I'm 54 Have Lots of Pain Doctors Say This Will Help I'm So Excited to Hopefully Get Some Relief - Margate, FL

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I'm hoping for relief from my back pain I'm in the...

I'm hoping for relief from my back pain I'm in the injection they give me for pain have made me gain so much weight that they don't work any more. I have had 5 foot surgeries so can't walk very well and fell in my tub after one of them and messed up my back. Relief would be great. I will be so happy if I never get another injection again.

Had surgery Gastric bypass

May 6 2015 I had my surgery my back hurt so bad in hospital I recommend taking heating pad and medication with you it's been one hell of a ride main thing to remember is proteins mine was low last check so pushing it more 120+ grams a day
Margate Bariatric Surgeon

So far I love my Dr and his staff they all seem to care a lot Lillian the Dietitian is awesome I'm learning so much on how to eat and or drink and get my proteins I need. Diane the RN I have only talk to a couple times but she has went out of her way to find information about my medication that I'm taking. The Dr is fun but knows his business, he is straight with you he knows were not perfect but he can tell if we try too.

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