologize. Overall i am so happy and am seeing more and more progress as time passes. Ive actually went down 2 dress sizes all though my weight pretty much stayed the same as I'm only down 5lb which is normal as this isn't a weight loss tool. Hope pics help. Anyone doubting okoro, don't! he's the truth!
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon

Went for my consultation late March and Dr. Okoro/ staff were super professional/knowledgeable (again keep in mind I am in the health field so it's hard to impress/BS me). I had a wonderful coordinator as well that kept in contact with me via email and when I called she promptly called back. Office super clean which is important for me.

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