25 Yrs Old in the Process of Getting Gastric Sleeve. Margate, FL

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As of right now I've done my nutrition visit and...

As of right now I've done my nutrition visit and my Physc visit just waiting to see my surgeon and submit my documents to my insurance! I;m so anxious and i can't wait but i guess i should be patient. Ive been doing so much research for this procedure to make sure I've picked the right one my BMI is 56 i believe and its time that i change my life especially for my daughter she needs her mommy to be around i'm a single mom and i only have the support of my siblings so I'm really blessed and happy to have them.

Next Step talking to Surgeon

On June 30 th I'm going to finally have a one on one with my surgeon Dr. Wizman I can't wait it's going to be so real knowing that the next step after that in insurance approval wow things are finally happening p.

I'm Approved I got my surgery Date

So its official my surgery has been scheduled on 8/27/15 Thank GOD!

Getting Medical Clearence Done

There is so much that needs to be done for medical clearance you have to do Blood Work, Stool sample, see 2 specialist ( Cardiologist, Pulmonary) ,and get and EKG and Chest X~ray. So far Ive only done the blood work, stool sample, Chest X~ray and EKG. tomorrow i will see the Cardiologist and my Primary is still trying to find a Pulmonary Dr. who accepts my insurance that's the one I'm afraid of hopefully i get it done this week. Anyways I also started the stage 2 diet which is practically nothing but liquid and veggies its not bad because i'm motivated to get this weight off. When i first meet with the nutritionist i was 327lbs now i'm 318 so just trying to lose weight before surgery (Already reached my surgery weight loss goal it was 10lbs) . Other than that everything is pretty much the same work eat sleep lol. I'll be taking pics of myself soon and post them up as a before then after surgery when im feeling well i will take some more. Thanks for all the support Everyone!

Berfore Gastric Sleeve

Can't believe I'm showing the world this but this is the beginning of a long journey and it starts here 5'3 and current weight 318lbs

Waiting on Pulmonogist Clearance

I lost 15-20 lbs already for the Sleeve procedure I can't wait I'm going hard I'm not going to eat bad food because bad food is what got me here I'm going to weight lift (after I recover of course) and do cardio I have plans to change my whole life around

Surgery Day Tomorrow at 7:30 am!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow i cant belive i actually made it to the night before surgery OMG this is the begining to the rest of my new life im so happy i will no longer be embarrassed of who i am i will gain confidence that i do not have now thank you god for making this possible i'm excited to see the person i become this is the best gift i could every give myself ( excluding my beautiful daughter) wish me luck and i hope i recover quickly hopefully i can keep you guys pictures of myself at the hospital and pictures of my progress well its 7:31pm im off to pack my hospital bag

My second meal at the hospital

My first meal was 4 little cups of water I could stand drinking plain water so this is a major upgrade I'm still working on it but good news no reaction towards it I love it

My meal today

My meal

One Month Surgeversay

It's been a month today and I can't see that I'm actually happy Because the weight has been coming off very slow for me ???? it was fast in the beginning but started to slow down I've already had one hospital visit due to dehydration but to begin eat I haven't been eating it's weird to say but you really don't feel hungry so I've been working out with no food or protein in my body which is bad so now I've decided to stop working out and focus on eating and trying to get the required 500-800 calories in with my 40 grams of protein and my 64 oz of water then I will work out and drop this weight it's crazy to say but you need both food and exercise to lose weight in my opinion it seems like you need food more bc I was killing myself every morning and did not lose weight as fast or barely
Starting weight 328lbs height 5'3 1/2 age 25 current weight 294lbs

Happy Holidays

Im not going to lie to you guys i haven't been eating the most healthiest things but I've been eating the most healthiest things i could get my hands on though because right now I'm focused on eating every 2- 3 hours and staying hydrated once i get that down pact I'm going to eat the best food….

Love My Muscle Milk

These things are a life saver but they are expensive

Hey I'm back!

Everything is good weight is still going down still trying to eat the right things but its very hard for me because i work graveyard hours at IHop so its kinda hard but my family is going on a cruise in may so I'm focused i want to wear a swim suite.......As far as my body my skin is really sagging my belly annoys me so does my arms but it comes with the package i'll deal with it later.

weight stall

By the way I'm going thru a weight stall again It seems like I'm coasting in the 240's I'm ready to leave the 240's and break into the 230's

I need some help and advice it seems like i always have a weight stall from time to time how to i stop this i mean i know I'm not eating the right foods really or i don't eat at all and i know for sure I'm not drinking all my water... you think thats the reason?
as of today I'm 246lbs my lowest has been 244lbs........i desperately need to stop this weight stall......HELP ME!
Margate Bariatric Surgeon

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