24 Years Old. Fat Transfer to the Bum - Marbella, Spain, ES

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Due to have the operation next week and hoping for...

Due to have the operation next week and hoping for an improved b
size and shape bum. I feel very confident with this surgeon because he explained every detail of the procedure to me and I also had a friend use this surgeon and have seen her great results.
I will be updating the different stages of my procedure on here and adding photos and feelings along the way.

I'm so happy!!!

I feel a lot better than I thought I would so soon after the operation. It feels like the day after a hard gym session and having not gone for 6 months. My boobs hurt a little and are uncomfortable due to having to lay on my front instead of sitting but I have now a large snake toy/teddy that I lay under my stomach and my chest just above my boobs and it takes a lot of the pressure off. A good investment. I'm very happy with the surgeon and all the team at the hospital, they took very good care of me and gave me all the advice I needed for the aftercare and answered every question I had. I've also been for a nice little walk today and had a shower which has helped me feel fresh and back towards normal. I'm super happy with the result and the great work of Dr Aslani and I will upload more pictures soon.

After 2 weeks

Hello girls. I wanted to wait a couple of weeks before I explained how I feel and put the the pictures of the result from my operation. I feel a lot better, sleeping well at night my body feels more settled and comfortable now. The first two days after I stopped the medication I felt a little pain and discomfort in my legs but I felt this passed quick due to getting up and walking little and often instead of laying still for hours at a time. I tried to continue my life as I did before. I walked from the day I left the hospital, little by little walking a little further and this really helped with the circulation and helped the bruising and swelling go quicker. Now I have a little itching in my stomach area due to the laser used during the surgery but I've found that gently massaging a moisturiser into the area really helps. Some tips, when putting on the body suit, put some cream on the upper leg and bum area. Also I found to help go for a pee without sitting on the toilet I got a small plastic funnel (picture attached). It's quite uncomfortable to eat on my front or standing all the time so I found that kneeling on the sofa and putting a tray on the back of the sofa is the most comfortable way for me to eat until I can sit down again. Don't be scared about going to the toilet, (number 2) it isn't painful and my advice would be when on the toilet to lean your weight forward over your legs instead of the weight of your body pressing down on your bum. I hope these tips help anyone looking to or having this operation in the future. I also speak Spanish so please feel free to ask me anything in English or Spanish. Regards
Spain Plastic Surgeon

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